Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-30

The episode starts with pragya and abhi comes outside house and throws all garlands and starts fighting with sticks from the gate itself they starts beating each other and they break camera which is fixed by aaliya and tanu

Dadi sees it and beats pragya and abhi with big scale and tells them to be quiet court will give judgement then you will be out pragya gets teary eye she runs from there

Dadi comes to her and hugs and tells I just told for joke pragya tells I know but I should soon expose them or I will lose my abhi. Dadi tells last time abhi was not with you but this time he is with you then what??she hugs her bulbul comes and tells today for you both first night becoz you are newly married

Robbin tells abhi the place where he fixed the camera in abhi room and he thnx him and comes to room and sees it and throws something on TV and all things and he breaks many things and he beats pragya she also beats him aaliya sees it and gets happy

Abhi finaaly breaks the camera aaliya gets irked and thinks how abhi knows about this all time??but I will find truth soon and I will separate them

Tanu comes to her and tells I am leaving for check up pls be careful and she leaves abhi and pragya starts fighting pragya gets hurt on feet he hugs her and puts oinment for feet and tells her to be careful and he leaves from there

Abhi comes to aaliya house police surround it abhi comes to her and tells her to be careful or aaliya tells I only kept camera on your house and she speaks out kidnap also and she takes knife she is about to stab abhi police fires the gun she drops the knife and keeps her hand around her ears

Police comes and arrest her and tells you cannot come out now becoz video has recorded now they shows camera in her house aaliya thinks Robbin only did this she leaves from there and while going she tells I will kill you

Tanu reaches house and sees aaliya was taken by police she shouts but police takes her. Tanu asks abhi why you did this??he tells you also should be arrested but you escaped but if I get a chance I will send you out and he leaves

Tanu gets irked abhi comes to house dadi asks about mark pragya tells I bited him so he also bited me dadi laughs purab and bulbul teases abhi and pragya abhi takes pragya aside and tells aaliya is caught in police he tells everything. Pragya shouts at him and tells now Robbin will be caught and thinks to safe guard his family and calls Robbin and tells him to bring them here

Precap:Abhi and pragya plans to expose tanu

Guys enjoy it I exposed aaliya soon but tanu will somewhat late

Credit to: Narendran

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