Kumkum Bhagya ff (Introduction)


Hi guys it riya here and from now on i will be writing my storyline continuing the current track of kumkum bhagya. I will be writing on alternate days….the story starts with episode upon tanu questioned about her untold murder of ronnie which was previously aired on friday.The last scene where abhi And pragya are discussing about ronnie’s sudden disappearance…Please state your views regarding my track in comments.I would appreciate it

Episode 1:-

The episode starts with tanu talking to nikhil and describing her experience with psychiatrist. Nikhil jokes on her and says iss ka matlab hay ke mein aik pagal se shadi kar ne wala hoon..hearing that tanu fumes up and says nikhil yeh mazak ka tym nahi hay..she asks him what to do as i m very scared every night i see ronnie and some weird things and what will happen if i die. Nikhil consoles her and tells her that he will take her to his private friend psychiatrist who, she can clearly tell everything tanu says iss ronnie ne meri life barbaad kar di hay just them abhi comes and asks her if she was talking to ronnie tanu handles the situationa nd abhi goes Dadi,pragya,purab,ronnie meet each other and think of to do as ronnie cant scare tanu (ronnie has already seen the camera she fixed) pragya and dadi just encourage each other them suddenly they all hear a loud scream all of them rush out to the longe and see tayii screaming on a man just them abhi comes and gets into shock including all the members of mehra family apart from pragya,mitali,tanu,rachna. Tanu wonders why is abhi so shocked just then abhi rushes and hugs the man and cries everyone gets emotional.

The man turns out to be abhi’s dad pragya,rachna,mitali goes and takes blessings from him tanu stands there looking on. Pragya feels extremely happy on abhi’s dad return abhi asks him upon his arrival.He replies that your mom died but i was saved by an old woman who admitted me to an hospital which turns out to be mine(abhi’s dad is a doctor)all the doctors treated me well and i lost my memory and i started working there then one day i saved life of a young lady whose fave was completely covered with bandage i treated her and she tood me that she is wife of purabfrom where i got to know about your place i followed her words and i reached here..just then pursb asks whether her name is bulbul he replies yes… Purab cries from happiness he asks where is bulbul now abhi’s father replies she is living in a near house beside some supermarket(that house is the house where pragya lived with her family sarla…) all of the family gets happy but tanu faints from too much of shock but she wakes up.

PRECAP:purab goes and sees bulbul he hugs her tight and cries loads of tears??

Credit to: Riya

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  1. sarayu (honey)

    wow, awesome, hey bulbul is back and thanks riya for starting this fan fiction. please continue dear. don’t stop it

  2. Tripthi Arora

    extremely good yaar a nice move of the real story!

  3. superb yaar hope real kkb moves like this

  4. Superbbbb bulbul is back…..wondrful luvlyyyy……keep going nd i want reunion of abhigya fast yaar….

  5. Its Sooooo Nice………plzzz continue & don’t stop it…………….

  6. Your episode is a dream of kkb fans.its so nice.

  7. Awesome yaar… plz continue it

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