kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 11)


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PRAGYA was sitting on the bed and cries. She thinks how abhi cared for her and looks at their marriage photo which was taken by purab in register office.ishani comes there and sits beside her.aliya too joins with her.pragya says I am fine you both leave
Ishani : ha …your words are saying but you are not looking like that bhabhi.
Pragya: no I am ok…you both leave.
Ishani : bhabhi…why are you forcing US to leave
Pragya: I said leave me alone …ishani and aliya leaves from there.
PRAGYA cries ….

In night..
PRAGYA goes to ishu- aliya’s room.she sees both sleeping peacefully.she sits beside ishu and carressed both faces.she says I am sorry…I didn’t meant to hurt you.
Ishu wakes up and says it’s ok bhabhi…aliya says ha and both sits up.
Pragya: are you awake…cheaters
Aliya: how can we sleep with out our pyaari bhabhi’s kiss. PRAGYA kissed both of them on their foreheads.they both missed her cheek.
Ishani: I love you bhabhi

Aliya: if bhai hears you he will kill you
Pragya: ok come on let’s sleep.
Ishani: bhabhi..are you going to sleep here
PRAGYA : yes
Ishani: no bhabhi…you go…
Aliya: ha bhai will be waiting for you.
Pragya: let him…he shouted at me n.a.
Ishani: bhabhi…please go…if you sleep here ,he will come at midnight and will take you…better you go now
PRAGYA says I am not going..if you want me to go then ok but I will not go there I will sleep in hall.
Ishani: no need you sleep here bhabhi…and they sleeps…

In morning
PRAGYA wakes thinking that she might be in her room and abhi would have carried her in sleep but she was wrong …she is in ishu’s room.she hears a knock and opens the main door.she was shocked to see her ma, pa and bulbul standing before her.she hugs her dad and bulbul and looks at ragini.ragini signs her to come and both hugs.pragya asked them to come in and calls ranveer.ranveer comes with abhi.Abhi sees pragya in happy.pragya walks towards abhi and says see ma and dad comes ….Abhi looks at her without intrest. PRAGYA asked why are you standing like this.Abhi says I am not interested in your or family matters and leaves from there. PRAGYA looks at him shocked but ranveer consoled her.

RAGINI asked her to come and both sits .
Pragya: ma woh. ..actually he is angry on me ..that’s it. .dont mistake him
All laughs at her.pragya looks condused
BULBUL says enough of our drama. .di whom you think convinced mom.pragya says bhai…ranveer says no..I am not.BULBUL says di it’s jiju…ha he came to India few days before.ishani says bhabhi..he asked me and aliya to come n.a….

Fb shown…
ALIYA : bhai. ..where are you going now…and why you asked bhabhi not to come
Abhi: I am going to India
Ishani: what are you sure….but why
Abhi: to convince pragya’s parents..let it be suprise for her…don’t say anything to her..take care of you and also her…miss you all…I will reach soon.ok guys it’s time to board. ..and he leaves.

Fb ends..
PRAGYA asked then …bulbul says then what di. ..he reached India …to our home. Pappa opened the door and was shocked.ma asked who is and she too was shocked.pappa asked about you.but jiju said he came alone.ranveer bhai sees him and was about to beat but pappa stops him. PRAGYA asked then…pappa asked jiju to come in.they all seated off.
Mumma asked why he is here
Jiju said simply that pragya needs you…

Mumma says she left n.a. …without informing us with you…but jiju explains the deal you both have put between you for bhai…all were broken down..ranveer bhai beats him.but jiju simply accepted it.he says he deserves it and asked him for forgiveness.bhai throws him out of the house.but jiju didn’t give up he waits outside our home.it was raining heavily but jiju stood there like a statue…we all sees this and realized how much he loves you and how much your happiness is important for him.then bhai went to him and without saying anything he drags him to his room.we all were shocked.after 15 minutes both came in hands together
..we all were happy.jiju room blessings from mumma and pappa and says that they want to come here to give suprise to you…so how is our suprise. PRAGYA had tears in her eyes…without saying anything she rushed inside the room and hugs abhi.Abhi says how you are happy.pragya didn’t utter a word and sobs. ..Abhi says how you can forgive me n.a..pragya says I can’t as I forgave you already..Abhi says you are such a . ..
PRAGYA says you lier. ..you didn’t say about your plan.I thought you are mad at me.Abhi holds her waist and drags her towards him saying how can I ….pragya smiles at him.Abhi says I want a return gift.pragya asked what you want.Abhi says kiss and looks at her lips.pragya says if you want take it…Abhi was about to kissed her but was stopped by ishani
Ishani: oh sorry…I am so sorry..

PRAGYA moved aback from abhi.but abhi drags her close.
Ishani” woh. ..bhabhi..ma called you as they are planning to go somewhere in night.
PRAGYA says ya I will come and leaves.Abhi says don’t forget about my kiss I want it by today. PRAGYA smiles at him and leaves.

In Hall…
Everyone were chatting and pragya too joins with them.bulbul says di after so much problems we are here as a family. .let’s go anywhere.
Abhi: why not let’s go out today. .for dinner
Ragini : but why we can have it here n.a..
Abhi: arey ma…if you ate then you will be sick…because pragya cooks bad..if she cooks na…next time you will not come here.pragya beats him.Abhi says see ma…how rude she is.
Ranveer: okay…I will book a table for us.
Abhi says no bhai…I will.
RANVEER says no I will its my wedding gift
BULBUL says bhai you are finishing by giving a dinner…and laughs.ranveer throws a pillow on her but it hits ishani.ranveer says I am sorry…ishani smiles saying it’s ok…

In the restaurant..
All were seated and a waiter comes there asking for menu. ..all orders what they want except abhi and pragya.

Neil: order beta…
Pragya: one vegetable soup…pepper chicken with lollypop and ….a dessert…yup..pineaple.
Abhi says you one mushroom soup with salt and pepper and spicy panner tikka with veg pulav….the waiter leaves from there.
ALIYA asked bhai…from when you started eating vegetarian foods.
BULBUL : oye di tum. ..you are eating non veg.
Abhi and pragya laughs.pragya says I ordered n.a. it’s his favourite food and he ordered for me.all smiles at them…
While eating….pragya asked him to taste pulav…and feeds him.Abhi says next time I will surely order it….pragya too feeds aliya ,bulbul and ishani.Abhi says try this and feeds her a dessert.pragya says good and ranveer says guys we are also here and it’s not your private room.all laughs.Abhi says you are whom to us…we are okay with it.

Abhi says ma ,pa I want to say something to you…Neil says ha beta…Abhi says I want to marry pragya again with your blessings..with both our families dad.ragini says ok we will agree but …Abhi says don’t worry about my aunt …she is okay with this.pragya says why it’s not important…Abhi says pragya there must be some dreams in you n.a….how to get marry so we are going to….bulbul says sure I missed your marriage di. ..accept it.pragya says ok..Neil says ok we will get back to India and will discuss about everything.ragini says but till then you both should not share a same room.pragya you should sleep with us…you,ishu,aliya and bulbul we are in one room and others in other room.Abhi says why it must ma.ragini says it’s a ritual…and you have to..Abhi pours like a child.pragya looks at him and laughs.ranveer says come on …you are a rockstar…you can.Abhi smiles at him.
Neil says ok let’s go….and all leaves.

In abhigya’s flat…
Abhi says ok you all take rest tomorrow we can speak about this.pragya come with me a second. PRAGYA agrees to go.ragini says come soon beta …
Abhi asked what are you thinking …can you sleep without me.pragya says when ma is with me I can. Abhi says it’s not fine yaar and hugs pragya .pragya pushed him and says it’s fine rockstar and yesterday you didn’t pick me to our room n.a. …I thought when I woke I will be in your arms.Abhi said who said I am not with you.I slept beside you.and woke at early morning to pick ma and pappa ….pragya says whatever I am feeling sleepy and leaves….

In Pragya’S room…
BULBUL ,aliya and ishu slept …pragya and ragini were awake
Pragya; ma are you ok with this relationship
Ragini: if you are okay then I am …
Are you happy with abhi

Pragya: ma you saw n.a….how he is caring for me
RAGINI : ya I could but I am asking you.
Pragya: ma I am happy but I missed you these months…today I gonna sleep on your lap and placed her head on her lap and sleeps.
In midnight pragya gets up with a noice.she sees abhi in hall.she thinks what he is doing and leaves to hall.
PRAGYA sits beside abhi.
Abhi: didn’t you sleep
Pragya: ya..but I woke up seeing you
abhi placed his head on her shoulders and says I could not sleep baby.
PRAGYA says oh so sad…
Abhi says without you beside me…I could not sleep..please be here n.a..
PRAGYA says But you said you want to marry me again

Abhi says I don’t know that they will di like this and lies on the sofa by placing his head on her lap.pragya pats his head.Abhi takes pragya’s hands in his and closed his eyes….

In morning….ragini woke up and sees abhi and pragya sleeping on sofa.she smiles by seeing them.all comes there.she says no one should disturb them. ..Abhi wakes up and sees all were staring at them..he feels awkward and takes pragya to their room..
All laughs at him…

Hope you all loved…
May be it’s short but I uploaded two ff. ..hope you read…ok guys see you in next episode…

Credit to: aditi roy

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