kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 16)


Hello guys….hope all are fyn. …..and low comments…bored guys…I want to know how are you feeling…if so I will try to add some colours….thanks for regular supporters and readers.
Coming to the story….

Abhi and pragya comes to living room with anger.all looks on
Neil : what happened beta
Pragya: it’s all over dad.he is accusing me for this situation
Ishani: bhai…what will bhabhi do

Pragya: ishu ….you dont worry…he will not understand others situation.
abhi: you know ….it’s because of you I missed my new concerts
Pragya: who asked you to miss and don’t say its for me.
Abhi:just get lost
PRAGYA with anger : you are asking me to get lost..remember you are speaking to pragya.
Abhi : so that only I am speaking politely.
Ragini: you too please stop….fighting like kids.say what you both gonna do
RANVEER looks at them.
Pragya: divorce ma
Abhi: yes…its better and don’t try to unite us

RANVEER thinks thank god …they didn’t get compromised. And says ya ma…it’s better our choti divorce him.
Abhi winks at pragya.pragya says but one condition bhai..i should go to US for 10 days.
Ranveer: why….
Pragya: to take my stuffs.

Ranveer: I will get it
Pragya: no need bhai…I will and I am having an important work there.after coming back I will join in a college.
Ranveer: il as your wish
Abhi: so let’s go and leaves.
PRAGYA to ishani: don’t worry. .everything will be fine ….and hugs her.she says I am leaving and goes behind abhi.
Ishani was confused by their action.she thinks that’s they are up to do something.

Abhi starts the car and pragya sits beside abhi.Abhi ,pragya reached airport.
Abhi holds pragya’s hands and both were in flight.
PRAGYA : abhi ,why you asked me to say like that
Abhi: arey I will say after reaching home.

PRAGYA keeps her head on his chest and closed her eyes.she is back to her world.Abhi sees her and kissed her forehead. PRAGYA looks at him and he smiles at her.Abhi asked I have to kiss you …and brushed her lips with his fingers…pragya slaps his fingers and hugs him.they reached their flat.

As Abhi closed the door behind Pragya, he took looked over her outfit and grinned. He was relievedto see his old pragya .pragya looked around the flat and says nothing changed.Abhi says how can I change it…

He pulled her into him.Before she could even say hello, he had her backed against the door, one hand behind her neck and the other planted above her shoulder. She tipped her head up to meet his eyes, starting to laugh as she reached for his shoulders to steady herself. His mouth caught hers in a kiss, his lips absorbing her laugh.She felt the heat of him everywhere, his subtle peppery cologne taking over her senses. It wasn’t a scent she recognized, as he had favoured breezy, ocean-tinted fragrances when they had been married.Yet somehow, he tasted the way she had expected him to smell. His breath was cool and sharp-sweet…as if he had taken a breath mint.To freshen his breath.Forher.That struck her as too funny, and she broke from his mouth, turning her head so she could finally laugh.Instead of pulling away, he dragged his lips down the column of her neck. She shuddered as his tongue flicked against her skin.

His fingertips traced the lacework embroidered on her sleeves, and the wonder of his touch threatened to keep her distracted.But with his mouth occupied elsewhere, she was free to breathe again. Oxygen started to return to her brain, and she remembered to ask him .”Abhishek,” she said sternly, only it came out as a breathy whisper. She tried again, pushing at his shoulders for good measure.”Abhishek!””What?” he muttered, pressing kisses to her cleavage.pragya pushed him and abhi made a pout.pragya says we are not here to celebrate our honeymoon.we are here to sort out the problems.say why you asked me to lie.Abhi smiles at her cuteness.

Fb starts
When pragya and abhi was about to leave pragya’s room.pragya says ek minute ..I want to use washroom.Abhi says ok and pragya leaves.Abhi wonders her room and saw ranveer talking to someone in phone
Ranveer: ya…it’s going on smooth.I think both will divorce each other.but suddenly abhi asked pragya to talk with him.I don’t know what will I do if they compromise each other……Abhi sees this.pragya comes and says let’s go.I have to pack my bags after informing abhi.Abhi says wait. ..do what I say….and says his plans.
Fb ends…
Pragya: why should bhai need to seperate us

Abhi: who knows…have to ask your bhai..but sure he is such a dangerous man.
PRAGYA : abhi….
Abhi: baby…he is a Mahan…ma…
PRAGYA smiles at him.
Abhi says girls will fall only for lies…pragya asked what.Abhi says nothing….just thinking what to do next.

In India
At night ….ishani was in ranveer’s room.she thought to confront him.as ranveer enters she remembers how he slapped the goons who teased her and cries .RANVEER comes near her and says what happened worried about your bhai…you know soon they gonna divorce.
Ishani: what you want…

Ranveer: you…and looks into her eyes.
If you give me you …I will Th inks about their marriage. Ishani has no option as abhi had sacrificed many things in his life for her so she decides to go smooth with ranveer.

He took her in his arm thrown her in the bed.he leaned over her.and abt to kissI but ishu pushed him saying you can’t do this with me.you can’t force me.ranveer: no babzz its my right.u r my legally wedded wife.he pushed her back and leaned over her.he kisses her harder on her lips he bites on herlower lips.its started bleeding.he started to romance with her body.ishu tried her best to resist but it was in vain.his every action made her feel pain all over d body.he made it more more hard to give her pain.hours passed and it was still same. he dragged her to his chest and huged her like hell like she was going run frm here.he just wrapped a blanket over them nd slept.ishu thought in her mind devil hw can he sleep peacefully aftr giving her so much of pain. Soon she didn’t know when she dozen off on his chest….

Hope all liked….quite hot but it’s needed in ff….so give your feedbacks and comments. Tried a new thing…hope all will like and I am going to write a new ff beased on shakti arora…so I think soon it will be updated in matsh page…so check out…and I will also give the link…
Thanks for reading …

Credit to: aditi roy

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