kumkum bhagya – FORCED MARRIAGE (episode 29)


Thanks guys for your support and story is gonna take a big u turn…all please tight your seat belts….

The episode starts with pragya sitiing in dark…Pragya never saw abhi after the day of their engagement. But somehow he was always around her. Every morning she woke up to find a note along with bunch of her favorite flower – Lily by her bed sidetable. Pragya strongly suspected ishani’s involvement in this. Since past few days, each and every thing intentionally kept reminding her ofevery little moment spent with him. A week back a car purposely ran close to her and she shouted all kind of bad names at the driver. And a few seconds later she received a message from an unknown number saying,”Remember our first meeting? Even though we were off to a rough start, we somehow made it.” And when she reached market she received a note from the vegetable seller saying,”I am still in love with that cute, angry fuggy who bossed me around when we made dinner on our first love anniversary.” An involuntary smile graced her lips when she remembered that day. Abhi almost set the whole kitchen to fire. Just then she got a message saying,”I love your smile. But let me remind you that i still don’t know how to cook. So it’s you who’s going tocook after marriage. I will do dishes.” She instantly turned around to find him but he was no where near in sight.”You can’t see me. It’s bad for bride and groom to see each other before wedding…

Pragya instantly grew tomato red and hurriedly went back home. This morning when she woke up she found a gift wrapped box. There was a beautiful yellow dress inside with a note saying
“Yellow suits you. I am sure you will look gorgeous in this dress that i selected for you.”pragya decided against wearing that dress and instead wore another one brought by arjun’s family. But looks like abhi had too many spies. Little Kush ‘accidentally’ spilled soft drink on her dress and she had no other option but to wear the yellow one. Then later that night aditi threw her a surprise bachelorette party. Although aditi had something like ‘fun with booze and strippers’ on her mind, she had to cut it down for pragya. But anyhow her bachelorette party was extremely fun. Pragya had some of the best laughs of her life all thanks to aditi . But there was a still a slight tugging at her heart. Suddenly the lights went off and pragya felt a hand on her waist. The person turned her around and wrapped his arms around her waist. There was noneed to tell her who he was. She was very well aware of his close breath on her neck which was sending pleasurable shivers down her spine. And to her own surprise, instead of shouting she continued to dance with him in a dark room with moonlight spilling from the window. All she could see was his eyes. His eyes which held immense regret,hurt,guilt and love. All of that for her…
Pragya: why…
Abhi: because I am blindly fool in your love.he twirled her and leaves from there…

On the day of marriage….
PRAGYA was checking her phone for abhi’s message.it has habitual for pragya to start her morning with him and to end it by his message.
PRAGYA was searching for abhi’s note when aditi comes there…
ADITI :for God’s sake say…what are you searching..
Pragya: what…what are you talking…what’s wrong with you..
Aditi: what’s wrong with you pragya…today you are searching for his message…on the day of your marriage you are searching for your ex- husband’s message….can you do it tomorrow after marrying arjun…think pragya…please no one will be happy of this marriage neither you not abhi…give him a chance…I am not asking you to forgive you…give him a second chance
PRAGYA stood there with her unshed tears.she don’t know when her friend become matured. .
ADITI : pragya. ..Abhi will wait for you even though he helps uncle to fix problems in your marriage
PRAGYA looked at her…ADITI says yes your fiancee demands a car now as you are now working in film industry. ..now Abhi is arranging for it..
PRAGYA took her lehenga and stood in front of the mirror…
ABHISHEK MEHRA. ..you want your wife to run from her marriage right….wait and watch…rockstar….
That time she heard a sound…she turns to see its tanu.
Tanu: pragya ….you don’t worry as riya didn’t do nothing on that day. She just mixed sleeping tablets in abhi’s drinks and he was dozed. She just came to leave him but after seeing you she framed a story….and shows her video where riya is saying this.pragya hugs tanu tightly saying you are best friend and kissed her on her cheeks.Tanu says chalo ….
PRAGYA went to mandap …all was worried.arjun to be romantic kneels down and asked pragya that are you ready to marry me…there was a silence which was broken by pragya’s laugh…
Pragya: I can’t Mr. Arjun as I am already married and also a wife ….you know onething…I love mr. Abhi…I am going to him..
Suddenly some one whistled loudly…it’s our aditi…ranveer asked her to be quite…

PRAGYA rushed out to her car seeing a note inside…”It begin again here” .pragya giggles at his note and starts the car.she remembers about their sweet memories…pragya stopped the car near kush’s school.where they met first…and rushed to backside of school where he was standing with a smirk…
PRAGYA runs to him saying…
I hate you…I hate you…Abhi..I hate you for living me this much and hate for making me to love you this much…I hate you for driving me crazy…but I would rather hate you than love someone else. .she just hold his hands…
Pragya: abhishek mehra…I ran away from my marriage for you…so let me tell you onething…I will go from here with you…you asked me to come so now there is no back off…marry me again…
Abhi with tears in his eyes hugged pragya saying…I love you…I love you…
Pragya: I can take this as a yes.
Abhi: ofcourse its a yes…
Abhi: trust me I never cheated you..
Pragya: I know ….with that both kissed…

Abhi and pragya broke apart from the kiss gasping for air. Pragya had her arms wrapped around abhi’s neck while he had both of his hands in her hair. They turned around to find their families standing there with a big grin over their faces except for pragya’s father. He silently walked over to the happy couple and pulled pragya aside. Pragya suddenly realised the chaos that she had created back home.
Pragya: I am sorry papa. Please just listen to me.But before she could complete her father pulled both pragya and abhi in a big hug.
Neil: (To pragya) I am so sorry my angel. How could i not see me own daughter’s happiness? I am so sorry my child. PRAGYA hugged her father tightly and started to sob. Everyone had a look of ‘awe’ and ‘happiness’ on their face. Abhi also chose not to intervene in the father-daughter moment but aditi had different plans. She felt left out so she joined them. Everyone laughed loudly at aditi’s childish gesture. Neil hugged both his daughters closely and felt like the luckiest dad in the world. He then turned towards abhi.
Neil : You better take care of my daughter. I will be ready with my gun if i ever saw her cry again. And don’t you dare kiss her again, This is the first and last time that i am allowing this.abhi grumbled and nodded his head while ranveer chuckled at his dilemma.
Neil: Same applies to you too ranveer. I want both of my daughters to be happy. And you two will ensure that. Now why are you standing over there? Come here!!With that he pulled Abhi and Ranveer into a hug. Abhi and ranveer congratulated each other and then abhi turned to aditi .
Aditi: Thank you so much…

ADITI I-I don’t know what to say. A lifetime supply of sweets if fine with me. (Giggles) And don’t forget you were my first boyfriend. (Winks) abhi laughed loudly while pragya pouted like a kid. Just then someone cleared their throat and they turned around to see ranveer standing there with an amused look on his face.
Ranveer : You guys can’t keep on kissing anytime you feel like. I have a five year old son!!!
Abhi: Oh please . It’s not like Kush never saw his parents canoodling each other. (He said air quoting the word canoodling.)ishani instantly grew beet red and ranveer coughed to hide his embarrassment. That night the two families had a private dinner together. Ishani thanked God a thousand times whenever she saw her complete family chattering,laughing and gossiping around the table. Kush was extremely happy since he got to know that both pragya and aditi were going to live with them. He was currently sitting on neil’s lap and telling him random stories. Ishani was busy talking with ragini while ranveer was desperately trying to get her attention. PRAGYA was busy talking to aditi and was constantly ignoring abhi’s request to go on a long drive. Later all the elders (mainly pragya’s parents) decided that abhi and pragya will get married in few days.. In the coming weeks abhi and pragya were going to travel a lot due to press conferences and launch parties. Later that night abhi was taking a stroll with pragya in the backyard. While pragya was happily chattering away she noticed the silence around her. She turned around and found abhi staring at her with a small smile on his face.

Pragya : abhi..m?Instead of saying anything abhi just walked over to her and cupped her face in his hands while pulling her forward. Pragya could feel her heart thumping loudly and she could feel tingles erupting on her skin. Abhi didn’t kiss her, he just stared into her eyes thanking Lord a hundred times for how lucky he was to have her in his life despite all his foolish mistakes. He knew that the guilt of hurting her will always pinch his heart.

So its a long episode…it took a day for me to upload thanks to all readers and to commenting people…and tisha di …please update your ff…i am eagerly waiting for it…and all people please upload their parts…it’s my request….and hope all had a good day….

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