Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-36

The episode starts with Abhi leaves viplav thinks to find him and sees the number plate and gives it in rto office

Viplav have a talk with his mom and dad pic he tells i found you both now “whoever last birth is incomplete they will be reborn to complete their responsibility”

Pragya calls viplav and asks for help and he tells sure he comes to hostel and sees the facilities and gets angry he thinks my mom is living here? He calls his secretary and tells him to make this hostel as 5star hotel he agrees and he brings pragya to his house and make her surprise he gets a call from rto and they tells we found his address they tells it

He tells thnx to them and tells pragya that I have an imp work I will be back pls wait and he comes out and calls somebody and comes to abhi house and sees it is too small he goes and bring abhi out

He asks him why you came her?He tells I am learning marginal utility it is too tough he tells I will teach you he teaches him he thnx him

He comes home and finds pragya sleeping she kisses on her forehead and remembers his mom talk and fight with his father and birthday celebration and he cries

Next day he brings pragya to Audi car showroom and gifts her a car she gets happy and thnx him. Abhi calls viplav and talks to him and thnx for him for helping

Viplav tells let us have a lunch out.pragya tells I have to leave and thnx him . viplav comes to meet abhi and asks about bike? Abhi tells it is my friend bike and I have no parents i am alone

He brings abhi to bike showroom and gifts a bike first he refuses but viplav insists he takes it and thnx him

Precap: Viplav spends his time with his mom and dad(I mean Abhi and pragya) separately….

Credit to: Narendran

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