Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-19

The episode starts with pragya slaps FB and tells she knows my mother feeling but you??purab cries and hugs RB but she shoves him and tells you stayed with this girl for this much days??purab asks her to belive her she tells nooo she tries to leave but purab holds her and takes her in his arms and comes to car and makes her sit and he drives the car pragya calls police but before that she stabds pragya and takes her aside and takes her to garden and digs and throws her inside and closes it

Abhi calls purab and asks for pragya he tells she is outside and i took bulbul from there abhi searches her and sees a garden dig wwas not closed he comes there and closes it and sees pragya dress he opens it and he is shocked to see her he lifts her up

Abhi brings her inside and calls doctor he arrives and tells abhi we should take her to opertaion theatre i mean hospital they bring her and takes inside

Pragya tells abhi to come inside he tells sure doctor tells him to wait outside doctor closes the door and takes out oxygen mask and makes her to go to coma Abhi sees it and rushes inside and slaps him and asks why you did this??he beats him but he laughs police takes him away

Abhi cries and asks doctor to make her fine they checks and tells she is in coma try to make her alive within 24 hrs abhi tells i will take her to house and brings her dadi sees it and cries

Purab kisses bulbul and tells you are sooo beautiful and takes to bed and kisses continously and takes the blanket bulbul off the light

Pragya fells something she tries to move her hand but it pains she opens her eyes and sees abhi crying she calls him abhi gets happy and calls dadi

Precap: Abhi makes pragya stand and tells you are soo cute pragya pinches him he shouts dadi hears it and gets happy and thinks now my old pragya is back. FB sees it smirks and tells i will leave anyone. She leaves

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Gud 1 yaar…..wanna noe even more…trying to think wat will cme nxt..

  2. good one

  3. Nce but little confusng

  4. Nice episode….

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice episode…………

  6. Sorry yaar I am not understanding this episode and more confusion yaar please update clearly very soon

  7. I m also hav lit bit confusion..but epi so nice

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