Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-9


The episode starts with abhi calling her lady mogambo she gets angry and leaves from there abhi follows her and gets into car they comes to house pragya comes and room and thinks he is always teasing me today i will not leave him abhi comes there pragya sees his shadow and gets ready with pillows he enters she throws pillows on him he gets shocked he asks why are you throwing on me??i am a rockstar pragya tells for me you are abhi only no raockstar she throws all the pillow pragya takes abhi fav pillow abhi tells her to stop pragya throws it on him he catches and hugs the pillow and tells now i will not leave you he also starts throwing pillow

Dadi enters and sees the room with pillow and asks what happened??pragya tells he only first teased me abhi blames her dadi tells them to come down for dinner they both tell we ate dadi tells i know but everybody is waiting pls come dawon pragya tells ok..

Pragya comes down and sees everyone seeing her she asks what??everybody laughs dadi laughs and shows pragya the kiss mark she tells i will not leave him abhi comes down everybody laughs thay shows the more mark on his face pragya laughs

Producer enters the house and tells abhi after two weeks our concert is there abhi tells sure abhi tells them show stopper is pragya only. he tells yes sir and he gives papers to pragya she denies but abhi insists she agrees

Abhi tells them i will come on time producer leaves pragya comes to table and sees the dishes and gets happy

Pragya comes to abhi and tells your fav dishes abhi tells my stomach is full pragya insists him to eat he eats and tells it is so nice dadi asks abhi said his stomach is full and why he is eating??

Pragya tells nothing he will do whatever i say dadi looks on amused and akss whatever you say she tells yes

precap: Abhi tells i will not do this pragya insists he tells yes

enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice….. I like it…..

  2. Super cute episode… Nice…keep rocking..

  3. nice keep rocking…

  4. cute fight 🙂

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