kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 12)

Thanks guys ….I think all are bored….there is no response. …ok guys I will think that there are many silent readers….
So getting on to the story….

BULBUL comes and wakes pragya.
Pragya: abhi …please I will sleep for 5 minutes.
BULBUL thinks to tease her.
Bulbul: pragya get up n.a….it’s is getting late baby.
PRAGYA pulls bulbul near her and hugs.
ALIYA and ishu comes there.BULBUL signs them not to make sound and asked them to watch..
BULBUL : pragya …wake up
Pragya rolled on bulbul ‘s arms…saying baby…ok give me a morning kiss.
All were shocked…BULBUL says di. ..I am bulbul….
PRAGYA says arey rockstar. ..why are you speaking like bulbul.
Bulbul: arey di. ..wake up..it’s bulbul only and shakes her.
PRAGYA gets up in shock…
Pragya: tum. ..and you all…what are you doing here
BULBUL : arey come I will kiss you…
PRAGYA beats her with pillow.BULBUL laughs at her.
Ishani: today only I M seeing my bhabhi in romantic mood
ALIYA says ya me too….
PRAGYA blushed while abhi comes there
Abhi: pragya where is my black jacket and looks at three…
Abhi: oye…you three what are you doing here
Aliya: nothing bhai…we came to wake bhabhi…and she says she needs a kiss from you…
Abhi: kiss ..ya. ..sure and moved towards pragya but she pushed him and leaves from there.

All were In Hall…
Neil: so shall we go back to India..
Abhi: no need uncle because I informed dadi and ma to come here and ha all pack your stuffs ..
Pragya: you called them here then why should we pack.
Abhi : arey they are reaching here today night but we are not going to marry neither here nor India
Ishani: then where…
Abhi: arey choti…it’s going to be a destination wedding in France. ..I mean Paris
Aliya: really…I am so excited bhai…bhabhi…congrats
Pragya: abhi what’s the news for this..
Abhi: I said n.a. bhai …she will not agree
RANVEER : ha…you are right…
PRAGYA : what right…ma you know n.a…I always want a simple marriage
Abhi: but you are a rockstar s wife baby…you have to show off.
PRAGYA says your wish and leaves.
RANVEER says go bhai…console your wife otherwise she will be in mood off.
Abhi leaves to their room…

PRAGYA was sitting on the bed on anger.
Abhi sits beside her and holds her.but pragya pushed him.
Abhi: arey…it’s a small problem..why are you getting angry
Pragya: I am not angry.
Abhi: don’t lie your face itself saying.
Pragya: ha…I am in nervous. .Abhi you know n.a. I am quite simple girl. I am feeling uncomfortable with these media’s abhi.
Abhi: it’s your problem…don’t worry…there will be no media. .ok ..now come let’s go Nd pick dadi ,dasi ,ma and …
Pragya: and Pam aunty is also coming..
Abhi looks down
Pragya: answer me Abhi.
Abhi: yes she is coming…but ..
Pragya: then why you called my parents you know she will hurt them and please abhi…if she is coming I will ask my family to go
Abhi: pragya how many days will they run from each other. Let them meet…nothing will happen.
Pragya: ha…now you will speak but when she taunts my family you will be silent…like last time.
Abhi: hey I am silent because I can’t go against my family…but now you are my wife and your family is mine..how can I go against my family..PRAGYA says whatever if she starts her plan then sure me and family will leave …
Abhi hugs her and says I will not let you to go…
PRAGYA says let’s see….Mr.rockstar. .Abhi kissed her in lips ..PRAGYA was shocked and could not speak…it’s the right thing to make you silent…ok let’s go..and drags her.PRAGYA beats him..

In airport
PRAGYA sees dadi,dasi ,priya and Pam coming..without informing abhi ,she runs towards them.she hugs dadi and takes blessings..and then hugs priya and looks at Pam.Pam opens her hands to hug her.PRAGYA looks on.
Pam: do you thought I will not agree you..arey I find like you at the beginning..but when I heard that you are looking care of aliya like me ..I decided you are the best bahu. …I am sorry baby..and hugs her.
PRAGYA too hugs her and says it is not like that aunty
Pam breaks the hug and says no aunty…call me ma. ..I will feel happy.
PRAGYA says ma…and abhi comes there.
Abhi: arey come let’s move because it’s almost getting crowd. ..
All leaves to abhigya’s flat

In flat…
All the five enters.PRAGYA ‘s family looks at them.Pam comes to ragini and hugs her.ragini too hugs her.RANVEER looks in anger.Pam says I am sorry…ragini…I didn’t mean to hurt you…I am asking sorry to all..ragini says no need and hugs her.Abhi asked arey your drama is over …let’s plan for my wedding..PRAGYA Lois at him.
Ranveer: abhi…this house is small…and dadi ,dasi ,ma are here.
Dadi: we will adjust here beta
Abhi: ranveer today we can adjust …because tomorrow we are going to Paris n.a….I booked the tickets …So don’t worry…
Door bell rang. ..
PRAGYA says I will see and opens the door…
She was shocked…she shouts tanu and hugs her.tanu says suprise and hugs her.
Pragya: you are here at right time sweaty
Tanu: I know everything…infact abhi called me here…
PRAGYA looks at abhi.
Abhi: I thought you will be ok when your sweety is here
TANU smiles at her.
PRAGYA says come in.tanu says ek minute and calls someone…all looks at the way …
Raghav comes there.
PRAGYA hesitates: hi raghav
Raghav: hi pragya ,how are you..hope you are fine.
Abhi looks in anger
Ishani says it will go off bhai
Abhi: whispers. ..I think he is gonna create problems
Ishani: why you think so
Abhi: I don’t know but it feels like that…better be with pragya.
PRAGYA : come in and looks at abhi.
Abhi went in
Ranveer: looking at pragya signs all will be fine.
Raghav: I think I am not invited.
Pragya: it’s not like that…he is tired ..that’s it
PRAGYA says I will prepare lunch for all.
RANVEER : no you can’t as many of them are here…let’s go to restaurent..
Pragya: ok I will call abhi and leaves to their room.
She sees abhi sitting in anger.PRAGYA keeos her hand on his shoulder.Abhi looks at pragya.
Pragya: I know what are you thinking…but what can we do..
Abhi: leave it…
Pragya: I came to say that bhai says let’s go to restaurent. …
Abhi: you go I am not coming
Pragya: please come n.a….if you don’t come then who will order for me.
Abhi hugs her and says I love you…
PRAGYA says I love you too…

All leaves to restaurent….they booked a big table and all sits there.Abhi sits with pragya and beside her ishani,aliya and bulbul.beside abhi ranveer,Neil and ragini sits.Dadi,Pam ,dasi, tanu ,priya sits.raghav sits opposite to pragya.
Abhi looks at him but ignores …
The waiter takes the order…as usual all ordered and pragya orders for abhi and abhi orders for pragya…he orders panner butter masala.raghav says but abhi…PRAGYA doesn’t like paneer. Abhi looks at her.PRAGYA says who said I don’t like …I like it…and asked abhi to order.he smiles at her and orders.PRAGYA holds his hands and raghav looks at them.
Raghav says but pragya they will add pepper…and pepper is allergenic to you n.a..ishani whispers to bulbul that why he is making an argument between bhai and bhabhi.bulbul says don’t know…
The waiter serves for them and all starts to eat.while eating pragya starts to cough.she drinks water and Abhi asked is she fine. ..PRAGYA nods yes but coughs continuously. Raghav gets up from his seat saying I told na…pepper is not good for you..see..and moved towards her.when abhi was about to hold her ,raghav pats her back and holds her hands and moved her from there.pragya could not breathe.Abhi says let’s take her to hospital.raghav says no need and asked waiter to bring hot water and gives her.pragya feels good and sees raghav holding her.she moves back from him and walks towards abhi.but abhi moves from there.she could see anger in his eyes…she asked tanu to take dadi,dasi, priya,ragini,Neil ,ranveer to her home as she don’t want anyone to get hurt when abhi scolds her.tanu too agrees and takes them.ishani,bulbul ,aliya takes pragya and they went to abhi’s car.he was sitting in anger.pragya without saying anything sits beside him and the three sits back….
Abhi drives to their flat without speaking to pragya…they reached and abhi without saying anything….goes to his room.pragya goes behind him..
He breaks all the things and pragya stops him.
Pragya: what happend to you abhi
Abhi shouts : you are the problem
PRAGYA : don’t shout…
Abhi: why you didn’t inform that you have allergy .
Pragya: I thought it’s not
Abhi: but he knows about you…he is teaching me …who the helm he is
Pragya: are you doubting me…Abhi…you know about me…you are..
Abhi: oh my god…I thought I love you..and that’s like you..but I was wrong.
PRAGYA tries to touch abhi
Abhi: don’t touch me…or don’t come near me..
Pragya: what happened to you..Abhi..please …don’t ask me to leave.
Abhi: I Am not the one ,you only left me..
Pragya: abhi I didn’t
Abhi sits on the floor…pragya cups his face and wipes his tears. ..
Abhi start a to cry. …why it always happens to me …first my father then you..pragya says sshhhh…I am not gonna leave you…if you try to leave me also I will not…Abhi says no love is there on this world..all hatred..pragya doesn’t know how to control ot handle him she kissed him.Abhi too kissed back in anger and sadness, eagerness…they rolled on the bed and abhi covered them with duvet…pragya could feel how abhi is feeling now..she knows he wants her …so she gives herself to him. ..that day all the things happened without her thoughts but today she only asking him to do.he too kissed her again and both sleeps…

In the morning ,abhi wakes up and sees pragya beside him.he hugs her and pragya too.he whispers good morning in her ears.pragya says it’s not morning…and let me sleep.Abhi kissed her and pragya smiles at him.pragya asked now you believe n.a. …I love you only.Abhi asked who told I didn’t believe you.
PRAGYA says then why you cried last night and dragged me to bed.
Abhi: I want to be with you pragya..that time I thought I will lose you…pragya says it’s not like that rockstar…ok her ready today we have to leave to Paris n.a….for our wedding.
Abhi says he but what you gonna do.
PRAGYA : I am going to sleep till you come
Abhi: if I want to help you
Pragya: for what.
Abhi: to make you sleep…and winks at her.
PRAGYA beats him with pillow and turns to opposite side. Abhi kissed her back and leaves.pragya smiles at him and sleeps.

Precap ……it’s haldi function…Abhi searches for pragya.suddenly ne hears her scream and looks on….

Hope you enjoyed….bye bye….

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