kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 3)


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Next morning
PRAGYA wakes up and sees abhi holding her hands.she pushed his hand and gets up and sits .she remembers about ragini’s words.she thinks no pragya ,you are brave .you have to come up with this situation.you have to for your brother and moves towards washroom to get ready
After 15 minutes ,she comes out and seems abhi missing.she thinks may be he went down and she too leaves.

In kitchen
As pragya enters ,priya hugs her and says good morning beta.
Pragya: good morning mam
Prius looks at her and says arey you are bahu of this house.it’s not college ok ..so call me ma. After hearing this pragya starts to cry.priya knows that she miss her mom and hugs her to console. ( actually priya is the principal in pragya’s college so she called her mam).dadi and dasi comes
Dadi: pragya beta ,don’t worry we are here n.a. we will convince them.
Dasi: ha if you give a child to them na then they will forgive you and both laughs
Abhi comes there asking one is enough dadi.
All looks at him.he comes and stands beside pragya holding her waist.PRAGYA wants to shout but she don’t want to create any drama before them…so she kept quiet.
Dasi says it’s your wish beta …
Priya: ok breakfast is ready .come let’s go and have it.

All leaves from there except abhi and pragya
PRAGYA : what are you thinking yourself
Abhi: what myself thinking…ha I am your husband…rockstar
Pragya: very funny…don’t dare to come near me
Abhi slowly moves towards pragya..saying ifso…what you will do and closes their distance between them.PRAGYA takes a knife beside her and says I will kill you..move away.
Abhi says I am scared..come on kill me..I am happy to die before you
PRAGYA looks into his eyes.she can see the love for her.Abhi was about to kiss her but robin comes there.Abhi moves from her
Robin : pragya bhabhi,dadi is calling you.someone had come to meet you
Abhi asked who
Robin: don’t know sir and leaves

Abhi ,pragya comes to living room.PRAGYA was shocked to see raghav.
Raghav comes near her and sees her forehead and mangalsutra. Abhi thinks why he came here.
PRAGYA : raghav I am..
Raghav: no pragya,I am not angry at you…it’s your life you can have anyone in your life but you would have informed me that you are going to marry abhi.and congrats pragya.I loved you but I want you to see always happy
PRAGYA had tears in her eyes and says I am really sorry…but I loved abhi ..I could not cheat you .by marrying you I cannot be a good wife because I love him.you deserve a better person than me.
Raghav says no pragya you are my first love and last love..I can’t love anyone.please stay happy bye and he leaves .
Abhi thinks thank god he leaves.I have to do something and he goes to his room gets ready in 5 minutes and was about to leave but dadi stopped him
Dadi- arey ,where are you going…without having your breakfast

Abhi- I have an important work dadi.
Dadi says pragya beta he will not eat or drink but you go and feed this juice by your hands..sure he will.PRAGYA looks at dadi
And says ji Dadi .
PRAGYA goes near him with juice glass in his hands and asked him to drink.Abhi opens his mouth to say no but pragya makes him to drink.he thinks how clever is she and smiles at her.he leaves by kissing her cheeks saying thank you.PRAGYA was shocked.Dadi,dasi and priya smiles by seeing this.

In evening all were in the call when abhi enters.ishani says bhabhi ,bhai reached home.all looks at him.
Abhi: pragya ,pack your bags we are leaving India tomorrow.
PRAGYA looked at him in stock
Dadi: why beta where are you going
Abhi: dadi woh actually I am having a project for 1 year in London ,so I have to go and I can’t leave pragya here so I am taking her with me

PRAGYA : no ,I am coming.you better go
Abhi: I am saying n.a..you have to come and that’s final.be ready tomorrow we are leaving.and he goes From there.
PRAGYA thinks how rude is he.ishani says don’t worry bhabhi…it’s only one year n.a. and I will too come there in 2 months.
Priya : ha beta ,you go and I too want you to go..so I will be relaxed here that there you are for caring abhi.please dont say no
Pragya: ok ma. but I am going only for you and leaves to their room

In abhigya’s room
Abhi was packing his stuffs
PRAGYA enters and sees the room messy
Pragya: move. .I will pack your bags
Abhi : no need I can..if not I will call robin
Pragya: this much ego. ..I am saying n.a. I will and slightly pushes him to move ,abhi slipped and he holds pragya’s arm and both fell on the bed.bolna song plays.PRAGYA and abhi had an eyelock….

No precap….

Hope you enjoyed….short…but i hope you liked..

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