Pragya’S pov:

Well,today is another common day of my life. Nothing was same as yesterday ,everything actually changed from yesterday .But the thing what didn’t change is my love for him .Every single day it increase more .I know may be loving him won’t give me anything but what can I do -“Dill hain  ki manta nehi”. Today after a tiring day at college I came home.Oh,yes I am a college going teenager .I am first year .Well,my age is 18 may be very less to fall in love .But you will never know,what destiny has planed for you .You will never know..where,with whom or when you will fall in love.So,my destiny has planed my love on this early and I can’t do anything about it .I am actually peeping my phone..voh..actually I am on fb..

I mean..my…own..account .Let me tell you I have fb,g-mail and many more account .And in every account there is motive.And the motive is too stalking him..abhi .To get his latest updates, new shows etc .Right now I am checking his account, he actually posted a pic of his about one hour ago .Shit!!!I wasn’t the first one to like his pic .OK,now its lunch time..I’m going and after that I have project work… .

At Mumbai
          Ahh,another tiring day of my shooting .Like seriously, how much I will have to do ,to gain success .OK,I am checking my fb account.. to see the number of likes in my photo that I posted one hour ago .OK,I know I shouldn’t care about that,but come on!!!I am also like others, who wants lots of likes .The difference between me and them is I am famous and they aren’t .I checked ,oh God 1,200,31 likes and 367 comments .I checked the comments.Cute,adorable,hot,my,I love you all these are the words that was on comments box .I am really pissed off with their fake comments .I am in a relationship, yes I am .But I won’t disclose it .Cause,don’t know why my heart says with this news,someone will be hurt .So,I won’t disclose it.I know,I am not happy with the relationship but for my family’s sake I accepted. I want someone who loves me truly not these bimbo’s who just easily says I love you. Hope my wish will be true soon .

Next day…
Pragya’s  POV:
   Pragya come down,beta… my mom called me .Well,its been time because am now leaving for Mumbai,to get admission on the Space Academy for my second year …I,with great hard study got science and for a good career..I am going to Mumbai..leaving my close ones here and going near him .Yeah,maybe a long time passed but I couldn’t stop loving abhi .But the happiest thing is,now I am on his city.The city from where he started the very first moment of his life .I got ready and with my luggage, I got down .I saw my mother,she was shedding tears .Seeing her my heart also,cried .Mamma,you wanted me to became a docter na,then..I am just going for that I said wiping her tears .she hugged me this tight .Mamma,you are the one who encouraged me,then please don’t cry please I said in sobbing condition .I am sorry,dear..that I couldn’t come and you will leave there alone she said looking down .Hey,don’t be.We will video chat through..messenger ,not Skype I said kissing her cheeks .You, know..I am going near him I said .Whom?she asked .No one,just kidding I quickly covered up .After some times ,I was ready to leave .Bidding by to my family and my house,I leaved for Mumbai .
At Mumbai ABHI’s POV.
    I was all ready to go for my..movie’s promotion .Well,in these three years,I have achieved a lot .Maybe,there is no one in the country,who doesn’t know me.The change between the three years ago and now is that I am changed completely. My mom died and about father I,never saw him .I had everything but not the love.So,forgetting that everything now I am no less than a characterless person .After getting so much from life,everyone gets changed, gets characterless .So,i am .For the promotion, I had to go to the Airport .Why?Cause ,many countries people will be there.I was all ready to go and I left with my BMW to the Airport .In three years,ABHI has changed.Before three years he was good going actor and now he is one of the best.Earlier,he was careful, chirpy ,loved his family and craved for a better life partner .But now..he is careless,arrogant,he has no family and has new girls on his bed every night .Before he wanted love and now he wants only pleasure .That good abhi is now once upon a time .And bad one is present.
  Airport: pragya reached the Airport of Mumbai .She smiled very beautifully.She breathed the air.

Pragya’S POV
   Finally,I reached here..this city .I always wanted to visit here because I wanted to meet ABHISHEK MEHRA .But, much..much..much important then that is I have to create my career here ..I was going through the checking place,when I heard loud screams of people. I got confused as why they shouted. I went forward and saw that at the entrance ,there was a lot of people covering a person. I couldn’t saw theface .I waited there cause,I couldn’t go out. After sometimes the bodyguards clear the crowded and what I saw was enough to shock me…

Abhi’s pov….I finally reached the Airport and I seriously got tensed sensing the people .Well,I was wearing sunglass but I was actually checking out the fan girls of mine .Who will be with me on the bed tonight .I know,one call from me and some money ,they will run to me with their virginity .With lots of difficulty, I reached at the centre and glance towards the people,who is crazy for me .Pov end .
Pragya,was shocked to the core seeing,the person in front of her.She never thought,she will be able to see him with her own eyes .She was frozed at her place ,seeing her love in front of her..surrounded with many more people .She never expected her first meeting with him,will be like this. She saw him for the first time ever in her life. She couldn’t help but to adore him .She was numb,happy, shocked and sad at the time .She was sad that,seeing him in front her will hurt her more .Cause she doesn’t has the courage to go and tell him,I love you .pragya’s POV

      Abhi….he is…is really here,in front of my eyes.I have came here in the country for the very first time..and the first thing happened on this city..is so damn..awsm .I just want to ran to him.. And tell him how much I love him..(if I was there ?)He was saying ,that he is here for the promotion of his new movie.Oh,God!!I heard his voice..oh,God..oh God!!!how…how..sweet is it..for the from first time again..I saw him in my life and heard his voice. I,suddenly saw a girl wearing the shortest dress ever walking up to him.She,was saying that she is a big fan of him and loves him .I was sure,abhi will now do something not so,special .But to my,surprise.. to..my…surprise.. he..he..kissed..her..cheeks.. I can’t..I can’t..see..all..this..anymore..POV end

   Abhi kissed the girls cheek and whispered on her ear “Tonight be ready” and the girl smiled .Other girls were fisting their hands seeing abhi kissed that girl .Of course they didn’t heard,what he offered to her but if they…had..heard..then this would be last day of he life .pragya couldn’t saw all this anymore,a tear escaped her eyes..she ran to the exit and abhi also walks to the exit and a huge people following him .pragya ran and abhi walks to the exit..and..and..and..That’s enough for today…….

Hope you liked the second part….

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