Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-7


The episode starts with pragya hugs abhi and tells you are a rockstar but you are afraid of ghost abhi tells who is afraid?? i am a rockstar you are fuggi and laughs she gets angry and drags him to theatre it is a horror movie abhi gets into pragya dupatta everybody near sees abhi and asks for a selfie he tells sure and poses pragya tells later and asks him to watch movie abhi pleads her to leave or i will cry pragya tells ok and laughs abhi sees her laughing and tells you are so beautiful while laughing pragya tells him to stop keeping eyes on her,.

They come to house and sees dadi standing pragya tells whole story dadi laughs abhi sees it and gets happy he thinks i will even become a joker to make you laugh

Abhi comes to room and calls pragya to bing coffee for him pragya comes and tells i am not your servant pls tell others to bring abhi tells you are my wife pragya tells then i have rights to tell what happenend in theatre right???abhi nooooo

Abhi goes near her and tells but i do have a more rights on you and kisses her she tries to leave but he holds her hand he leans to kiss but phone rings abhi hangs up and but again phone rings abhi takes it producer tells today is shooting he tells ok i will come

he tells pragya to come with him and see her husband shooting pragya refuses but abhi insists her and tells herer to come pragya comes with him and sees no show stopper pragya wonders where did they went??

Abhi tells her that today you are show stopper she gets shocked she asks what???he tells yes she denies but abhi insists she gets ready abhi looks on abhi tells you are so beautiful than me pragya tells thank you but i have a doubt are you beautiful???

Abhi tells it is me i am a rockstar they start their knok jhok fight..

Dadi sees them and gets happy dasi comes there and asks why you are not talking to abhi???she tells abhi should feel his mistake that he should not do in life time

Pragya comes home abhi comes at back of her and blindfolds her and takes her in his arms and brings her a seashore an island nobody is there abhi removes it and hides behind a tree pragya shouts and sees decoration and gets ahppy and she thinks it must be abhi. Pragya thinks to flirt with him and tells thnx arjun for giving dinner abhi wonders who is it???he comes and asks she hugs him and tells i love you

Abhi tells me too and brings her to table and offers food pragya tells him to call him as fuggi becoz she like it only abhi tells as per our wish madam

precap: Abhi brings pragya to party where he was arranged surprise for her

Guys i think you like it pls give comments enjoy it buddies

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Really gng Nice…..

  2. Divya Chandru

    Lovely , really so cute

  3. It’s soooo sweet n lovely ur ff s grt n awesome I really loved it… Superb going…keep rocking narendran ???

  4. Thnx guys

  5. Hi what is this? Is it just a made up story or will it happen in the future?

    1. It is a fan fiction

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