Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-23

The episode starts with pragya sleeps on sarla lap and cries bulbul keeps her hand on pragya head she holds it and sleeps

Next day abhi comes to sarla house and sees her sleeping and goes near her and keeps his hand on her face she jerks his hand and tells him to stay away from her she leaves from there abhi cries

He comes to pragya and asks her we can go to restaurant she denies he holds her hand and tells her to come pragya says him to leave but he does not leave she slaps him hard and tells him to leave but abhi hugs her but she jerks him he leaves from there sadly pragya comes to room and cries abhi cries outside Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…

Pragya sees abhi crying and think I should give him a chance but….Abhi cries outside sarla house many fans sees him crying and comes to him and asks why he is crying??he tells it Fans calls pragya out and tells her that he does not see her face so that only he hitted you pragya asks them to leave she goes inside

Pragya closes the door sarla sees it and tells her to give chance but she denies she thinks I should get out from this now. She calls someone and tells him to come soon Abhi leaves from there fans sees him crying and they also cries they thinks to unite them soon

Pragya comes to abhi house she sees abhi crying she gets sad she gives divorce papers to him he asks her for one chance dadi comes there and sees it and tells abhi to sign on papers but he denies pragya wonders for the first time abhi goes against dadi for me

Dadi leaves from there but abhi asks her not to give divorce and asks for one more chance but she gives papers and tells him to bring it tomorrow

Abhi sees pragya leaving and falls down akash and rachna sees it and thinks to talk to pragya . Dadi tells dadi now pragya thought about it and now she will be back soon

Precap:Pragya comes to abhi …

Pls take it yaar and they will be united soon and in that video pragya was standing there abhi hitted her with car and it leads to the problem

Enjoy it yaar…

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. waiting for their union

    1. Thnx for your patience their patch will be forever pls don’t miss upcoming epi yaar

  2. Waiting for next episode reunite them soon

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Sooo sad for Abhi……..Waiting for ABHIGYA’s Reunion………

    1. Thnx yaar but if fight comes and then only their relation will be strong

  4. Nicee goinggg..

  5. not to worry narendran as we I know it will not take much time as the original one is taking… keep going awesome episode.

    1. Thnx surbhi for reading my ff

  6. Soooo sad… Waiting for abhigya reunion… I hope it won’t take too long…

    1. Thnx Durga for reading my ff and I will unite them soon

  7. naren abhi did not hitted pragya means then who

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