kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 30)


Hi guys….its my 30th episode …so happy that I crossed 29 successfully and this episode is close to my heart…and thanks to each and everyone who spend their time to read my updates…I am so thankful to them and with lots of your love I am starting this…hope you will like…

The episode starts with abhi talking to ranveer…
Listen to me you horny bastard!! You better get your dumb behind here or i swear i will come over there and ruin your honeymoon!!!” Abhi yelled into the phone before slamming it down. He was not even married to pragya and she was already driving him crazy. Their ad released about two weeks ago and although the plot didn’t garner that much acclaim, their on screen chemistry won many hearts. The new couple was like a fresh break for people who were tired of watching same couple romance . Pragya was flooded with offers from various directors and producers but she firmly refused saying that she never wanted to be apart of this. She was happy with backstage designing and had decided to pursue her career as a designer. Abhi tried to change her mind but pragya was firm on her decision. She knew that being in same profession will somehow bring envy and misunderstanding in their relationship. Because in his profession fame meant everything. Moreover pragya was never camera friendly, she had a thing for colours and creativity.Now coming back to the situation at hand. Abhi wanted to get married as soon as possible but pragya refused to be part of any ceremony without her best friend ishani by her side. A bastard named ranveer khanna had whisked her away for a month long second honeymoon leaving kush with him.Now three weeks later there was no sign from the couple. I bet they are doing it like bunnies, abhi muttered that earned him a shocking gasp and slap on arm from pragya. Abhi just grumbled under his breath and went out of the room. Pragya smiled at his child like tantrums and turned back to her work. She knew that no matter how much abhi denied, he would never get married without his family. And ranveer meant family to him. A loud bang woke up pragya. She turned around to find her alarm clock flashing 03:00 am. She wondered who it could be but nevertheless got up and opened the door to find an extra cheerful ishani.

Pragya : ishu ? W-What? H-How come you are here?ishani pushed pragya aside and barged inside the room and flopped down on the bed.
Ishani : Oh come on!! It’s your wedding!!!
Pragya: Yes but it’s in two weeks. You did not have to cut short your honeymoon!!
Ishani: And have your dragon abhishek mehra,my bhai breathing fire down my neck? God that guy is so impatient!! And his calls at odd moments. It was as if abhi and ranveer were on honeymoon. I felt like a third wheel..pragya felt embarrassed and her ears turned red. Ishani burst out laughing at her friend’s embarrassment. Later the two spent whole night chattering and gossipingwith ishani dropping juicy details about her honeymoon in between.

Two weeks later everyone was relieved. Finally it was the day of abhi and pragya’s marriage. The trouble due of abhi and ishani was driving everyone crazy. Ishani wanted everything to be colorful and extra cheery while abhi like a love sick fool re-confirmed everything thrice to ensure that it was perfect. Ranveer being the only sensible person had a back up plan ready because he was sure that with ishani around something was bound to go wrong at the last moment.And the very same happened. On the day of wedding it rained heavily drowning all the ‘romantic outdoor wedding’ plans of abhi and ishani. Pragya who was silent up till now started to bawl her eyes out. And this scared the hell out of abhi and he ultimately turned to his best buddy. An hour later ranveer took in charge of everything and asked abhi and ishani to sit in the corner. He booked a party hall at last minute and had one the finest arrangement done. He had read the weather forecast before hand, so he had planned everything. The ceremony was perfect. The whole place was decorated with flowers and candles and even the rain was adding a romantic glow to it. The guest were handed out beautiful umbrellas to travel from parking lot to the hall. Pragya looked like the happiest bride on the earth and Abhi had his eyes on her all the time. The moment she descended down the stairs abhi’s heart felt astrange relief. He knew that no one would ever take her away from him. Pragya could literally feel the happiness radiating from abhi.

She closed her eyes and silently thanked God for writing a beautiful love story for her. The whole ceremony was simple yet beautiful with beautiful music of rain drops in the background. Finally abbi and pragya got married with the presence and blessings of their family and friends. Priya too asked sorry for mistaking her and blessed them… That night was perhaps one of the happiest for ishani. Her brother was finally happy with their perfect girl
. She could die a happy woman that day knowing that her family was complete and happy.pragya made her family complete and she would always be thankful to her. Later that night abhi felt awkward and almost guilty when pragya cried while leaving her house. When they reached home ishani performed some rituals and then he entered the house while carrying pragya bridal style. Just as he was about to go inside bulbul and aditi blocked his way withan evil grin.

Abhi : (Smiles) You want money, right?
Bulbul: (Laughs) You forgot i am her sister…?
Abhi : (Sighs) Okay fine. Name your price.
Bulbul : You get me to meet my favorite actor.
Abhi : (Acts hurt) I am not your favorite actor?
BULBUL : Nah!! You suck …you are rockstar…. Now promise that you will get me to meet my favorite actor.
Abhi: (Shakes his head) As you wish. Now get the hell out of my way.
Aditi : One more thing!! Name your first born after me!!!
Pragya blushed while abhi winked at aditi who winked back and stepped aside only to find ranveer standing next.
Ranveer: (Smirks) You ruined my honeymoon.
Abhi: Oh come on now!!!
Ranveer : I want Saphira.
Abhi : NO!!!!!!!!

Everyone laughed loudly including pragya because Saphira was abhi’s one of the most treasured possession. His black Maserati Quattroporte which was very dear to him. He never allowed anyone to drive it. And here ranveer was asking for his life!!!
Ranveer : I just want it for a week. Think about it. Your wedding night or Saphira.abhi grumbled and handed over the keys to ranveer.
Abhi : One scratch and i will kill you.
That night pragya sat beside abhi who seemed to be in deep thoughts. The only light in their room was from the two beside lamps and the moonlight. It was still drizzling outside and the beautiful earthly scent filled the room.
Pragya: abhi?

Abhi : I am sorry pragya….pragya was surprised as to why he was apologizing. Abhi quietly took her hand and knelt down in front of her.
Abhi : I am so sorry pragya for hurting you. You know right now i feel like the luckiest man on the planet. Even after all my dumb mistakes you are here with me. Thank you so much pragya…I promise that i will spend my entire life repenting my mistakes and i promise you that i will never hurt you again. It will always be you above all.pragya had unshed tears in eyes and she slowly cupped his face and pressed her lips against his. Abhi also responded to the slow passionate kiss. The sweet innocent kiss soon turned into rough make out session. They fell on the bed kissing when abhi suddenly pulled away,
Pragya : W-What happened?
ABHI : Saphira!!! Will she be alright?
PRAGYA : (Frowns) Go celebrate your wedding night with Saphira then!! I had so many thoughts about our first night .
Abhi : Like what? Pragya whispered something into his ear and his whole face lit up like a Christmas tree.
Abhi : (Smirks) You don’t need to repeat it twice Mrs. Mehra …..

Hope you all liked
……thanks for your huge support guys…

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