Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-13


The episode starts with pragya tells abhi that we will go out tmr he agrees and tells i will do whatever you say pragya looks abhi kisses her and tells now we will enjoy the night pragya laughs and tells him to stop but he kisses her pragya off the light Abhi says enjoy and takes the blanket and closes it

Next day pragya gets up but he holds her hand and tells now wait and takes the ring out and puts on her hand and tells it is sooo beautiful for you

Pragya tells him to wait and goes and brings the shirt abhi sees it and tells good and takes it and goes to wear it she gets happy

Tanu bribes the police and brings aaliya outside for 1hr she comes out and tells i can’t be there in jail she cries tanu asks her to wait i will arrange money and bring you out soon now we will kill abhi and pragya soon

Abhi tells pragya that your selection is superbb He hugs her dadi sees it and gets happy tanu thinks the plan and tells it to her aaliya tells nice pls do this soon then only i will be happy

Pragya tells abhi let us go they come to restaurant and sees aaliya and tanu abhi calls police and asks suddenly some police takes aaliya from there

Tanu tells soon i will do it and i will bring you out soon abhi enjoys the lunch with her and tells i am soo happy with you

Pragya gets some blank call she worries abhi teases her and tells yoou are talking alone she tells blank call abhi gets number and it is abhi old friend he calls him and asks how r u??he tells i am fine pragya asks who is he??abhi tells i will tell he continues pragya gets angry and she leaves from there abhi comes to her and puts situp and tells sorry

Precap: Abhi tells pragya that let us……

guys sorry for short epi next epi will be soo big so wait guys next epi will be full of action

Credit to: Narendran

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  2. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Nice……

  3. Awesome but pls don’t kill abhi and pragya plss

  4. awesome abhigya scene “

  5. Sooooo cute episode… Eagerly waiting for your next episode… plzzzzz update soon

  6. Wow..suprb going..

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