kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 22)


Four  years later…….
    It’s funny how time heals everything yet is not able to heal some of the deepest wounds.
Supernova, one of the biggest villas in the posh areas of Mumbai. The place full of all sort of luxuries one can dream of. A place where India’s most successful bachelors reside.A young charming billionaire . It was a bright Sunday morning , A women  opened the window to let sunshine soak the whole of room. She glanced down at the road outside the villa. Hundreds of people were waiting outside to see a  glimpse of the person sleeping peacefully inside on his bed. She turned around and sat on bed. She caressed his forehead and smiled. Her abhi… So peaceful and happy while asleep. Her mind raced back to events that changed their life completely and guilt filled her heart. Everyday she chided herself for that and everyday she prayed to God to grant her just one chance of correcting everything,to bring back her pragya .She gently shook abhi
Ishani : Wake up my superstar bhai.abhi grumbled and turned his head to other side. Ishani chuckled. Abhi was still a child.It was regular of him to throw such tantrums. She wondered what his ‘fan-girls’ would think of this. Maybe they will find it cute but she was searching for the one person would find it annoying,pragya.
Ishani: It’s enough bhai..First you ask me to wake you and then you yourself are not ready to get up.
Abhi : It’s abhi….choti … And let me sleep.You go and wake up Kush.
. Long gone was flirty and mischievous guy abhi.One who appeared on magazines and billboards with a stone face and perhaps a stone heart. One who had a trails on flings behind him.
Ishani : bhai…get up .And by the way Kush will be here any moment now.She patted him and abhi groaned.Just then the doors opened and a boy of around three years of age came rushing inside with his arms stretched like an aeroplane and jumped on bed.
Kush : Wake up. Wake up.Wake up!!!abhi : (Groans) Five minutes champ. Please?
Kush : No!! The sky is awake,so i’m wake.So we have to play!!!
Abhi : ishu you’ve got to stop making him watch those Disney Movies.

Ishani : Hey!! It’s not my fault that he loves Disney. His dad still watches disney movies and cries. (Laughs). Okay so now i am going downstairs . Get ready in five minutes bhai
Abhi: Okay.
     Abhi turned around and saw Kush staring at him with his big cute eyes. They both waited for ishani to go outside.As soon as she was out of sight,Kush pulled out his toy gun and pretended to shoot abhi..
Kush : And shoot!!!!
Abhi also  pretended as if he got shot and fell back on bed. Kush giggled at his achievement. Kush was three year old son of ranveer and ishani.  He was an exact replica of his father. With Kush came infinite happiness in home. He brought their little family more closer. Abhi was now bodyguards and best friend of his little nephew.But ishabi thought that it was too much testosterone level in the house. So she was desperately searching for her Angel…

In abhi’s room..
Abhi: champ..give me 5 minutes …I will get fresh up ..you go and first drink your milk ..else your mom will not leave me.
Kush says ok I am going…with that he goes to hall where his dad ranveer working with his laptop.
Kush: it’s cheating dad.
RANVEER looks at him and gulped and looks at angry kush staring at him.last night they made an agreement that ranveer will not work on the morning…
Ranveer: kush…
Kush: no..I am not going to play with you.
Ranveer: I am sorry champ..
Kush: no today I am not going to shoot you..
Today we are going to play Winnie the pooh..
RANVEER : what…
Kush: ya..me as ru, ma will be ganga, purab chachu will be tiger and rockstar will be pooh and you will be rabbit…
Ranveer: me…rabbit in shocked tone..
Kush: then you will be piglet.
RANVEER : no I am happy with rabbit..

Somewhere in Mumbai…
A girl was cleaning the living room.she picked the newspaper lying on the centre of the table.she picked up.the first page consists of his interview
.it was common for her to see his face and he was sprawled across magazines, newspapers.even today she saw his piercing haze.it was like god making her to remember her past everyday.before years she decided not to face him but because he is a rockstar. .she wants to see him in these papers.she looked at the clock and smiles…

PRAGYA…..someone screamed. .
PRAGYA ( laughs) : wait..I am coming.
PRAGYA went to a big her room..she opens a cuboard and takes a towel and goes near washroom….and says here take this
The person…: how do you know. ..I am asking this..
Pragya: shut up as it’s new one for me..hurry up …
The person: okay baby…and did you wish to bath with me..
Pragya: chi ..you are just shameless…come soon..dear ..I am waiting for you..
The person:okay baby..

Who is the person..is the person gonna create problems or gonna join these two…keep stay tuned..

Actually the cover was created by me..I don’t know..how it’s ..just a thought…

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  1. Kya Twist ??? U told u gonna unite them but instead u r creating more suspenses !!!
    Aditi dear pls yaar no more suspenses !!! Pretty Please !! Unite them soon !!
    Hope u had a Blissful B’day & enjoyed it to the fullest !! May all your B’day Bring lots of happiness in your life ……. Bring smile everyday to u !! Love u Aditi !!

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  6. Maahi

    omg sooo lovely dr haha piglet vry funny but last part was shocking do upload asap plzz lvd ittt sooo much keep rocking

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  11. Reshma Pradeep


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