kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 31)


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The episode starts with pragya getting up in the morning .she sees abhi beside her and smiles at him.abhi – don’t stare me like this
Pragya- oh…you are awake.
Abhi- before you…I am awake ..ok give me my morning kiss.
PRAGYA blushed. Abhi says its not your first time.we have married before 4 years and now too you are blushing like a newly wife.pragya beats him saying your morning kiss is cut…let’s think about it later and leaves.Abhi says pragya…its not fine ..you will pay for it.pragya says let’s see….

PRAGYA went to living room.aliya and dad i was sitting on a sofa ,ishani was running behind kush and ranveer was working with his laptop.then pragya thinks how abhi forgave bhai…she thinks to ask ranveer.pragya sees priya sitting alone and went to her. She gets blessings from her and she too blessed her.
Pragya: thank you ma…for forgibineg me
Priya- but there is nothing wrong on you…infact I must be sorry.pragya says past is past we can forget about it.pragya says I will prepare breakfast for all and leaves to kitchen.
She begins to do and after sometime she sees someone staring at her.she looks and it’s abhi.Abhi comes and hugs her.
Pragya: abhi….it’s kitchen
Abhi: so what I am your husband right…
Pragya: but if someone sees and pushed him.
Abhi: ok. ..I will help you in preparing it.
Pragya: no need Mr.mehra …you can go.
Abhi: dont call Mr.mehra…it looks so weird.
Pragya: come on…move from here now and pushed him.
Abhi smiles at her and leaves from there.

In dinning hall…
All were having breakfast.pragya and ishani were serving.pragya serves to all and stands beside abhi.Abhi feeds her.pragya nods no and sighs him to eat.Abhi insist her to eat.dadi too teased pragya to have.she feels shy..kush too asked her to have as she must be hungry.ranveer asked kush to be silent and leaves from there.

Abhi: ranveer one minute…I am thinking that me and pragya going for honeymoon..what you think about it.
Ishani: thats great idea…bhai..
Ranveer: if you want you guys can…I will prepare for it…
PRAGYA : ek minute…ek minute…from when you both started to decide…all…how did you got patched up.
RANVEER smiles at abhi and he gets up from his chair and puts his hands around ranveer’s shoulders…
Abhi: it’s long ago…Mrs.mehra..but seems you was not intrested ..so you left me alone.
PRAGYA : who left…you or me.you only said that this marriage is fake and bla ..bla
Abhi: for that you will leave me and holds her hands.
Pragya: what you want me to do…you know you hurted me….more and holds his shirt ..
Abhi: I am sorry. ..because of me..
Pragya: it’s ok…leave it.
ranveer:over guys…your romance..choti..its because of kush. When abhi comes to know that ishani is pregnant…he accepted me…and Abhi hugs him.pragya: arey ….it’s ok..now you both understood n.a…we girls don’t have to fear for it…Abhi smiles at her.

Years later….

Pragya checked the file for one last time and then closed it. She got up from the chair and stretched her body which has been awkwardly bentat an uncomfortable position since last hour. She moved towards the huge window in her office and peered at the hustling bustling city underneath and a smile automatically blossomed on her face. She always loved the chaos and continuity of life. And this window served as a stress buster to her. She mentally noted down to thank her husband later as it was his plan to get a huge beautiful window in her office. A knock on the door brought pragya out of her thoughts and she saw her assistant Naina entering. Naina was one the best assistant in the world. She was always there for pragya whenever she was stressed or panicked. It amazed pragya how a twenty two year old girl could manage such a sweet smile even after hours of hectic job. Naina was close Pragya’S family. She was like a little sister to them and was present at most of the family gatherings. Naina also shared each and every detail with pragya except for a secret involving a certain doctor who infuriated Naina to no limit and yet somehow managed to make her blush every single time. Pragya knew that pushing her won’t be of any use and decied to let fate take her sweet time. Because she believed that everything falls down at the right place in the end. Isn’t that what happened with her too?
Naina : You should stop worrying so much. I swear abhi will kill me if you fainted one more time.pragya rolled her eyes as she remembered how abhi freaked outwhen she fainted one day due to over exertion. Being an actor the guy was surely over dramatic and could put any mama bear to shame. She laughed when she realised that he would be pestering ishani right now.
Naina : Okay stop with that creepy smile. And now you need to go home.
PRAGYA: I know, i just want Mrs. Singh’s daughter’s wedding to be perfect.

By the way, you can go home now. Naina : Thanks. Oh and i forgot, your brother is waiting for you to finish since last half an hour.
Pragya : (Gasps) Shoot!!! I forgot he was going to pick me!! (She turned around when she heard Naina giggle) Don’t you laugh at me. (Smirks) We will be having a long conversation about a certain doctor tomorrow.Naina grew beet red and hurriedly rushed out of the room. Pragya picked up her handbag and stepped out of her office to find ranveer waiting for her. Usually pragya would drive back home but on certain days like today (when it was dark outside) either one of abhi or ranveer was always there to pick her up.
Pragya : I am so sorry.
Ranveer: (Chuckles) It’s okay. And it gives me sometime away from ishani . Don’t tell her i said that!! By the way how’s that wedding preparation going?
Pragya : Great. The D Day is in five days. I am so nervous and i am not even the bride!!

Ranveer laughed and lead her to the car waiting outside. Pragya gave her car’s keys to the driver who would follow them back home. Yes, pragya was a wedding planner now although she planned a few other events too. Being great with creativity helped her in starting her own company. Although ranveer helped her for first year with tips and tricks of business world. It has been years since then and pragya’s company was doing very well. Ranveer and pragya chatted on their way back home.

Few days later…
Bhai…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!” A loud voiced echoed in the house. Ishani and ranveer had a panic stricken look on their faces and they hurriedly rushed towards pragya’s room. They were on their way when they heard Pragya’S scream again.”bhai !! Ishu!!” This time pragya sounded more worried. Ranveer and ishani both barged through the door to see a pale pragya staring at an unconscious abhishek mehra lying on the floor. Relief surged through them when they realised that everything was just fine. And then ranveer turned towards ishani with a smug smile on his face.
Ranveer : (Smirks) Cough it up Mrs.khanna.
PRAGYA : (Gasps) I can’t believe you two placed a bet on him!!
Ishani : It’s all your husband’s fault!!
Ranveer : (Laughs) He’s my brother and i know him better than you. Told you he would faint.ishani grumbled under her breath while ranveer helped pragya to pick abhi up from the floor and propped him on the bed. Pragya brought a glass of water and sprinkled some on his face. Abhi slowly opened his eyes.
Abhi : Y-You a-are p-pregnant.And with that he fainted again. PRAGYA snickered loudly while ishani giggled at the so called ‘macho man’.
Ishani : Oh come on!! Give him a break. The poor guy is too overwhelmed.With that everyone stepped out of the room giving abhi sometime to deal with his new found happiness. Just then another shrill cry erupted from the other room and ranveer sighed.
Ranveer : I have to attend a call!!With that he started to walk in opposite direction but ishani grabbed him by his collar.

Ishani: (With a strict look) Nuh uh Mister. It’s your turn and you are going to drop kush in school.
Ranveer: But ..!!ishani gave him another stern look and ranveer turned towards his son’s nursery with a pout while pragya laughed loudly in the back ground. While the journey for abhi and pragya hadn’t been that smooth. About an year back they discovered that they couldn’t conceive. At first pragya was shattered but abhi helped her to cope up and both of them put a fake smile on their face for the sake of ishani. They didn’t wanted ishani and ranveer to dampen down their spirits because of them. But guess they misjudged their friends. Ranveer and ishani could clearly see their pain.They decided to hand over their second born to abhi and pragya as that they could have a child in their life. But when told about the same, pragya and abhi grew outraged. After a long discussion abhigya made ishveer understand the truth and also thanked them for being so thoughtful. Three months back abhi had suggested the idea of adoption to pragya to which she agreed. But the fate had something else in store for them. Few days back pragya found out that she is pregnant. She cried hiding in the bathroom for about half an hour until ishani found her. Ishani took her to the hospital were doctor confirmed that she was three weeks pregnant. And few minutes back she told the truth to her husband only to have him fainting. Pragya unknowingly rubbed her flat stomach silently praying for a family….

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