kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 17)


Hi guys…i am back.hope all are searching me…to be frankly I don’t know what to add further. ..so it takes time for me .and thanks tisha di for your feedback ..yes I am not gonna post innocent love for few days.I am just thinking what to do…it will be right or not..so guys enjoy this episode ……

In us
PRAGYA was packing her stuffs when she gets a call.
Pragya: ha ishu bolo…you are fine n.a.
Ishani trying not to cry: ya bhabhi…going good.where is bhai.
Pragya: but your voice is saying not good.
Ishani: nothing like that bhabhi.when are you coming back
Pragya: may be tomorrow ur depends on your bhai
Ishani : ok bhabhi…ma is calling I will talk to you later.

PRAGYA thinks why ishu sounds sad.is there anything that she is hiding from me.Abhi comes there and sees pragya in deep thoughts.he sits beside her and places his head on her lap.she sees him and smiles.
Abhi: what are you thinking about
Pragya: ishu called me
Abhi: ishu…how is she..no problem n.a.
Pragya: she told good but I think something wrong.
Abhi: no..she will be fine.as your brother wants to seperate us.according to him it’s a success ,so I know he will not harm.
Pragya: ok but I want to go to India tomorrow
Abhi: you have to go so soon.after that I will not get a chance to be with you.
Pragya: what to do…but it’s for ishu n.a.
Abhi: so that only I am agreeing.
PRAGYA : ok get up …help me in preparing lunch for us.
Abhi: why should I
Pragya: how selfish you are…all times wife want to do
Abhi: nothing like that baby…now what I have to do …lunch n.a. ..ok we will come.PRAGYA smiles at him.

In India
Ishani looks for ranveer .ragini says he left to office.ishani feels bored and thinks to meet aliya so that she can divert herself.she calls aliya.
Aliya: ha..ishu bolo.
Ishani: aliya ..can we both catch up…
Aliya: sure come to our spot…you know n.a..national club.
Ishani: ya I will be there and hangs up
She informed ragini that she is going to meet aliya and leaves .

She was waiting for aliya but she got a message that she is busy with works and to catch up later.ishani thinks this girl n.a. and thinks yo leave but a waiter mistakenly spills the soft drinks on her.ishani had no choice as she have to clean up so she searches for washroom.

She was walking through the deserted corridor of club when someone suddenly pulled ishani inside.she tries to free herself from someone’s grip. It was none other than Arjun.
Ishani : (Shouts) Dare not to touch me.
arjun : (Laughs) So you think you can stop me?He paces towards her.
Ishani: what are you doing…
Arjun : Shut up. Ishani you are only mine and dare you go near that ranveer.how can you marry him
Ishani : I belong to no one and who are you to say that??
Arjun : Isaid you are mine..
Ishani: you are such a a creepy obsessive person.Arjun: (Steps towards ishu) You haven’t seen my obsessive side yet.
Ishani pushed him and comes out of the room.
RANVEER comes there for a meeting..
When he was passing he heard someone screaming. And to his horror she saw Arjun forcing himself on ishani inside the room. Ranveer banged on door but it was locked from inside.ishani was crying and was trying to protect herself and was wildly hitting him.
he was shocked when he saw Arjun inside and without wasting anytime he broke the door and rushed inside. He pulled Arjun away from ishani. Ranveer had already lost his temper and punched Arjun hard onnose.ishani watched terrified as ranveer started to kill Arjun bare hand. Then he started to beat him blue and black.
He called the club manager and handed him to police.ishani looks ranveer in fear so he takes her outside
Ranveer: in anger tone” how come you here”
Ishani: actually aliya told me to come here
Ranveer: where is she dammit
Ishani: she id quite busy
Ranveer: so you would have left n.a..
Ishani: ya I was but before that these stains …so I thought to clean up but before that these things happened.
RANVEER looks at ishani and slowly slowly paced towards ishani.
Ishani : You shouldn’t have hurt him so badly.
Ranveer: (pulls her strongly towards him) What the? Are you mad woman? You know what could’ve happened ishani !!!Damn the nerve of this girl. She was still defending the guy who tried to molest her.
Ishani : That’s it. He asked me to stay away from you.
Ranveer : WHAT?
Ishani : And i think i should have done so.
RANVEER : (pulls more tightly) But why?
Ishani : Cause i don’t want him to hurt you!!! I won’t be able to see you hurt!! Ouch!!! Ranveer realised that his grip on her hand was too tight and immediately left her
Ranveer: But i will never leave you alone. Remember it.
RANVEER sees her hands bleeding and slowly put band aid on ishu’s hand . She winced at the touch of medicine and clutched his arm. Ranveer looked at her and he wanted to comfort but couldn’t. Ranveer tried to be as gentle as possible and ishu too noticed this.He knew that he cared for her and she knew she was safe whenever he was around.

In us
Abhi : pragya how much time you will take
Pragya: arey …I am coming.it’s not late pa
Abhi: I know but I want to spend some quality time with you…

Precap: abhi” I just don’t want to see you…how come I didn’t see this…you are…you are …such a big mistake…” ranveer'” please abhi…don’t mistake her…please accept her. ” pragya cries and falls on the floor

Ok guys….hope long ishveer scenes…but it’s needed.all are happy n.a..about precap it’s gonna be ….umm…a big truth to come out …which will make abhi to get…….what….wait for next epic….bye guys…

Credit to: Aditi Roy

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