Kumkum Bhagya ff season-2 epi-11


The episode starts with pragya tells i will come there sure and hugs him. Bulbul comes there and sees dadi and comes to her and asks why she is sooooo happy??dadi tells my son has become brave now and tells it purab hears it and asks what??and goes to abhi but he sees pragya huging abhi and waits and knocks the door pragya leaves from there purab comes to abhi and teases him and says you are soo romantic he asks him to stop it and asks ho r you?? he tells i am fine pragya sees bulbul and hugs her and tells i am happy you came her

Purab tells abhi that i have a doubt i fought with bulbul do you have any idea to make her happy abhi laughs and tells now you are asking my suggestion purab tells not to tease or i will ask pragya abhi tells ok and tells him to take her to candle light dinner he tells superb abhi nowadays you have become tooooo romantic purab hugs him and leaves bulbul tells i fought with him what to do??pragya tells her to take him to candle light dinner she agrees

Pragya comes to room and sees abhi speaking to himself she takes the video and thinks now i will tease him

Pragya comes to abhi and shows it he gets amused and asks what is this??abhi tries to take phone from here but both fall on bed they share an eyelock Allah warriyan plays…

Abhi comes to concert and calls pragya and asks her to come soon she tells sure fans cheer him but pragya comes there in blue sari abhi looks on pragya comes to abhi he starts singing banjaara song everybody dances pragya comes close to her

Abhi completes singing and comes to pragya but media comes between them and asks abhi we heard the news that aaliya was arrested abhi gets sad pragya comes and tells yes and pls don;t ask him he is already sad and brings him out a fan comes and asks for a photo pragya tells sure and they takes photo abhi comes to car and sits he drags pragya inside and tells you are soo cute today and kisses her

Pragya tells you are tooo romantic in car also and she keeps the hand around his shoulder tanu goes that side by walk and sees that and gets irked

Precap; Abhi tells pragya that we are going to ad shoot pls get ready she comes close to him and tells you will not help me??she keeps the hand around his shoulder and tells you beard was soo cute abhi tells your specs was soo cute

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. yooo cute but short episode

  2. it’s very nice

  3. nice but add more content ranaji

    1. Who is ranaji

      1. it is me reji my name is ranaji here

  4. Reshma Pradeep


  5. awesome but short it is

  6. nice ff

  7. sorry narendran nick name is ranaji

  8. Soooo nice episode… Bt plzzzzz write somewhat longer…

  9. only less comments i will stop it guys my ff gets always less comments

  10. Wtf ?????????????????

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