Kumkum bhagya FF episode 3


Episode 3:-
Abhi wakes up and feels happy seeing pragya just beside him he is about to kiss her forehead but she wakes up..both of them are very happy and excited to start new life with everything fine and normal just then robin(the servant) knocks on the door asking them to come down for breakfast..pragya sees the time and jumps out of bed saying mein itna kaise so gayi….a while later everyone is eating breakfast then dadi suggests to abhi and purab to repeat their marriage rituals as alot of problems happened in past.They all like the idea and begin to prepare for marriage ceremony.

Purab and bulbul go to their room..purab gets emotional thinking of bulbul and asks her to promise that she wont leave him again..they both have a cute converation meanwhile pragya confesses her love to abhi and tells him how much she had to control which makes abhi’s mood happy..pragya then asks him about tanu ..he gets angry..she tells him to atleast make sure if she fine as she must be in hospital now..Abhi agrees to it and tells pragya to get ready they will visit tanu this evening.

Abhi and pragya get ready to meet tanu ..on their way pragya requests abhi to stop the car as she wants to eat roadside icecream..they both have a cute icecream and then go to nikhil’s house..when they are in parking abhi suddenly hits the car against tanu who is trying to escape from nikhil and falls unconcious.

Abhi rushes her to the hospital..a while later doctors tell that tanu is fine but the baby is in critical situation…abhi feels extremly bad and says that he went to meet her for her sake and now because of him she is in hospital..the doctor again comes and says that we are sorry the baby isnt alive anymore.Pragya,abhi,nikhil are all shocked nikhil gets furious and fights with abhi saying he is the killer of an innocent soul.pragya regrets on her decision and thinks of what will tanu feel when she gains consciousness.

Dadi,purab and bulbul come to meet tanu ,pragya explains all what happened just then bulbul ask how can tanu have a miscarriage from just a minor accident and says i m sure there’s something wrong..purab tells her how can something be wrong even when the doctors clearly said the baby isnt fine..bulbul argues and says but still i have a feeling that something will go wrong as tanu cant sit accepting her fate she will surely try to ruin our happiness.Pragya goes to see tanu who is already awake..she asks how did she come here and what happened to her..pragya feels bad for tanu and tells her that she had an accident and now her baby is dead..tanu acts all shocked and begins to cry says that she wont leave the killer of the baby she will make him pay for what he has done.

PRECAP:-Tanu comes back to Mehra’s house and starts to order abhi to do her work.

Credit to: Riya

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  1. Trisha

    Superb epi Riya???

    1. Thnxxx trisha?

    2. Thnxxx trisha?.

  2. Angita

    Very nice sorry for not commenting onb1 and 2

  3. Superb yaar waiting fr nxt part???

  4. Awesome episode loved it a lot Sry Fr not commenting in previous episodes dear eagerly waiting fr ur next episode .

  5. awesome

  6. again tanu ………………………….can’t see yarrrr

  7. Omg again tz tanu track…???

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