Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-18

The episode starts with pragya tells abhi to see CCTV he agrees dadi sees it and laughs and tells now pragya has become abhi boss he always says yes to pragya and he never says noo and she laughs pragya thinks now I should catch the culprit she comes to room and sees a tree and thinks she calls Robin and tells him to go to tree and takes a video I will stand here he tells mam…she tells him to go Ronnie comes there and takes a video and gives it to pragya it is soo clear abhi tells pragya that there is no witness in cctv pragya tells I found the culprit abhi asks who is he??she tells Robin becoz this video and that matches and it is same like that abhi geta shocked and asks why he do’s this pragya asks him to keep quiet and tells him she will manage it

Pragya comes down and sees purab and tries to go up but FB(fake bulbul)comes and tells her to come down she brings her down they starts teasing her suddenly they hear a noise FB goes to outside and sees RB(real bulbul)and gets shocked she comes there and takes her aside and asks who is she??she tells I am bulbul

She tells her to leave and tells I am purab lover and I am married to him and RB asks who is she??she blabers and tells why I need to tell to you??she holds her hair and drags her out purab comes out hearing the noise and sees RB and gets shocked he gets confused

Purab comes there to FB and RB and asks who is real??they both tell each other he gets confused pragya comes out and sees it and gets shocked and asks what is this??RB comes to pragya and asks her to believe her pragya shoves her and asks her to stay away or I will call police she gets shocked FB laughs

RB tells her about their childhood FB also tells pragya gets confused and tells abhi he also comes there and thinks to find a problem and tells them to write in a paper whatever they knows about purab and pragya and me

They starts writing like exam RB writes everything and gives it to pragya FB does not know what to write she gives white papers and fulls her ears against RB pragya comes to FB and slaps her hard and tells her that she is real becoz she has written about my feelings and my mother love but you does not know about it

Precap:Purab tells bulbul that she is sooo cute and kisses on her lips and takes her to bed and kisses her

Enjoy it guys but pls do comment it means a lot and I think you like it

Credit to: Narendran

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