Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-29 (Valentine day) spl epi

The episode starts with abhi and pragya for names suddenly abhi phone rings it is feb14 he tells ohhhhhhh. He calls someone and tells them to make arrangements and shouts pragya name she comes and asks what??he tells her to get ready soon she asks for what??he tells her that we are going to meet my girl friend Pragya gets angry and bites her hand he shouts and sees the mark and cries pragya asks her to cry and goes to change dress abhi tells strange wife but i love her a lot he tells i will not leave her for this bite he gets ready he gets a call man tells all arrangements are done. Pragya comes out and sees abhi and tells him let us go abhi. Abhi and pragya comes to disclosed location pragya sees the light off and gets afraid suddenly lights on pragya sees the decoration and gets amused and tells abhi

Abhi and pragya have an fight suddenly abhi comes close to pragya and holds her hand kisses on her neck she gets a mark abhi laughs and shows the mark they laugh at each other

Abhi and pragya dance on song and they gets intimate abhi kisses her garlands comes from up they hold it and comes to mandap and takes the rounds they take seven rounds and he puts sindoor on her head and makes her wear mangalsutra

Abhi and pragya talk about their plan and tells soon we should win against aaliya and calls inspector and asks them how aaliya came out?they tells nikhil and tanu takes her out they gets into thinking pragya tells him not to think about them

Abhi brings a flower and proposes her and tells her to be happy always and he laughs seeing her face cake comes abhi and pragya cuts the cake pragya applies it on abhi face

Abhi too applies they throws on their face they fed up and sit down and laughs they share an eyelock Zehnaseeb plays.. abhi and pragya washes their face abhi calls dadi and tells her to come her along with dasi,purab,bulbul,sarla,akash,rachna they all arrive and sees garlands and looks on

Abhi and pragya comes to dadi and takes blessings and they takes sarla also purab and bulbul also hugs them they starts their fighting they hug akash and rachna also they take dasi blessings

Precap: Bulbul tells then we should make first night arrangements also for them abhi and pragya looks on and they starts their fighting dadi sees mark on pragya neck and abhi hand and asks them about it pragya tells i bited him and he also bited me dadi laughs

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. This is valentine day spl epi pls tell if you have any problem in this epi

  2. sorry for late comment narendran bro it is really a valentine’s treat for us ……. keep going bro and be happy always

    1. after long time commenting it is happy to see you back reji can you pls find and tell me update of matsh like kkb on monday 2.30 pls yaar it is my humble request

      1. sorry bro i will be having school but i promise that after coming from school i will try to give the update

  3. please update big episode..this is very small..

    1. i does not have time becoz i am studying +1 yaar but i am updating two ff regularly pls try to understand yaar and epi 30 will be big epi pls enjoy it

    1. thnx yaar

  4. Really awesome…..

    1. Sharmi pls do comment regularly yaar I beg you

  5. Nice episode n that bite scene by abhi n pragya s soooo cute…

  6. nice biting

  7. Nice yrrr keep going really enjoyed.

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb……Really Romantic………

  9. Very nice narendran bro.. It is really fantastic..

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