kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 13)


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The episode starts with purab coming to abhi’s flat.Abhi asked what a suprise man.purab says it’s my gift for your marriage.Abhi says I don’t want you as a gift buddy.purab says her Abhi…I am giving myself as a gift but you are not getting it .so poor abhi….and pragya gives him coffee.Abhi says purab please pray to your favourite god that nothing should happen to you after drinking this coffee.purab looks shocked at pragya and coffee.pragya says you please drink..he is always like this.purab starts to drink.both abhi and pragya looks on .purab takes a sip and says good pragya…it’s really nice.Abhi says it could not be .Abhi gets his cup and sips. ..Abhi looks at pragya.pragya gives a victorious smile to Abhi.Abhi asked how.pragya says mumma taught me.Abhi says oh….bulbul ,aliya and ishani comes there.ishani says bhai..thank god we are going to Paris.actually I am having a project and it can be done there. BULBUL asked but who will help you as all will be busy In wedding function.ranveer comes there and says I will help.all looks at him..he comes with all the members of family.dasi asked abhi did his anger towards pragya changed.Abhi says ya…we compromised last night itself and winks at her.raghav looks at pragya and abhi noticed it.Abhi says but someone is not happy on it.ishani says bhai you don’t worry I will be with bhabhi.Abhi says good girl.

All landed Paris.and they are welcomed in a grand manner.they reached their resort and dadi asked abhi and pragya to be in separate rooms.
Dadi: today is haldi and tomorrow marriage…it’s enough .
Bulbul : ha dadi you are right as they two are eagerly waiting for their marriage.
Ishani : but In haldi function itself we can have a small sangeet function.
Dadi: ok beta…it’s quite good.

In evening….
Haldi cermony started…..Abhi was seated and he was searching for pragya .purab asked him to be patience.ishani comes there shouting bhai….bhai…
Abhi: what happened ishu
Ishani: bhai…bhabhi is not in her room
Abhi: what where did she went.I asked you to be with her na
Ishani: actually bhai…I went to research so I asked bulbul to be with her.
Dadi:please abhi do something..
PURAB : abhi lets go and search…
Both starts to search…Abhi heard pragya’s scream.Abhi to purab: arey purab it’s pragya’s voice…but where is she.
Purab: ya abhi…its pragya di
Ranveer: did you find her
Abhi: it’s coming from that room.
Purab : but the door was Locked
Ranveer: let’s break
Ishani: be carefull….
They broke the door and abhi was shocked to see pragya lying on the floor and raghav on top of her.Abhi pushed him and ranveer starts to beat.Abhi too beats him.ishani
Takes pragya’s head on her lap Nd starts to wake her.purab , abhi , ranveer starts to beat raghav…pragya gained her conscious .
PRAGYA calls abhi.ishani shouts bhai …bhabhi is calling you.abhi rushed to pragya and takes her in his arms.pragya says abhi…Abhi says ya I m here. And he takes her out of the room.he takes her to his room and makes her to lie on the bed.the whole family surrounds them..purab says abhi we handed raghav to police.but abhi was not listening.he was looking at pragya.PRAGYA sleeps by holding abhi’s hand.Abhi says let her rest…once she gets UP I will call you.all leaves from there.Abhi sits beside her and caressed her face.he could see blood coming from her edge of mouth.he sucks it by his lips and he too sleeps beside her.after sometime, pragya wakes up.she sees abhi sleeping beside her.she hugs him tightly, abhi too wakes up and sees her crying. Abhi gets panicked and asked what happened pragya.pragya : abhi …you know he tries to..
Abhi: how did you went there
Pragya: bulbul said bhai called me.so I thought to go.when I was going n.a. some one pulled me inside the room.I was shocked to see raghav inside. He says that this marriage could not happen and he holds my wrist. I tried to escape but he pushed me on the floor.I felt dizzy and saw you were standing there.so in relief I closed my eyes.Abhi says nothing happened pragya …forget all these.Ok shall we go actually our haldi function is incomplete. PRAGYA nods her head and both leaves .

Ishani was taking a picture of some place when ranveer comes there. Ishani says hi what are you doing here.ranveer says I cAme to meet you.that time some goons started teasing ishani.ranveer slaps them and they too slaps ranveer and their fight begins. But soon police came and catches the goons.ishani sees ranveer’s head bleeding.she tored a piece of her shawl and tied .ranveer looks at her.ishani says let’s go home.we have to see how pragya bhabhi is
As soon as they reached ,ishani takes ranveer to her room.she starts to treat the wound. There was a complete silence between them.ranveer holds ishani’s hands.ishu looks at him.he kissed her hands and ishani looks at him.she then kissed his forehead and both hugs.ishani could feel that her whole world is under her.then she breaks thet hug and leaves from there.

Precap ” abhi says I am not going to marry you.pragya ” if you too asked me to marry you I will not and pragya’s family leaves from there.

Hope you all enjoyed….

Credit to: Aditi Roy

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