kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 14)


Thanks guys for huge support….its high time drama is starting now…let’s get in…dont be sad i will seperate abhigya…there are lots of twists and turns waiting for you guys…hope you will enjoy …as someone said ,sorry I could not remember the person’s name…it’s aditi’s story….so ger ready..

The episode starts with bulbul teasing pragya when ranveer and ishani comes.pragya sees ranveer…..
Pragya: arey bhai…what happened and what’s this.. she touched his wound
Ranveer: arey choti. ..nothing yaar.it’s just a …hey ishu same something
Ishani: ya pragya some goons starts to tease but ranveer beats them…so by mistake he gets hurted
Pragya: really bhai…
Bulbul: bhai tell me who is that..I will not leave them.I will break their bones.
Ranveer: arey …no …you can’t.
Ishani: leave it yaar…how are you bhabhi.
Pragya: I am good…
Dadi : arey pragya and abhi lets start haldi function.
The haldi function starts.Abhi sees pragya while bulbul stands before him signing what .Abhi says nothing…my god this girl n.a. ….bulbul says I can hear you jiju.leave some time for di to spend time with us.Abhi says take your own time but soon return her to me.
Ishani applies turmeric on pragya’s face.aliya too applies. Dadi,dasi,Pam,priya ,ragini applies .ragini gets tears while applying. PRAGYA hugs her.bulbul says stop this drama ma…di it’s not fair…it’s your special day…your haldi function ..in Paris..please smile di. PRAGYA hugs her.aliya and ishani says we are too here bhabhi.she hugs them also.ranveer takes a photo of them.
The haldi function gets completed.Dadi asked pragya to stay with ishani,aliya and bulbul .first abhi didn’t agree but he agrees then .pragya asked abhi where is this tanu.
Abhi says I don’t know .she didn’t infirmed me before leaving.Abhi says arey I am here before you but you are thinking about others.pragya smiles at him and says I just asked abhi.ok I am leaving as it’s late.Abhi holds her wrist.pragya turns and says please.Abhi drags her towards him.pragya looks into his eyes.Abhi hokds pragya’s waist.pragya closed her eyes.Abhi kissed her forehead. Abhi says from tomorrow no one can help you…pragya opened her eyes in shock and abhi Smith’s at her.pragya says ok mr. Rockstar it’s late .I am leaving.

It’s night when pragya gets up to drink water.but it’s empty so she decides to go to kitchen .she heard someone talking and she goes out of the home.she was shocked to see tanu talking with raghav.she walks near him.tanu looks at her and gets shocked.raghav too looks at her.tanu says pragya but she slapped her.
Pragya: how could you do this to me tanu.what are you doing with him.I know I made a big mistake when you both came to my home.Abhi said to me but I dodnr hear to him.you know what he done to me
Tanu: listen yaar…I know ..and its a big mistake.you know he want to ask sorry to you.
Raghav: ya pragya…I am really sorry. Today I was drunken and I didn’t know what to do
Pragya: oh please stop your drama
Raghav: I know it’s not easy to believe me but please give me a chance
Tanu: yes pragya…I love him..I can’t see someone talking about him wrongly.
PRAGYA was shocked.raghav says yea we both love each other.I came to say this to you but when I see you and abhi together…I don’t know what happened to me .I am sorry pragya.
Pragya: it’s ok..I am not in a stage to forgive …I need time.and tanu I am happy for you.come it’s late we can go.

Next Morning…
It’s mehandi function ..
ALIYA ,ishani pleased dadi that they all will go out and do a party.Dadi says ok but have to come soon.both gets happy.
The function starts.the girls starts to put mehandi on pragya’s hands.others to enjoyed.Abhi looks at pragya.purab comes there and says there is a party tonight yaar.Abhi asked what..how dadi accept.
Koran says it’s your drama queens work.
Abhi says ya. ..they are my sisters.
BULBUL asked abhi to find his name on Pragya’S hands.Abhi comes near her and sits beside her. PRAGYA gives her hands and abhi looks on.bulbul asked what happened. ..you can’t find jiju.Abhi asked who said I found out and shows his name” abhi” .pragya hugs him but dadi coughs.pragya breaks the hug….all starts to tease her.
Bulbul: di have some patience..
Pragya: chup
Abhi laughs at pragya.pragya looks at him with pout.Abhi says don’t tease my wife .pragya winks at bulbul and she says ok..ok..

In night all gets ready for party.they went to a royal pub and starts dancing.Abhi asked pragya to dance with him and they leaves.purab,aliya ,bulbul danced together.ishani and ranveer was sitting together.
Ishani: why are you sitting here..go..dance
Ranveer: you too can come n.a.
Ishani: I don’t have any interest in dancing
Ranveer: acha…ok can we drink.
Ishani: no only soft drinks
Ranveer: ok wait I will come.RANVEER leaves from there and ishani looks at abhigya and thinks they are made for each other.
RANVEER comes with drinks and both drinks.ishani feels dizzy and thinks to leave home so she messaged aliya that she is leaving home.RANVEER sees her and takes her in his arms and leaves to room beside the pub by giving money to waiter.
Abhi says let’s go and searched for ishani.but aliya says she left.pragya says may be bhai would have left with her so let’s go.
They reached and as they were tired they slept without noticing ishani.

Next Morning …
Ishani wakes up and sees ranveer near her.she gets up and tries to remember what happened last night she could remember till she dranked. Ishani gets panicked and thinks to go home but ranveer caught her hands.ishu looks at him.
Ranveer: where are you going baby
Ishani: ranveer ..I know…it’s a mistake because I drank. But I drank only soft drinks n.a.
RANVEER gets up and says who said you dranked soft juices. ..it’s volka baby.
Ishani was shocked.RANVEER says I want you to go operate with me …other wise I will inform media that Rockstar S sister ishani mehra slept with ranveer khanna.ishani asked what should I do.
RANVEER says that’s great.
Ishani : stop your nonsense and say what should I do
Ranveer: you have to marry me …so that abhi will get angry on me…he will attack me .my sister can’t see abhi beating me ..she will broke all relations with him.
Ishani : why are you doing like this…I thought you were good and accepted their marriage
Ranveer: who said I accepted him .he is not fit for pragya …you don’t know..my sister is acting like she is good with abhi.but it’s not like that
Ishani : who said like that.did she told.
RANVEER holds ishu’s shoulders : your brother blackmailed my sister and married her.now I want to show him how it pains …so come lets go.
Ishani could not say anything so she accepts because it depend on her reputation.

In marriage ceremony…
Abhi was sitting restlessly for pragya.bulbul ,tanu comes with pragya.pragya was looking pretty in red lehenga. Abhi looks at her and smiles.pragya sits beside her and pandit starts the ceremony.dadi ,dasi all were happy…Abhi looks at ishani and ranveer and shocked.pragya too sees them.all sees them together and was shocked.
RANVEER and ishani comes in marriage dress .ishani was wearing mangalsutra and kumkum on her forehead.Abhi gets up and reached them
Abhi: what’s this ishu…and ranveer
Ranveer: are you feeling stabbed..I too feel the same when you took pragya .
PRAGYA comes beside abhi.
Abhi,: what’s this ishu…I am asking you..and raised his hands to slap but ranveer stopped him
Ranveer:she is my wife Mr.abhishek mehra. She is Mrs.ishani khanna.
Abhi: I said I had done a mistake and you too forgave me
Ranveer” who said I forgave you…you fool. .I didn’t
Neil : ranveer what’s this ..
Ranveer: dad …please stop your talks…I want to show how it hurts ….to abhi.
Pragya: but bhai…how can you do this.ok I agree abhi did a mistake but I loved him …he too loved me…but you destroyed ishu’s life bhai.
Ranveer: pragya …stop .ma ,dad come let’s go.
Abhi slaps ranveer hard.and ranveer stands quite.Abhi holds his collars and starts to beat.pragya stops abhi but she could not.Abhi in anger pushed pragya and she hits on the wall .she gets hurt and falls down.she can see how abhi beats ranveer.with her energy she gets up and pushed abhi and stands before ranveer
Abhi: your whole family cheated us…wow..you all planned widely and trapped my sister. .I am ashamed of you …and your family.
Pragya: stop talking about my family.
Abhi: they are not Mahan to praise…you all did a great drama.
Neil: abhi beta…we didn’t know anything about this
Abhi: oh …please stop your drama…I don’t want to hear…and pragya…I am broking all relation with you…I don’t want to marry you..
Pragya: oh thank god…you said …I am so happy finally you spoked from your heart…and I am not longing to marry you..
Abhi: go …you better go.if you stand here for one more minute I don’t know what I will do.pragya gets tears but wiped and says bhai,ma ,pa let’s go
RAGINI : but beta think once before you decide.
Pragya: ma when he itself decided not to marry then why should I
RANVEER : ma…don’t force her.pragya come let’s go..
He holds pragya’s hands and khanna’s family leaves from there .ishani falls on the floor and cries …Abhi takes her to her room and sits beside her.
Ishani: I am sorry bhai..I don’t have any way…ranveer wants to separate you and pragya.
Abhi: I know….you take rest and leaves.
ALIYA comes there and asked what happened.ishani explains her.aliya hugs her.ishani says I will not leave that ranveer and will unite bhai and bhabhi.

Abhi and ishani reaches khanna’s home.ranveer was shocked to see them..

I know you all too shocked…wait for some cute scenes…..

Credit to: aditi roy

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