kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 28)


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The episode starts with pragya asking Neil to say the truth.he says to her which is muted.pragya: pappa…you didn’t kill them.why can’t you say to him.
Neil: I am in that position beta…please let things happen.
PRAGYA thinks to Say to Abhi next day.
Next day pragya came to set and searches for abhi.
Director: pragya,abhi is in leave.
Pragya: oh when he will come

Director: I think tomorrow
PRAGYA : oh…ok and she finished her work and thinks to meet him.
PRAGYA reached Mehra’s house.ishani welcomed her back to home.but pragya says I came to meet Mr.mehra. priya looked at her in anger and went in.
PRAGYA goes to abhi’s room.it was dark.she switches on the light.she sees abhi drinking by sitting on the floor.pragya runs to him and asked whats he is doing…and snatches the bottle from him.but abhi didn’t listened to her
Pragya: are you drunk
Abhi: is it a question
Pragya: drinking is not a solution..I know you are not ok. ..but hear me once ..pappa didn’t killed him.

Abhi starts to laugh ….pragya tries to move closer to him but abhi pushed her.
Abhi: so you are on behalf of your murderer father..I thought you would understand me but no…you don’t…you don’t know how one feel when he lost his family…pragya cries as she could feel the pain : abhi…please listen to me once I want to say something to you…just after I will leave you alone.
Abhi shouted : I said leave…you know why I gave divorce to you…you are the only daughte of my dad’s murderer. ..I thought to give him the pain…so I did so and moreover what are you saying…your father didn’t killed him ..then who…answer me…who killed him …if not your father then why he ran away from there….coward…bas. …
His yelling was cut short by pragya’s hands in his face.a slap sound echoes the room.she could bear anything but not about her father.
Pragya” enough…enough…Mr.mehra..I thought to mend things in your life but it seems you want to live alone and empty..

PRAGYA starts to leave and turns to look at abhi who turns that side.pragya was not able to leave him but he knows the drunken person will speak the truth…he actually felt this about her and her father.and pulled an invitation from her bag and says I thought we are meant to each other…I thought to start a new life with you. ..but I was wrong….I hope you will attend the wedding…and move on ..
With that pragya left in tears…

It’s her mehandi function…
Abhi,purab and ishani,RANVEER attends the function.aditi too joins them.
PRAGYA was not looking at abhi but he was looking at her. He wants to ask sorry but he couldn’t.
Neil comes to Abhi.
Neil: I am sorry beta but listen to me once.
Abhi: no need uncle…and he is dead and can’t be brought back ever.
Neil: I know we can’t but hi want to know anout the truth.
Abhi: no need uncle…I want to burry them ..
Neil: beta me and your dad are friends from the past…balraj was jealous of our friendship. In that day of accident he only arranged a lorry to hit your dad’s car.I thight to help him but balraj goons tied me…I cant help your father…my only guilt is that I could not save him.but I tried to appeal this case but he threatens to kill my daughter.she is my life so I thought to be silent.

Abhi could not digest what is happening…that day balraj told something and he is saying anything…what’s true..
Abhi : now where is he.
Neil: he died a year ago due to cancer in prison.
Abhi: oh…anyways thanks …
Neil: I want you to remarry my daugter.I know she is not happy in this marriage and I too knows she loves you more than anything…please abhi..
Abhi smiles at him.

PRAGYA was staring at ranveer and ishani.she thinks they are perfect ..
” you know it’s not nice to stare ”
PRAGYA recognised the voice and turns

Pragya: listen I am not in a mood…to
Abhi : just listen…we are getting married in three days.. you will be coming for me in bridle attire..I will be waiting for you…
PRAGYA thinks how can anyone run from their marriage and meet…no…he is just flirting with me….nothing like that pragya…

Precap: abhigya’s marriage….

Hope the truth is revealed…let’s see how pragya runs off from her marriage…

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