Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-25

Guys thnx for your continous support i have completed 25 epi and thnx reji,durga,reshma pradeep and all silent readers

The episode starts with pragya comes to room and thinks about it suddenly dadi comes and asks her how is she??she tells fine and tells you are seeing me then asking about it pragya leaves dadi gets hurt by her words and comes to room and tells to dasi and cries she tells her not to worry

Abhi comes there and sees her crying and asks what happened??she tells nothing i thought about aaliya and cried abhi consoles her

Pragya thinks abhi is coming closer but i did not push him what happened to me??she tells herself that he tried to kill you pls stay away from him and she keeps cross on her hand abhi comes and sees it and laughs and teases her pragya asks him to stop it or…..he comes to close to her and asks what she will do??he kisses her and tells soon tell him pragya tries to go but abhi holds her hand and kisses on hand pragya asks him to leave her and they start fighting by throwing pillows and they fall down and they share an eyelock Allah warriyan plays……

Pragya comes to senses and gets up and scolds abhi and leaves abhi thinks i got closer today soon you will tell me that i lost and you won he leaves from there and follows her and comes to kitchen and sees her talking to robbin and he hides

Pragya tells robbin that i have done whatever you told but he tells you came close to him today then how can i beleive you??

She asks him to beleive her and pragya begs him not to do anything wrong by posting that video on internet abhi thinks what video??he thinks that accident video was not then what are talking and he thinks to find out??

Pragya comes to room and cries(Afb is shown in that pragya sees the video abhi was sleeping with tanu on his marriage day and then only she sees abhi tries to kill her by accident) FB ends Pragya cries remebering this and thinks now i should save abhi from this he should be happy and she cries

Precap: Abhi bring pragya to disclosed location abhi keeps gun on his head pragya gets shocked and tells him to put gun down abhi asks her why she is acting tell me the reason????

Guys next epi suspense will be over so you can enjoy their reunion within 2 epi be happy

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Divya chandru

    Unexpected twist …. superb yaar

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  8. i am getting excited by ur twist bro keep going and congratulations successfully u have completed 25 episodes

  9. OMG pre recap… Great creativity go on eagerly waiting for ur next update

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb Twist………..Eagerly waiting for your next episode……….

  11. Thnx yaar I am getting more comments day by day☺☺☺☺☺????

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