kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 23)

Hi guys….I know you will curse me…for not uniting abhigya…actually last one it’s a short episode I could not say anything…thanks for your wishes guys…really I enjoyed my birthday well…thanks a lot..you guys made my day super cool. …….

Let’s get into the story….
The episode starts with pragya preparing breakfast. .at the time a hand wrapped her waist.she smiles and reacts like nothing happened.
Aditi: hey pragya …now a days you are becoming more shameless…
Pragya smiles saying stop your drama..today too you forgot to take your towel n.a.
Aditi: oh God …Ya ..I could not remember that baby.
PRAGYA : stop calling me baby…have some shame.
ADITI : oh who is saying that see
PRAGYA says come let’s have breakfast nd you are getting late darling..
ADITI sees her watch and says oh..No …I don’t want breakfst …you have it..I am leaving pragya says arey..atleast have this juice.ADITI says no but pragya made her to drink..ADITI says bye baby…I am getting late otherwise my boss will not leave me. And leaves .

PRAGYA and ADITI shifted to Mumbai as aditi is transferred to India which can’t be changed. First aditi rejects but pragya knows it’s an important thing in her carrier so she insist her and they both comes to India. PRAGYA opens a designer shop and she is owner of this shop…aditi was pragya’s strength and pillar.she gives her support though pragya forgives them ,aditi will not forgive them and aditi doesn’t know that abhi is the one who hurted her pragya.

The day was very special for pragya. PRAGYA had to go to a high society school’s fancy dress competition. She was the in charge of interior and stage decoration there. This was a big step for pragya. It was the first time that she was managing an event on her own. So naturally she was a bundle of nerves. But that wasn’t helping as aditi was a bigger mess than her.aditi had an important meeting in her office. An important deal was going between the company she worked for and another bigger company. And for that aditi had to be at office on time (one thing which was impossible for her). The house was a total chaos. Pragya also got ready and went to Sebastian high school where she soon got engrossed in her work. And finally around 2’o clock in afternoon she took a break. Pragya searched for an empty classroom and sat down for lunch when she found one. But before she could take a bite she heard someone sobbing. She got up and searched the room. She found a little boy dressed as a kangaroo’s baby sitting in the cupboard and crying. Pragya gently patted the kid on his back and gave him an assuring smile. The kid slowly lifted his head and pragya was shocked for a second. That face……..it was so familiar.
Aditi was so dead. She was already an hour late. And hence her horrible driving skills. Finally after driving like a maniac pragya reached the underground parking lot. Hurriedly looking left and right she parked her car straight ahead. Only insteadof parking the car she had rammed it into a posh black shiny car.aditi stared horrified at the big dent and the broken tail light of the car. Hell she didn’t even knew the name of the car let alone it’s price.Well it might be four or five of her pay cheques. Damn you aditi..!That’s why pragya tells you to always look forward.
In school..
Pragya : Hey? Why are you crying?Boy : Mummy got lost.
Pragya : (Smiles) You mean to say that you got lost ?
Boy : No my mummy got lost!!pragya : Oh okay. But first you need to stop crying. (Wipes his tears) What’s you name?
Boy : I don’t talk to strangers.
Pragya : But i am not a stranger. Look (She shows her badge which says Event Co-ordinater)
Boy : My name is Kush.
Pragya : Kush? That’s such an amazing name. I am pragya .
Kush : pra …g……?
Pragya : You can call me prags or umm……honey?
Kush : (Smiles) I love honey.
Pragya: Why are you dressed as Kangaroo’s baby?
Kush : Oh no no!! I am Ru from Winnie the Pooh series.
Pragya : (Laughs) That’s so cute.
Kush : (Grins) I have Tigger, Kanga, Rabbit and Pooh at home. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?
Pragya : (Laughs) What?
Kush : Pooh loves honey!! My Pooh will also love you.pragya smiled at his childish act but little did she knew that Kush’s pooh was indeed in love with her.
Aditi was sitting in her cubicle and impatiently biting her nails. After crashing into that expensive car she quickly hid her scooty in far corner of the parking lot. And now she was trying to hide herself from the unknown owner of that expensive car.
Pragya gave kush her lunch to eat. Kush hurriedly grabbed her sandwiches and started to gobble them.
Kush : These are so yummy!! You made them?
Pragya: Yes. So Kush,what does you mother looks like?
Kush : Beautiful. Well papa and Pooh say that she is se-s*xy.
PRAGYA : (Giggles) Okay. Now we need to find your mother. Please stay close to me and don’t leave my hand.Kush : Okay Honey.But unknown to both of them someone from her past was watching them.
Abhi was exhausted after a grilling meeting. He was soon going to take over a smaller company and that’s why he was here today. Just when he was thinking about going home and having a relaxing cup of coffee,he stopped dead in his track when he saw a big dent on his car and the tail light lying on the ground. He quickly took out his phone and called the owner of the company.
Abhi: (Growls) Mr. Venkat,someone from your office damaged my car. Get the CCTV footage and find that person. I need them in my office NOW!

Now will abhi and aditi will meet and I can surely say that in next episode abhi and pragya will meet sure…it’s my promise to you all..


  1. Harisha39

    |Registered Member

    Awesome aditi just loved it waiting for the next…….and waiting for your reply….and I sent u a message to in TU

  2. Jessi

    Thanks for ur assurance aditi ….this is really exciting how abhi and pragya feel after 4 years ….I feel abhi will apologize pragya since he is living with ranveer right ….well soo excited yaar …superb dear

  3. durga

    Awesome episode really superb I’m eagerly waiting for abhigya’s union yaar plzzz unite thm asap already tht real kkb s killing us so I don’t want to HV their separation in ff yaar… Plzzzz unite thm asap

  4. Saranya

    Lovely da darlu waiting fr nxt part and us aditi pragya frnd? Loved it da love u😍😘😘😘😘

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