Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-26

The episode starts with pragya cries abhi sees her and cries too he thinks that he have to find real truth behind it. Abhi makes a plan and comes inside pragya wipes her tears and asks why he came in without knocking the door they start fighting with each other abhi comes closer and tells her let us go for dinner out she denies he tells then i won she agrees. Abhi tells her to get ready soon and he leaves he comes and sees ronnie coming towards his room and stops him and asks why he came her???he tells pragya mam only called her he goes inside and speaks to pragya and comes out

Abhi and pragya comes to disclosed location pragya asks there is no dinner arrangement there??abhi comes closer to her and asks her what is she hiding from him??she tells nothing and moves away but he holds her hand tightly pragya tells it is hurting he tells then how it will be hurted me pls tell me the truth

Pragya does not speak up he goes and brings gun and points on his head and tells her to say the truth or i will shoot myself pragya looks on shokced

Purab calls pragya but she does not pick up he tells to bulbul that i feel that pragya is hiding something from us?? Bulbul tells i also think the same they comes to abhi house and calls out pragya and abhi dadi tells they went outside purab wonders how this happened??

Pragya tells him to put the gun down he is about to fire it she throws and speaks out the truth about video he cries and asks her you did this for me??she nods the head he hugs her tightly Tere liye plays…….

Pragya asks him not to cry abhi tells her that you are inportant to me this career is next only i cannot live without you he hugs her once

Precap: None

Guys i think you have enjoyed today epi pls wait i will post next epi soon bye guys

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. please update somewhat big episode..this is so small..

  2. it was awesome what a twist yr… fablous

  3. small yet nice one

  4. Nice…

  5. It’s fine please update big episode you are written very small episodes

  6. No precap…..i m waiting yaar…..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Awesome yaar……..I like it……

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