kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 10)


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The episode starts with abhi looking for pragya. PRAGYA comes from washroom.Abhi smiles by seeing her.PRAGYA comes to him.Abhi says good morning and hugs her.PRAGYA pushed him saying you cheated me …you said you will not force me but what happened yesterday.Abhi asked don’t you remember anything.PRAGYA says it’s not the mater. What happened is the thing.why you did this to me.Abhi could not answer anymore so he left from there.
PRAGYA sits down when ishani comes with coffee.
PRAGYA asked her to come and she sits beside pragya.pragya: ishu what happened yesterday.
Ishani says what happened yesterday.PRAGYA shocked and want to ask sorry to Abhi.
She comes out when aliya comes to her .
ALIYA : bhabhi , please pack the bags of bhai.he asked me and ishu to take the stuffs to airport because he will not come here bhabhi.
PRAGYA says ok I will pack and I will take it to airport. ALIYA says no bhabhi…he aksed you to take rest ….PRAGYA looks sad.ishani asked is there any problem between them.PRAGYA nods no and says I will pack. And leaves

PRAGYA thinks If I had gone I would have asked him sorry….but I have to wait till he returns.ALIYA takes it and she and ishu leaves.

Two days went ……PRAGYA enjoyed the company of aliya and ishu and they went for shopping malls etc but pragya missed him so much.she asked many times to aliya and ishani that when will Abhi return but they didn’t know

In the morning,
PRAGYA opens the door by the knock on the door.she sleeps in aliya and ishu’s room because she could not enter her room…the memories are filled with abhi.
She opens and was shocked to see abhi and hugs him suddenly…she feels her life is back.but she feels that abhi doesnt react.she breaks the hug and looks at him.Abhi didn’t look at her nd went in.PRAGYA looked at him in shock and she went beside him.
ALIYA and ishani hugs him and he gives a bag to them. They both thanks him and he leaves.PRAGYA thinks what happened to him and leaves to their room.

In abhigya’s room..
Abhi was sitting on the bed unpacking his bags.PRAGYA sits beside him.Abhi didn’t respond to her.PRAGYA says abhi…please look at me once n.a…Abhi didn’t even spoke a word..PRAGYA says abhi and turns him.Abhi looses the grip and walks towards balcony. PRAGYA thinks how much ego he is having …and stands beside him.Abhi turns to leave but pragya holds his hands.PRAGYA says abhi…don’t react too much..I agree that I spoked to you rudely but I didn’t know what happened on that day. ..Abhi it’s not fine.and you can’t be anger on me for these silly mistakes.Abhi asked silly mistakes then why you reacted on that day very much.PRAGYA looks down
Abhi says answer me if you have answers.PRAGYA says no I don’t know why I reacted like that.Abhi says I know I did a mistake by forcing you to marry but it doesn’t mean I want you…I want you to realise my love and to love me…but after what happened that might I thought you forgave me but I was wrong..you are not the one I loved..you hate me n.a….PRAGYA nods no and they heard a knock ..PRAGYA wipes her tears and leaves to open the door.she opens and was shocked to see ranveer…ishani and aliya comes there and was shocked.
Ranveer: arey I am your bhai why are you looking me like this
Pragya: could not say anything and simply hugs him….silent years flow down from her eyes.ALIYA and ishu too smiles.
Ranveer: you will not invite me to your home.
Pragya: ofcourse bhai come and drags him.
Ranveer: why are you looking so sad.I think you would have cried
Abhi comes tgere saying bahut…and hugs him.PRAGYA looks both of them
Abhi: arey hi bro
Ranveer: hmmm and hugs him
Aliya: meanwhile when you got patched up
RANVEER : it’s a big story.Abhi laughs at him
Ranveer: arey I forgot…choti tomorrow mumma and all are coming here…
PRAGYA says really….but how they come as they are angry on me.RANVEER says how I came like that all will come you don’t worry
Ishani says breakfast is ready…come let’s go

In dinning hall
PRAGYA serves for all..ranveer tasted it and says hmmm yummy ,you cook good
PRAGYA says thanks bhai but all credits goes to ishani.
RANVEER looks at her.Abhi says ha if she would have made na you would have not touched it
PRAGYA looks at him with tears filled her eyes.she left inside by crying. …
Ishani thinks what happened to bhai

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Credit to: Aditi roy

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