kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 2)

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The episode starts with pragya waiting for abhi.she thinks what I am going to do.I am going to marry abhi.i know ma will be against this ,I can convince dad and others but not mom.but I have to do for bhai.I don’t have intrest in this marriage but I love him…I love him to core ,his care but his actions are making me to get irked…that time she feels a hand on her shoulders. She turns TO look and it was abhi.pragya looks at him angrily.abhi asked what…pragya says it’s your plan to get married but you are late.abhi says that much eager to marry me.pragya says cha…purab comes there and asked pragya di, are you sure . PRAGYA says yes.abhi says come let’s go .pragya nods and three leaves inside.

Inside office
The officer asked abhi and pragya are you sure to marry.they nods yes.the officer says ok but there is only one with you .on behalf of whom you gonna sign.purab says abhi.the officer asked for pragya.that time tanu comes.I am here for my friend pragya.pragya looks at tanu.tanu asked you will not invite me for your marriage.pragya says woh…tanu says but I will come without your so called invitation.pragya hugs tanu.tanu says I know about you pragya don’t worry I am with you.the officer asked shall we start the procedures.abhi says sure with nervous.purab says it will be fine bhai.
Both exchanges garlands and Abhi ties mangalsutra around pragya ‘s neck and fills her maang with sindoor.pragya closed her eyes with tears . Abhi and pragya signed.they thanked the officer and all leaves.abhi says so mrs.pragya mehra ,come let’s go home.they reached mm.

In mm
Abhi and pragya enters.dadi and dasi were on the way to temple.they were shocked to see abhi and pragya.priya too shocked to see .abhi holds pragya’s hands and looks at her..pragya with much fear looks at abhi.abhi comes and stands before dadi.he says dadi,bless us .dadi asked whats this abhi.abhi says I could not define you but I love pragya dadi.priya starts to move from there. PRAGYA holds her hands.pragya says I know mam you didn’t have any intrest on our marriage but mam please .priya looks at her .she raised her hand.pragya closes her eyes.abhi thinks she was about to slap her but priya places her hands on her head.pragya opens her eyes in shock.priya says I am happy for you beta .pragya hugs her.dadi and dasi too hugs her.

That time Neil ,ragini , ranveer ,bulbul enters .pragya was shocked to see them and they too.ranveer comes and slaps pragya.he was about to slap her more but abhi stopped him and says don’t dare to touch my wife. RANVEER was about to slap him but pragya stops him.
PRAGYA : bhai..no please
Ranveer: pragya move. ..I said love dammit
Abhi was about to say the truth but pragya stopped him.ragini holds pragya’s shoulders and asked why did you did this pragya.pragya says ma…suddenly ragini slaps her.bulbul stops her .bulbul says ma..di wants to say something ma.
PRAGYA says ma I know what I did was wrong.I know you will not forgive me but ma I love abhi..I could not think anyone in his place.and raghav deserves a better partner not me ma. Neil holds ragini and says let’s leave.ragini says listen pragya from now ,I have only two children’s.one is ranveer and other bulbul.you are dead for me…and dont show your face to me…it’s my request.
RANVEER leaves with Neil and ragini. PRAGYA starts to cry. abhi takes pragya with him to his room.he makes pragya to sit and gives her water.bulbul comes there and hugs pragya.
PRAGYA says woh bulbul
Bulbul says di no…I am happy for you.you better married abhi jiju bcoz raghav is not right choice for you di so don’t blame yourself for everything. .I will be always with you.don’t worry about ma, dad and bhai I will convince them.pragya says take care of them and you too.bulbul says di it’s late I am leaving.pragya nods her head.
BULBUL comes down and reached towards their car.ranveer asked what you patched with her.bulbul says no bhai I scolded her.come let’s GO and all leaves.

In abhigya’ s room
Abhi gives a glass of water but pragya pushed it and says there my whole family is in problem but you are…what kind of man you are…better please don’t come before me please I don’t want to see your face ..please leave me alone and cries.
Ishani comes there to give food .pragya says ishu take me to your room and leaves with ishani.
Abhi says she will never understand me.what to do to make her normal.I am getting anger on her but controlling myself not to yell at her but she. ..

In ishu’ s room
Ishani makes pragya to sit on bed and comforts her.pragya looks at her and hugs her.ishani says everything will be fine bhabhi…don’t cry.let’s sleep you will be tired n.a….and makes her to sleep.
PRAGYA sleeps .abhi comes there and ishani says Bhai ,bhabhi slept.abhi says ok I will take her.ishani says Bhai ..let her be.abhi says no it’s ok ishu.abhi takes pragya in his hands and moves to his room.he placed her on the bed and say beside her.he can see how was she is ..how much she would have cried.he thinks to make pragya comfortable.he sleeps beside her by holding her .

Abhi says pack your bags ,we are leaving India tomorrow .pragya looks on …

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