Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-31

The episode starts with Robbin calls his famil members and tells them to come to abhi house. They reach abhi house and his mother sees abhi and shouts and comes to him and hugs and tells you are soo cute then watching in TV he asks really she tells yes. Pragya gets angry on abhi and tells how soo cute you are and tells you will see who is soo cute in the room and she leaves with terror face

Abhi gets afraid and comes to her and asks what happened??she turns and sees abhi with makeup he gets afraid and shouts and tells ghost pragya laughs and sees him and comes to him and tells him to be careful and tells I am soo cute not you

Abhi agrees to her saying he comes down to aunty and tells pragya is sooo cute and tells she is beautiful in the world and starts praising her. She looks on and asks abhi or you a follower of pragya. Pragya laughs and tells yes and tells your husband also your follower only she laughs and asks how she know??Pragya tells saw your husband coming back after you real husband comes forward those who afraid of his wife will come back they hifi abhi and his husband have a talk. Pragya tells him to stop talking and tells abhi to make them to go to room

Abhi tells them the room and tells them to be free. Pragya comes to room Robbin comes and thnx her. Tanu tells nikhil to kill Robbin family members he calls goons and tells them to kill them

Nikhil tells tanu to be normal or child will be affected she tells him to on the a/c he tells it is repair we should wait today tanu shouts at him and feels pain and tells him to take her to hospital

She shouts he takes car and comes to hospital doctor takes her to icu after a while doctor comes and tells Tanu is no more and her daughter was alive you can take her. He tells tanu body was little burned so her face cannot be seen. Nikhil tells pls don’t show her face pls you itself burie her and he takes daughter and leaves from there

Tanu comes and thnx doctor and gives him 50lakh check and thnx him and leaves from there and comes to the house and thinks how to get again into abhi heart

She recalls how aaliya said the plan and she thinks to talk to her tomorrow and thinks now I should not be caught in nikhil eyes.

Abhi and pragya plan and tells now tanu is exposed soon her real face will be come out and I will be happy suddenly pragya gets a call from producer he tells pragya to act in one shot. She denies but he insists

Precap:Pragya and abhi to concert nikhil comes there and sees them together and gets irked he burns their photo. Tanu comes there and hides from nikhil

Guys pls enjoy it I have planned to expose her in epi40 pls support me guys

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Superb yaar… BT one doubt I know tanu only ask doctor to say lk tat to nikhil…BT how can he believe when the doctor sd that her body s burnt n can’t c her face I dint get tat point…what hpn to tat tanu thn even now also tanu s pregnant or tat daughter s really tanu n nikhil daughter only ya??

    1. durga point

    2. Yes yaar bit tanu has bribed him nikhil beleive the doctor becoz he is his best friend

  2. Nice epi

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar…….I like it….. .

  4. Nice episode.. Exposé that irritating tanu soon

  5. waiting for the next part

  6. narendran it’s really gud

  7. Ranaji(narendran)

    Thnx guys for your support

  8. awesome bro get this tanu out of abhigya’s life

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