kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 26)


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Thanks for your support and yes my exams are over ….I did well and soon I will be updated in all my episodes so please don’t worry….sissy’s and Bro’s .thanks tisha di ,I am saying from my bottom of heart to Sri sissy because she is my role model and thanks for your suggestions….

The episode begins with aditi reaching her office .her manager says you are transferred to a new company aditi. She was happy that she finally gonna get free from abhi.she gave party to all and really was happy

PRAGYA ignoring what happened starts to do her work.Neil knocks the door.pragya looks at him and smiles.I have said many times you need not knock
Neil: I came to meet miss.khanna now.
PRAGYA : so you came to see khanna if so what’s the matter mr.Neil.how can I help you
Neil smiles at her daughter but pragya knows something he is hiding
PRAGYA : pappa what happened…
Neil : beta you know we are not financially stable and one of the fashion house is giving a chance for young people with talents .why can’t you use this ….so we can gain all the things we lost
PRAGYA: don’t worry dad…definitely I will get this job ….

ADITI gets into her new office.the reciptionalist asked her to go in.aditi enters her boss cabin.she was shocked to see abhi sitting there smilling..
Aditi: you…
Abhi: ya it’s me miss.aditi
Aditi: why are you here.. I came to meet Mr.MEHRA
Abhi : yes…I am Mr.mehra. abhishek prem mehra.
ADITI : what…see I told you I will give the amount to be paid for that car. ..
Abhi: hey come here…first sit
ADITI with much dear sits before him.Abhi gives her water and she says thanks.
Abhi: really you are such a idiot
ADITI splits water and asked excuse me
Abhi smiles : hey aditi…you are such a talented person.you know i need a person like you as my p.a…so only I hired you
ADITI confused : how do you know about me
Abhi : your previous records says it.and welcome to mehra group of industries..and meet Mr.purab ,he is my friend and don’t get fear…I will not come here daily and purab will be here.aditi thinks how sweet he is and says no…aditi will not fear for anything …
Abhi and purab smiles at her
ADITI : oh…it’s time I am leaving ..my friend will be waiting for me
Abhi: your friend matlab..where is your home anx your parents
ADITI gets sad and says ha…I am not an indian.and my parents they left me when I was young.. I was brought up alone by my dadi.
Abhi : hey I am sorry and you know I too lost my dad and mom..don’t worry we are here and say ankyt your friend
ADITI ” ha she was married to an arrogant man who left her and she was all alone so she is staying with me.
Abhi thinks why it’s hurting when she tells about her friend .
Abhi: whats her name
Aditi: do you want her no…you are asking this much questions better I will give her number you can ask what you want
Abhi : oh hello. ..I am married ok..so don’t over think..
ADITI : is it….you are married..who is your wife …where is she..what’s her name
Abhi: she is not with me…we got divorced …
ADITI : I think she is a loser…leaving a person like you..
Abhi: leave it…what’s her name
ADITI was about to say but she gets a call and leaves
Abhi to purab : this girl n.a….really crazy.

Next day…
PRAGYA was waiting for her turn.she was little bit feared and she gets in and finished her presentation.all praised her and manager says he needs to BE her designer for next shows…PRAGYA was happy and signed the deal.
The manager: so pragya…welcome
PRAGYA : thank you so much
Manager : our first show is an ad.they are searching for a female model I think…but our hero is rockstar and pragya was shocked and looks at abhi who comes there
Pragya: you…
Abhi: I think pragya is confused…leave us for two minutes…
Everyone left. ..
Abhi: I told na you will come..welcome
Pragya in anger: Mr.mehra…this is your plan to trap me…look I am quiting now..
Abhi: I think you didn’t read the terms and conditions….it says you have to work with us till we finished…so…there is no chance…
And abhi leaves …pragya thinks of her past..
When pragya sees riya coming out of abhi’s home she was depressed and starts to cry…soon ranveer and ishani took her to their home…in anger pragya signed the divorce papers and asked ranveer to throw it on abhi’s face.

Fb ends…pragya cries….

In Mehra’s Mansion…
Ishani was happy that tomorrow is kush ‘s birthday…so the arrangements are going …ishani thinks to invite pragya and it will be a nice chance for them to unite…
She shared her plan with ranveer and he too agrees with her as he wants her sister to be happy.

PRAGYA comes to the set and sees riya revolving around there..she sees pragya and comes near her.
Riya: welcome back pragya.
PRAGYA didn’t respond…Riya says you ran away from here now you are back again
PRAGYA Smirks and looks at her : may be god wants me too give return gift to all who gave me….and looks at abhi.
All were selecting for a model but none suits…riya says I will try but their chemistry doesn’t looks well.pragya gets angry everytime when riya or someone bears abhi…but she didn’t showed up.Abhi knows that his girl is jealous and continues with it.
Abhi got irked as it’s almost night so Abhi says I had found out my girl…all loooks at him in shock.Abhi says pack up and leaves…

Next day… Ishani was on shopping with ranveer.at the same mall pragya and aditi were searching for a nice dress.ishani sees pragya and signs ranveer to come.pragya sees ishani and abhi and gets shocked.
Ishani hugs pragya and cried
Ishani : bhabhi….where were you…why you left us
PRAGYA breaks the hug and looks at ishu.
Pragya: sometimes seperation is the perfect solution.
RANVEER comes to pragya: this is not my pragya…no..she is not my sister …she will not speak like this and hugs her.pragya too hugs him.
Ishani : bhabhi…kush birthday is tomorrow ..so you should come..
Pragya: but
Ranveer: you are coming that’s it
Aditi” who is this pragya…pragya : oh sorry..it’s my brother and his wife.
ADITI : ranveer bhai…how are you..
Ranveer: you are changed…you look so small with two pony in childhood…
ADITI smiles at him.ishani: ok we are leaving..tomorrow come soon.

Precap: pragya reached the party….kush gets happy…Abhi says something to pragya…

Let’s wait and see what he gonna say. ..
And about real kkb ….yesterday. it was so nice….union of abhi pragya…enjoyed a lot….keep rocking guys…

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  1. Saranya24

    Lovely darlu missed u a lot love u loads????and pls unite them soon yaar pls??

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    omg omg omg soooooo cute episode sooo frm today ur gmg to give regular updates dinka chika dinka chika hehehe superrbbbbb dr u rockd it

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    omg omg omg soooooo cute episode sooo frm today ur gmg to give regular updates dinka chika dinka chika hehehe superrbbbbb dr u rockd it

  4. Welcome back aditi hope u r doing well it’s so nice of u at this very young age ur skills and innovation will take u higher hats of to u and I am eagerly waiting for innocent love pls do update fast keep rocking

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    omg omg omg soooooo cute episode sooo frm today ur gmg to give regular updates dinka chika dinka chika hehehe superrbbbbb dr u rockd it u kiled it totallly

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    Aditi missed u a lot yaar…. By the way the episode was awesome…

  7. welcome back…. nice epic

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    Nice yaarrr.?? Is ranveer staying in abhi’s house.

  9. Really superb episode yaar yeah even I too happy 4 abhigya bt sad too coz I feel lk tat in kkb thy vl show abhigya’s happy n peaceful life 4 1 day bt their sad life 4 10 days na thy vl show more sadness in their life…

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    AWESOME Aditi dear !??? Keep Rocking !? Love u Loads !?

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