Kumkum Bhagya ff season-3 epi-4


The episode starts with Abhi brings her to disclosed location and tells her not to open her eyes she also agrees. Finaaly he opens her eyes and looks on Abhi and hugs him tightly and thnx him.He tells i only need to thank you becoz you gave me promotion to father.

She beats him and laughs and tells this is my carrier he asks what? He laughs at her. Pragya gets angry and comes aside.Abhi comes near her and tells i love you, I love you and tells sorry. He brings her to dinner table and makes her sit.

Pragya thnx him for being with her all time. Abhi gives her food to eat and tells her to take care of her and my my..She tells pls tell it is our baby.

Next day.

Abhi brings everybody to disclosed location and he tells to on the lights.Pragya and dadi sees the decoration and gets happy and asks what?

Sarla also asks what? Pragya tries to speak but abhi stops her and tells i will tell all of them.

Abhi tells to press one good news to all i mean 2good news. He tells bulbul is pregnant and one more Pragya is also pregnant. Dadi and sarla gets happy and comes to her and blesses her,

Dadi scolds abhi for hiding the truth.He tells i thought of giving big surprise to all. Press asks question to pragya,Abhi sees her and comes to her and tells them let her take rest now pls..

They tells we will wait Abhi comes food court and takes the plate and keeps all varities of food and sweets pragya scolds him and tells if you take this then your six pack will become 1 pack and she laughs.. He tells very funny and this is for you

Precap; Abhi makes her eat food by his hand to pragya

Credit to: Narendran

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