Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-37-41 & Love at first sight part-10 (small continue)

Guys ikrs fans pls check previous epi of kkb ff. And this is not continuation of previous parts..The episode starts with pragya and abhi having nice time with viplav separately.Viplav gets happy and drives the car in the signal one girl enters and sits beside her it is dhaani

Viplav sees her and looks on and dhaani asks him to drive fast but he sees her lips and her face alone she jerks him and tells him to follow that car

He follows but he sees dhaani only hospital arrives he pulls viplav and tells him to help her they take her inside he asks his blood group he tells it

Dhaani takes him inside and takes the blood suddenly their both heart starts beating fast

They feels it and viplav leaves from there he comes to his house and keeps hand on his heart pragya sees it and asks what is it?He tells about doctor she tells I will decide he agrees

Both comes to hospital and pragya asks do you know her name?patient name? He tells no and viplav tells I can feel her heart beat when she comes near me

She tells OK let us go they search all ward and they can’t find suddenly he fells the heartbeat fast and goes towards the room dhaani also feels the same she also comes to open the door she opens he asks her I came here to check how my blood is working she laughs

Pragya peeps in and sees her dhaani goes inside pragya tells superb pragya comes in and asks what is your name?she tells dhaani. Viplav thinks I heard your name before. Dhaani also feels the same after hearing his name

Viplav leaves from there after taking her number. Viplav comes house and sees abhi crying pragya leaves from there before seeing abhi

Abhi tells about his incident and he scold principal and he tells him to have drink but viplav refuses

Pragya drives the car it was raining out heavily thunderstorm also she comes near the church where she died in previous birth she suddenly remembers everything she get teary eye and thinks viplav is my son she gets happy

Precap:Abhi and pragya dance soo closely for the song sanam re and Pragya fears that nothing should happen like past she comes out of room and cries. Abhi comes to her and asks why is she crying??

IKRS fans and kkb fans s wait I will seperate both within 3epi till that you enjoy scenes and if you want separately in this also then I will clear it off and IKRS fans my ff have already got inside your mind I will clear further soon.

Kkb fans pls wait abhi and pragya marriage will take place on epi-45 and they will be united in epi-50 pls wait and thnx guys for all your support and sorry for no abhi and pragya scene tmr there will be more vidhaani scenes and abhigya scenes be happy????????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice yaar…

  2. Nice yar… give long episode please

  3. Nice…. Continue bt one doubt only pragya knows abt her past life thn wat abt abhi did he know r not whethr he vl know abt it in future ah…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Yes he will know in future

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb………I like it…….

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