Hi guys…it’s bhagi..i know I am quite dissappointed you by not updating my ff..i was working on a book and it’s in process..i was quite busy in that…but now I am free. .i got a new thought about” lust or love” so have a look…

Pragya’s POV

I know I will never get him.Even,I can’t never meet him. We are just two opposite people .He is a heart throb. An actor,a singer..and belongs to a rich family .And ,i..I am just a very simple girl,belongs to a middle class family.Definitely not the one,whom everyone desires.I am not even beautiful enough to face him like his other fan girls .He is not a random guy,whom I will dream .But,the most bigger truth is,he means everything to me.I never in my wildest dream thought that I will fall in love with him but its heart who decides everything of your feelings .Yes,I love him..I love him more than myself .Seeing him in front of my eyes,I feel peace. I want him in my life but at the same time I know I will never get him.It pains to know that,I will never be able to touch him,talk to him,saw him with my eyes live,will never be able to confess and if I confess..he will pay heed to it .because,he doesn’t deserve me,he deserves someone better than me .Someone equal to his status, equal to match and I am far far away from all of this .

It maybe feels like,I am a love sick teenager but its not like that .I am in so much love with him to not to realize .I never even had crush on someone but I got on him .And then what,like TV shows gradually butterflies flew around me,I smiled without no reason and finally I realised that I was in love..in love with ABHISHEK MEHRA ..the younger sensation of this country .At first,when I saw him on the show I actually hated him .Compared him to the nastiest things possible .I never imagined that I will fall in love with my hatered .Maybe I am still a teenager,that’s why its sounds like a attraction but its not .At least I am sure about this if not about my destiny. The big reason, which tells that we will never be together is the difference between our ages. I am 5 years younger than him .And,now 6 years until I reach my birthday on december.

I know that my love is one sided cause he may have never even saw me .I am stalking him on every internet sites but never gathered courage to at least leave a comment cause I am just not ready.While,others easily comments and confesses that they loves him but all knows only with his looks .About me,I fall in love with his face..yeah that’strue but also fall for his heart .He has got loyal fans,who will do anything for him…and a huge number of them ,then why he will ever notice me in the cowered of those beauty’s .I thought I am the only one,who has this painful one sided love.But I now had another one just like me,but she is in love with a cricketer.Her eyes actually reflects that she loves him,while we talk about these stuffs .I feel pain, whenever I remember that my love is one sided .So,I asked her what does she feels .She actually give me chance to enjoy the one sided love .

She said that “one sided love is a beautiful thing .Its a fun a happiness to wait for the person,whom you will never get and your happiness lies in their happiness” .After that advice I now enjoy the time that I am waiting for him for eternity .And I am smiling that I am a one sided lover but I know its much,much,much more pure and beautiful than a normal love between two people .I don’t feel any regret that my love will be incomplete forever,but I feel proud that I didn’t expected anything from that person,I love .I will always love him,maybe one day I will be someone else wife or mother but my love for him,will never end it will be there in my heart.I was talking with my heart sitting in the balcony of my room under the cloudless sky,with cool breeze .I smiled knowing that my love,abhi maybe doing his shooting unlike me,thinking about him my love .

At Mumbai
Usual hustle and bustle was on.People busy with their life .While a boy in his 23 was shooting for his upcoming films .After finishing his shooting he glance at the entrance of the shooting spot. Girls were going crazy just to have him close .He moves his heads in disbelief and entered his restroom .

That persons POVI,
ABHISHEK MEHRA ,a famous actor and a new singer .I achieved a lot in my 4 years on this field of acting .I must say,I have a great and loyal fan following who stood by me in the ups and downs .I just saw fans getting crazy for me.To have autograph or a photo with me to viral it on internet sites,just to show off and jealous others .Some of them confess that they love me but I know there is no one .I don’t want to be single but if I get someone those girls will maybe kill her or bash her in jealousy .I was thinking about the chaos in my life standing in window, don’t praying what to God .

So it’s my first part…i will update next part today itself….not to worry..

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