kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 19)


First of all a big thanks to everyone…ya actually writing stories is my passion.I had written number of short stories In websites…telly updates,wattpad and I don’t know how I got this much interest in kkb. Really credits goes to shabbir and sriti.thanks for readers and keep supporting me.

The episode starts with abhi ,pragya reached the place.yes it’s their favourite spot.hope all guessed.it’s beach.the sound of waves making their minds calm..

Abhi holds pragya’s hands and starts walking
PRAGYA : this is the place where we start our journey
Abhi : you still remember it.
Pragya: ya why you don’t
Abhi” I thought you would have forgot.
Pragya: no I remember this place …this is were we met each other.we proposed. …we separated and also this the place where you asked me to marry you….how can I forget.
Abhi: ya….it’s quite interesting when we talk about the past
PRAGYA : yes…let’s sit down for sometime..
Abhi: ya…sure…come..

In khanna’s house
Ishani entered their room thinking ranveer might have slept.she saw him working in laptop.so she didnt disturbed him and lies on her side.ishani hears ranveer calling her.she turns to see and yes he was beside her .she was shocked and thought may be he again force her
Ranveer: I am sorry ishu.what I have done to you …it’s not good.I forced you to marry and also..
Ishani: leave it..atleast you agree with it na
RANVEER : no it’s because my sisters love blindfolded my eyes..I want to hurt abhi…but what I did..I hurted you.pragya doesn’t love abhi…and abhi,he doesn’t deserve her
Ishani: you are wrong…bhabhi loves bhai..wait and she takes her camera and shows to him where abhi proposes pragya and she hugs him saying she too loves him a lot.
RANVEER : what I have done.I thought she accepted for me..
Ishani: both loves each other.than anything in this world.
RANVEER : I have to say sorry to her..and he gets up
Ishani : but it’s quite late..
RANVEER : for asking sorry there is no limit..I am going.ishani follows him

Both ranveer and ishani went to Pragya’S room but she was missing.ranveer: where she went now
Ishani: wait I will call her.

In beach…
PRAGYA : abhi lets go…it’s already late and I am feeling sleepy
Abhi: you have to meet me like this only so better be with me.
PRAGYA gets a call.
Pragya: abhi it’s ishu
Abhi: attend
PRAGYA attends the call: ha ishu bolo
Ishani : bhabhi….were are you
Pragya: hmmm.I am with abhi …is there any problem.
Ishu: no I just asked and cuts the call.

In khanna’s house
Ishani: why you cut the call
Ranveer: she is with abhi…let her be with him..and it’s her birthday we should not make her sad.
Ishani : so you forgave bhai
Ranveer: I am not sure but don’t say to her these things…let’s see what these two gonna do…
Ishani: thank god..finally you both are going to be back.
Ranveer: ishu, now I could not say anything to you..but I will give all the respect,everything to you as you are my wife soon I will try to win your heart.
Ishani : ok let’s see …come it’s late..

In beach
Abhi: what she said
Pragya: she asked where I am…and said ok
Abhi: may be she searched for you…so that she called.
Pragya: okay leave it…tomorrow I gonna join in ma’s college
Abhi: professor
PRAGYA : yes ma agreed for this
Abhi: but you are not that much have experience n.a.
Pragya:oh hello…stop your bla…bla…
Abhi: what should I do
Pragya: drop me at college and pick from college in evening
Abhi: so I have to come to your home tomorrow.
Pragya: do you want to die
Abhi: then …you only said to pick up n.a.
Pragya: I will be waiting at bus stop…you come soon.
Abhi: pragya…..madam…ke salaam….
Pragya: come on abhi lets go
Abhi too agrees with her and he dropped her.
Pragya: ok..bye Abhi …good night
Abhi: good night and hugs her..I gonna miss you madly
Pragya: tomorrow we can meet na
Abhi: but today night…I have to sleep alone
And hugs her..
PRAGYA breaks the hug saying go rockstar…I am feeling sleepy….and says miss you baby.
Abhi : ok go now….PRAGYA enters in and waves bye to Abhi.he too leaves…

Next Morning
RANVEER ,Neil was in living room. Ishani gives them coffee and ranveer says thank you with smile.pragya comes running
Pragya: ma…its late.I am leaving.
RANVEER winks at ishani.
Ranveer: come choti I will drop you…
Pragya: no bhai its ok I will go…and thinks ooh no if bhai comes…I can’t meet abhi
Ranveer: you only said it’s getting late ..come I will drop you.
PRAGYA : arey bhai ….you will have important work..that’s no matter I will manage.
Ranveer: I am not having any work…
Neil : beta…nothing is important than you..go with him.
Pragya: but pa
Ragini: it’s getting late da…go….
PRAGYA had no choice…RANVEER takes his bike and pragya sits beside him and text abhi
PRAGYA : where are you
Abhi: i am in your bus stop ..where are you..I am waiting ..
Pragya: abhi I could not come as bhai is coming with me.
Abhi: what…in shocked expression.
Pragya: sorry…you go..
Abhi didn’t replied her.pragya knows that he is in anger .she can’t talk to him so she thinks to call him once she reached college
RANVEER drops pragya in his college.
Ranveer: should I come to pick you.
PRAGYA in anger: bhai..I am not a kid..I can come by myself…
RANVEER laughs at her anger.PRAGYA says ok …bye…I am leaving.
PRAGYA entered the college.all staffs welcomed her.she went to priya’s cabin.
PRAGYA entering her cabin : good morning ma and takes her blessings
Priya: I am not gonna talk to you.
Pragya: why in shocked tone
Priya: you left as such when your bhai…called ..you didn’t say to me anything…and there ishu…I don’t know what she gonna do
Pragya:ma…I am sorry for what bhai had done…but swear ma..I will make bhai to realize it..
Priya: actually I am not angry for that..
PRAGYA : then…
Priya”: you asked abhi to pick you but you came with your bhai…he was really in anger.
Pragya: ma..woh..I didn’t expect this…he suddenly said I am going to stop ,what can I do
Priya: ok leave all this aside…today is your first day ..so be happy…go to your classes I will see you in evening
PRAGYA : ok ma. and leaves.

PRAGYA calls abhi but he is not picking her call.PRAGYA thinks how to console him and she leaves to her respective classes.
The day passed and in the evening when pragya comes out of college in sad mood she sees abhi standing there .pragya gets happy by seeing him and walks faster to him.
Abhi by seeing her turns aside
PRAGYA stands befire him.
PRAGYA : baby…I am sorry…bhai told me
Abhi: who are you.. why are you speaking to me.
Pragya: who are you…what it means
Abhi: you are a professor and doesn’t knows the meaning of it
PRAGYA keeping her hands on his cheeks: I am saying sorry n.a. Abhi.
Abhi pushed her hands : I am not here to talk to you.
Pragya: then why are you standing here
Abhi: I am here to pick my mom
Pragya: abhi…i am saying n.a. …bhai…
Abhi : oh…stop your bhai story…I didn’t even want to hear…
Pragya: oh really and holds his collars.
Abhi: hey pragya …its public…leave me
Pragya: then silently come with me.she makes abhi to sit on the passenger seat and she starts the car
Abhi: you gonna drive
Pragya: yes…you are so rude towards me na
Abhi: then how should I behave…I am waiting for you past one hour there …you are just texting me you are going with your bhai…then why you called me.
Pragya: I too was excited to meet you..but bhai didnt gave a chance to speak and mumma aur pappa told me to go with me..what can I do
Abhi: leave it.
Pragya: you don’t believe me na. ..today you haven’t noticed what i am wearing.Abhi looks at her and gets stunned….
Pragya: you remember it…its your favourite dress…you selected for me …but today you havnt even say nice…normally you will shower me with your love but today you shouted me…
Abhi after realizing it he hugs her.PRAGYA stops the car aside and she too hugs him.
Abhi: I am sorry baby.
Pragya: it’s ok…but mistake is mine…leave it.
Abhi: ok come today I scolded you na. ..for that I will buy you…your favourite icecream.
Pragya: that’s like my boy. ..so only I love you…rockstar…

“No abhi should not come to know about it…it may cause damage to their relationship.” …..
” but how long can we hide….it’s the truth na” ..

So what’s the truth…who are hiding…if knowing what will happen….such much questions n.a……will clear in next episodes…I’m signing of…..bye guys….have a great weekend…..

Credit to: aditi roy

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