Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-21

The episode starts with bulbul tells them I am supporting him becoz he also needs space pragya fights with them dadi takes a stick and brings and starts beating abhi he runs pragya and all sees it and laughs pragya sees Robbin recording something and she picks it from him and tells him not to do this again he leaves from there

Pragya sees videos and sees many videos she mistakenly sees one video and gets shocked and gets teary eyes.she cries bulbul sees it and comes to her and asks what happened??she tells nothing and leaves from there pragya comes to dadi room and sees her and hugs and asks her if any relation made mistake what should we do??Dadi tells whoever it may be punish them

She comes to room and sees abhi and tells him to go outside he was clueless Pragya holds his collar and throws him out and pulls all the things and cries she recalls the video

Abhi asks what happened ??he asks her to open the door dadi comes there and asks what happened??she calls pragya she comes with luggage abhi and dadi gets stunned

Abhi asks her where us she going??pragya tells I am going to mother house becoz my relation betrayed me abhi asks her what happened?? Pragya shows Robbin video he gets shocked he tells it is not me he falls down and cries pragya leaves from there abhi asks dadi to do something dadi comes down and asks her to wait but she leaves from there Tere liye plays…

Abhi runs out of the house and sees pragya waiting for taxi he comes to her and asks her to not to go pragya tells everything is over now I saw that video you purposefully tried to kill me

She cries and leaves from there abhi follows her and. comes to sarla house and continues to her pragya asks him not to waste time and asks him to leave from here pls… Abhi falls down Hamari aadhuri kahani plays….

Abhi comes to sarla and tells her pragya came her sarla tells I know she told me and I only told her to come here pls wait I will convince her soon she needs some time she is depressed

Abhi cries and leaves from there pragya sees it and cries . at once she stops and thinks about hospital how she struggled to live

She throws abhi pick and starts arranging her dress sarla comes there and asks what happened??? Abhi comes home dadi asks where is pragya??he cries and hugs her and tells I don’t know about it I did not see her

Precap: Abhi request pragya to come to restaurant

Guys I thought it was only good then it will be boring so only some what interesting pms wait I will unite them soon

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ohh…sad episode ranaji 🙁
    unite them soon

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb………Twists were make all the stories better………

  3. little bit confusing what was that vedio scene I haven’t read such in past episodes any ways better to wait for next let’s see what happens….

  4. i like it

  5. Sudddn twist..but intersting..

  6. Interesting twist bt unite abhigya soon… Bt wats s in tat video… Eagerly waiting for next episode…

  7. narendran really so sad for abhi and what video pragya saw in phone

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