kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 15)


Thanks guys for huge support….I know many people are disappointed about abhigya’s separation…but guys seriously there must be some huge drama n.a…and according to today’s episode its nice to see abhi believing pragya…nice to see.
Coming to the story…

The episode starts with khanna’s reaching India. Ranveer takes pragya inside .pragya remembers her moments with abhi.she cries…why is this happening to me bhai..everytime…I am get hurted. RANVEER says choti …don’t worry. …i know but please be patience…let’s sort out tomorrow …so you please sleep now.he cals bulbul and asked her to be with prafya and not to talj about abhi.
RANVEER comes to his room and thinks if I did anything wrong…no I just made him to understand how the pain is …let him suffer now with his sister…
BULBUL sits near pragya….
Bulbul: di, it’s not right…jiju will be gutted more
Pragya: what are you saying bulbul …not me
BULBUL : but di ,there is no fault on him …you know n.a. jiju loves you as you too loves him.so there is nothing in your marriage plan but ishu …what bhai had done di. ..he forced ishu…now think how will be hurted…
PRAGYA : you are right….I didn’t think about her .

Abhi and his family reached his flat.all were sad and abhi ,aliya,purab takes ishani to her room.Pam recieves a call and was shocked …Abhi asked what happened.she switched on the tv and all were shocked to see the news. …ABHISHEK MEHRA BROKE ALL HIS RELATION WITH PRAGYA MEHRA…ACCORDING TO OUR REPORTER’S PRAGYA’S BHAI ,RANVEER TOLD THAT SOON PRAGYA WILL DIVORCE ABHI ….
Abhi sits on the sofa with tears in his eyes.dadi says beta…I am sure ,pragya will not acceot for this .
Abhi: do you think so dadi.she left me without looking at me or telling me then how can we expect that she will not divorce me…let’s see dadi was is going to happen.and leaves from there.

Next Morning…
PRAGYA comes to hall.Neil asked her to sit beside him.pragya placed her head on his chest and looks at the paper and read the same news…she looks sad.ranveer comes there and sits before pragya shouting how dare he is…..pragya asked what happened bhai…ranveer shows her papers…pragya was shocked to see divorce papers.ranveer says abhi had sent this.pragya says if this is his wish. …I will and signs.she remembers how she signs on her marriage papers and leaves from there.
PRAGYA locks her room and cries…she shouts why…Abhi….why you did this…you married me now you divorced me….please come back n.a…..accept me….please and she sits on floor…please say you are not angry on me….Abhi…please.

Abhi reached India with all….while he entered he saw ranveer in his hall …Abhi was about to beat him but dadi stopped him.he looks at ishani who looks at ranveer
Ranveer: hello rockstar abhi…what you reached….good and here is a gift for your sister’s marriage and hands him the papers.
Abhi: whats this and reads it.he was shocked.
PURAB asked whats that abhi
Abhi: divorce papers….
RANVEER says sign it and submit to my lawyer .he will come tomorrow.and leaves.
Ishani says bhai…it’s a limit….you dont worry…I know bhabhi could not sign these.I know ranveer would have blackmailed her.
Abhi says ok now what we have to do.
Ishani says I will say…

In evening
Abhi ,ishani reached khanna’s home.Abhi asked ishu are you sure…ishani says yes bhai let’s go.
Both gets in .Neil welcomes them and ragini too joins .Neil says sorry to Abhi.Abhi says it’s ok pa not to worry.ishani gets blessings from ragini and she hugs her.
RAGINI : don’t worry…you are my bahu…
Ishani smiles at her.
Ranveer comes there and sees abhi and ishani sitting there.he could see ishani wearing a simple Saree with kumkum and mangalsutra. She looks week. RANVEER ignores it .pragya and bulbul comes there.Abhi looks at pragya.pragya was shocked to see abhi.RANVEER asked now why you both are here.
Ishani: you married me right..so I have to stay in your home right ..
Abhi: I came to take back my biwi to my home
Ranveer: I think you don’t remember that pragya signed the papers.
Abhi: ya I know and I think you too know that we are not officially divorced as I didn’t signed.I want to talk to her before signing the papers.
PRAGYA says there is nothing to speak.Abhi says I will give divorce after we talk and if not I can’t sign.RANVEER asked pragya to take abhi to her room.pragya too agrees.

Both reached pragya’s room.
PRAGYA : now what you want to say
Abhi” sorry
Pragya: what…sorry…for what
Abhi: I didn’t meant to slap ranveer but please see in my position.you know n.a. how much I love ishu
Pragya: for that you will leave me
Abhi looks at pragya
Pragya: you only first told that you will not marry me…how can you say ….and cries
Abhi: I said like that na…you would have confront me n.a….
PRAGYA ::what to say….I was shocked after I headed that word from you…how can you leave me idiot
Abhi: ya I am idiot …so that only I thought to leave you.Abhi hugs pragya..pragya too hugs him.pragya says I was looking for you..I know you will come to take me…please abhi take me with you…I can’t be without you.Abhi tightens the hug and says I too you know I suffered a lot without you..pragya says me too Abhi…
Abhi: kissed her forehead. ..I love you
Pragya: I love you too…Abhi asked so let’s go to our home…back to us….pragya nods yes.. .and abhi takes her to living room.

Precap: abhi….because of you…I missed…it’s because of you ..get lost. PRAGYA says you are asking me to get lost. Remember you are talking to pragya…

So atlast there is a happy ending…I don’t want to seoerate them more and ranveer, he is not going to play a villain role…so not to worry and about the precap….it’s gonna be interesting …..so hope you liked…if any mistakes pardon me…..Ok guys …see you in next episode….

Credit to: ADITI ROY

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