kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 18)

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The episode starts with abhi and pragya going to a restaurant.abhi makes pragya to sit and he orders .abhi: today you look stunning in this dress
PRAGYA: thank you…but don’t expect me I will say you look handsome
Abhi: it’s the girls mentality…not agreeing with truth
PRAGYA : what’s the truth
Abhi: I am looking handsome
PRAGYA giggles : oh really…
Abhi: you know now I can make many people…to stand before me.
Pragya: not needed.please I need some peace
Abhi smirks at her.PRAGYA says abhi..can we talk to bhai for a last time.abhi says no use…your bhai is shaitan. PRAGYA asked kya in shocking tone.
Abhi: ofcourse he is …how can he force ishu to marry him
PRAGYA : then what you did is right.
Abhi: not like that but we loved each other n.a.
Pragya: who said I loved you
Abhi: what you mean..you doesn’t love me
PRAGYA turns from him….saying no..
Abhi: acha…ok I am leaving..you enjoy your food.

After few seconds pragya turned to say that she lied but abhi was not there.she got panicked and calls him.but his phone is not reachable.PRAGYA cursed herself for playing with his feelings. She wants to say sorry but she could not find him.she asked the manager but he said that abhi left .PRAGYA had no choice she have to go by herself.controlling her emotions she started to leave while she saw their car in parking area.she was happy that abhi didn’t left and was in car.she ran towards it but becomes sad after seeing the person…it’s their driver
Pragya: where is he
Driver : mam he left by taking taxi.he asked me to pick you.
PRAGYA is in verge of crying but she controlled and enters the car and the driver dropped her in their flat.
PRAGYA was lost in thoughts she doesn’t know how she reached to their floor.she banged on the door.she get no response.she thinks may be abhi had not reached yet .so she opens with spare key.
The room was dark.she throw her purse on the sofa and starts to cry…suddenly the lights were on.she looked at it…the room was decorated with balloons , flowers and a cake was placed on the centre.she looks at it…and gets happy….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR WIFE….PRAGYA wants to see abhi but she found a letter near the cake. She opened it.

In the letter
….oh come on…don’t cry on your birth day…it’s your day my girl…I know you are searching for me but before that you have to go to our room and see .there is an outfit I bought for you.
PRAGYA rushed to their room and saw a wrapped gift.she opens it.it was a creamy white gown and matching accessories were there.she smilled at his thoughts and changed to it.she looks infront of the mirror and comes to hall.she shouts I know you are here.see I changed …now please come.
Suddenly a hand wrapped on her waist.she knows it’s abhi.she turns to see and hugged him.Abhi whispers happy birthday my dear wife in her ears.PRAGYA says thank you so much…and i am sorry…I just said for fun.not in mood to tease you.Abhi says it’s ok..because its your birthday so I am forgiving you..but don’t date to say again it..I can’t live without you.PRAGYA says I will not…and I love you…Abhi says me too ..
Abhi broked the hug saying birthday girl let’s cut the cake. PRAGYA cuts the cake and feeds him.Abhi too feeds her.Abhi becomes sad.
Pragya: what happened
Abhi: you will be celebrating your birthday this evening in India…without me n.a.
PRAGYA then comes to reality that she is going to leave us .she kept her hands on his cheeks and says this is my unforgettable birth day in my life.no one can fill your space in my heart.and who said I will celebrate without you…so what we can go out when everyone sleeps.
Abhi: pragya ,you are becoming more clever these days.
Pragya: it’s your training boss.
Abhi and pragya boards and reached India.Abhi could not leave pragya but he has no way so he hugged her tight and cried. PRAGYA consoled him but she too feels sad .
Abhi is not in mood to leave her but when pragya saw ranveer coming towards her she left abhi’s hands and left with ranveer.

In evening…
Birth day party were arranged.all wished pragya but she was in sad mood.ishu knows it and she roams with her.ranveer looks ar ishu’s concern and feels bad for his attitude towards her.he wants to ask sorry but something stops him.soon the birthday party gets over and everyone left to their respective rooms.
PRAGYA was in her room thinking about abhi.that time she gets his call.
Pragya: hello…Abhi..where are you. .
Abhi: oye I am outside your home…come let’s go for a drive.
Pragya: okay wait I will come.
PRAGYA leaves without making a sound and abhi makes PRAGYA to sit in the car and they both leaves from there.

While driving
Abhi: so what special today
PRAGYA by stretching her arms…nothing much …without you..I missed you and kissed his cheeks.
Abhi: I too missed you.so how was the experience when you come out without informing anyone and in this late night
Pragya: I swear abhi…I can’t believe …see after marrying too I need to meet you like this.
Abhi: you remember on our first love anniversary also you did this
Pragya: ha…I got red handed also
Abhi: nothing changed till now.
Pragya: but I am happy that I am with you.if you didn’t marry by forcing me I would have married raghav and led a simple life …but this is quite interesting.
Abhi: till your bhai finds it
Pragya: why are you linking him In all talks
Abhi: accept the truth.
Pragya: whatever I am not in mood to argue and now where are we going.
Abhi: to our favourite spot
Pragya: wherever but you drop me soon before anyone knows about it
Abhi: don’t worry sweetheart
Pragya placed her head on his shoulders and they had a peacefull journey.

Hope all liked…first thanks to all.I got many friends …sisters…brothers…I am aditi Roy.my age is just 14 ….so I think it’s quite good to meet many people here…I like harisha,monisha ,krishnani and many others ff.as usual…tisha di …you are my girl.. surbhi di ,sowmiya di. ..saranya and all….so guys keep enjoying actually innocent love …I am preparing for it.so bye guys…love you all…

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