kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 24)


Hi guys thanks for your support. …hope you are waiting for their union….

The episode starts with Ishani stood there shocked when she sees pragya and Kush together. She hid behind a wall and listened to there conversation. As much as she wanted to go out there and confront pragya ,she knew it would only push her further away. God gave her a second chance to rectify things and she was not going to lose it.  She quickly went away and called abhi  once she was outside.
Ishani: bhai?
Abhi : Everything okay ishu? You sound nervous.
Ishani: Actually it’s Kush. He is really nervous about his performance and won’t stop crying. Can you please drop by here for five-ten minutes?
Abhi : I-i am not sure ishu. What about ranveer?
Ishani : He is still in meeting.His secretary received his call. I am sure it will take him another hour and so I M asking you to come.
Abhi: But,how can i come there? You know what can happen if anyone gets to know that i was there. Media will disrupt the event.
Ishani: Don’t worry about that. Kush will meet you at back gate. No one will be there .Please bhai ..please ?
Abhi: How can i say no to you and Kush? I will be there before his program starts.
     Ishani smiled and silently sent a prayer that everything went fine. Though Kush wasn’t crying at all but she knew that he would need abhi soon. Now she had to make sure that  pragya comes looking for Kush at time abhi talk to him. She wanted both of them to sort out their misunderstandings.
    Aditi thanked her stars that no one was in parking lot today. It’s been an hour since she not-so nicely rammed her scooty into an expensive car. And just when she sighed out of relief she heard a loudbooming voice.”Ms. Aditi kapoor…!!!!”She turned around and found her boss Mr. Venkat fuming with anger and stalking towards her like a predator walks towards its prey.Oh Boy.Mr. Venkat : HOW COULD YOU DO THAT AND PRETEND AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED?
ADITI : W-what sir?
    Aditi looked around and saw bewildered gaze of her co-workers.
ADITI : Y-you are mistaken sir. It was not me but Richa. You slept with her sir not me.Mr. Venkat heard snickers and giggles around him and glared at aditi . Mr. Venkat : Miss kapoor!!! Don’t pretend to be innocent. I almost losta million dollar deal just because ofyour carelessness.
Aditi : Sorry sir but what happened?
Mr.venkat: you  damaged out new boss car.don’t say you are not because I checked it in cctv photage.
Aditi: I am sorry sir.
Mr. Venkat: bcoz  of you I lost my deal.now you have to solve it…go to his cabin…
ADITI had no choice went to his cabin and sees a man in black sitting by facing his back.he was talking in phone.so aditi decides to wait.she waits for 15 minutes but no response ,so she thought to get in cabin.

        After 10 minutes abhi finished his talks and turns and was shocked to see aditi having her lunch.abhi gets angry and shouts ….what’s happening..one damaged my car…other behaving like this.
ADITI stands and smiles at him.she says both are same sir…I only…but I didn’t know the car it’s yours…sorry sir ..
Abhi : get lost…I am having an important work..I will talk to you later.

Two hours later pragya and Kush were best of friends. Poor Khushi was in for some tough competition,chuckled pragya. Kush was already fond of his ‘Honey’. He was thinking of taking Honey home with him and maybe she would meet Pooh. Little did he know that his own mother was planning to make his Pooh meet her Honey. The event was going to start in an hour and the guests were already pouring in.
Pragya: Kush i am going to women’s room to change but i need you to promise to me that you will be good boy and won’t create any nuisance.
Kush : But i can’t be a good boy. Bad boy’s are hot!!
Pragya: (Gasps) Hot!? Who told you that!?
Kush : (Smiles proudly) My Pooh. He said bad boys and art and they get hot girlfriends. I also want a hot girlfriend.
Pragya: (Outraged) Kush!!! That’s a very bad thing to say.(Mutters to herself) And as far as this Pooh of yours is considered,he is surely getting a visit from me soon. What kind of person teaches such stuff to a kid? (To Kush) Kush i will be back in ten minutes but you have to sit here quietly and don’t go anywhere.Kush nodded and pragya went away.Kush was all alone in classroom when ishani entered the room. Kush immediately rushed towards her and started crying while hugging her.
Ishani : Stop crying my baby. You know who’s waiting for you outside?Kush : Rabbit and Pooh?
Ishani : Sorry baby,rabbit was busy. But Pooh is here.
Kush :Let go!!!

Ishani: (Laughs)Let’s go outside but please don’t tell anyone that pooh was here.Kush : I know mumma. It’s because he is a superstar and girls find him s*xy.
Ishani (Surprised) What!?  Who told you that?
Kush : I have seen it when Pooh and i went to ice cream parlor. And he wrote a number on tissue paper.
Ishani: (Thinking) Please come backsoon bhabhi… I want to see my bhai settled and happy.With that ishani and Kush went to the back gate.
    Pragya was taking last minute attendance of all the participants. She was wearing black skin tight jeans and black tank top with a white jacket. Her hairs were up in a tight high pony tail. And she completed her looks with peep toe heels and hoop earrings. She rushed back to the classroom as soon as her work was done but couldn’t find Kush anywhere. She panicked but then took a deep breath and decided to look for him.
Abhi was happy to be here. He was wearing large sunglasses and muffler to hid his face.Kush was hugging him tightly and he knew that he was nervous. So abhi bent down to reach his eye level.
Abhi : Hey champ. Why are you nervous? They’re all your friends.
Kush : But what if i trip or something? Then they all will make fun of me.What if they win?
Abhi : (Sighs)No you won’t trip. I am sure. And even if you do then take it in good spirit.See they are your friends. They will make fun of you and also clap for you when you will win. Kush you  have to be happy for them if they win. This is how hearos do it. They clap for their friends.
Kush : Really?
ABHI: (Smiles) Yes.He hugged Kush and just then someone shouted.”STEP AWAY FROM HIM!!!
    Pragya was frantically searching for Kush when she stopped dead in her tracks. Someone was hugging her Kush. Oh my God! what if it was a kidnapper? She couldn’t see his face properly as his back was facing her. Pragya look around and picked up the biggest stone present there and then yelled at the top of her voice.

Hope all loved….I could not upload brief….sorry I could not takke up my promise…but in next episode starting they will meet….so dont worry…i know the real kkb is dragging…even I am too sad but don’t worry…I will be back soon…

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