Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-24

The episode starts with pragya leaves from there abhi cries dadi and dasi have a conversation . Akash calls pragya and asks her to meet them pragya agrees and tells the place pragya comes to house and sees sarla and bulbul was sad she goes to them and asks what happened??sarla tells now a days my daughter is taking all decisions alone not even asking me bulbul also tells the same pragya sits close to sarla and tells sorry. Pragya tells them that i did right becoz..she leaves sarla thinks pragya is hiding something. Pragya calls someone and tells i have done whatever you told

1month Later…….

Pragya and abhi comes to court and sees each other abhi asks her to give one chance she leaves from there dadi asks her not to cry and tells pls be strong

Court seesion starts lawyer tells judge that they are giving mutual divorce agreement judge tells them to stay together for 3 months then also you want divorce i will give

Pragya comes out and tells abhi this 3 months my mind will not change abhi challenges her pragya tells deal

Dadi and sarla sees them shaking hands and feels happy pragya comes to abhi house and tells ronnie to keep bag on guest room abhi tells her that she should stay on her room or i won the bet pragya tells ronnie to keep on abhi room

Pragya comes inside and sees her photos was fulled on abhi room she asks him what is this??you are trapping me ah!!!!!!Abhi comes closer to pragya and he is about to kiss but she shoves him and leaves from there abhi tells i will trap you soon

Precap: Abhi and pragya fights they fall down and they share an eyelock

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. wow narendran it’s a gud deal between our abhigya waiting for ur nxt part keep it up !!!!!!! just rock it

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    WoW………..It become more interesting……… 3 months………..But what is Pragya hiding from family ????

    1. it will be revealed today epi pls check it and you will love that epi

  3. Nce waitng for nxt epi

    1. thnx deepika i will update epi soon

  4. Superb twist… Sema going…

    1. thnx durga

  5. Nice….bt episode is little short….

    1. sure i will make it big yaar

  6. Superrrrbbbbb…….plz dont separate abhigya…. plzzz yaaaa

    1. thnx sharmi but if i seperate them then no use of writing kkb ff i will unite them

    1. thnx hani for the comment i hope you guys will keep commenting

  7. I’m not understanding these episodes wht is in that video pls tell us

    1. amina in that video pragya was standing on road abhi hitted her with car so that only pragya was angry on abhi

  8. OK so there is a twist it is good the episode was awesome….

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