Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-53 Finale Episode


The episode starts with pragya and abhi have some quality time together suddenly they hear some sound it is none other than Abhi friend

He comes to him and wishes him happy married life. He sees pragya and her dress and looks on and tell she is sooo hot abhi slaps him and tells him to leave

Abhi and pragya comes to Beach in swimming dress abhi removes his dress and goes towards girls

Pragya sees it and runs and catches abhi and pulls him closer and tells I love you and tells if you go away now then permanently you should leave

Abhi gets shocked he hugs her tightly and tells I never leave you. They throw and play with water pragya kisses abhi they have a lip lock

Abhi tells pragya let us go outing she agrees they comes near cliff

Abhi shows decorations she praises him suddenly they hear someone coming they enjoy themselves and they have quality time together

Pragya thnx him for coming in his life she also thnx her pragya dances on the song Hau hain aaj plays…

They share closely suddenly some car comes and hits them they fell down

Abhi friend comes out of car with goons they comes abhi fights with them. Abhi friend hits him on head

Abhi faints they dragg pragya she shouts abhi gets up and beats all of them and takes pragya and goes towards cliff

They tries to shoot before that they hug Tere liye plays.. And fell down abhi friend looks on and tells I did not shoot them they both itself died

Abhi and pragya hugs each other while jumping


Abhi and pragya love lasts forever if they live or die they are only one abhigya

If you want next season tell me or I will stop here so that you all should be happy especially abhigya fan he only made me cry???

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Pls continue na
    V all wanted abhigya to hav live life stories….

  2. please continue…….

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sure yaar I will continue as soon as possible!!

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