Kumkum Bhagya ff Episode 2


Hi guys.riya here..first of all extremely sorry as u guys were unable to read my articles after the intro ….i wrote about thirty episodes which werent posted and i really dont know why were they rejected..even the intro episode contained more stuff which was removed thats why there were too many silly mistakes..if u are reading it the first time then make sure u read the last one which was titled as Kumkum Bhagya ff Introduction i will post every sunday and tuesday

Episode 2 :-
Everyone in mehra house are happy specially abhi as they have come to know the unrevealed secrets..abhi takes his dad to his own making sure if he is comfortable where purab and pragya go and search for bulbul near the address which abhi’s dad (Mr.Mehra) told.Pragya and purab start to ask people if they know a lady living here alone then purab crashes with a lady who is bulbul she immediately recognizes him but he doesnt as her face is change bulbul says that yes i know that lady and asks purab to come alone.Pragya is still searching ..purab asks bulbul if bulbul is fine..bulbul feels that purab still loves me and says yeah she is fine .then when she comes to her home purab says noone is here bulbul says purab tum akhir kar aa hi gaye mujhe dhoonte dhoonte..purab feels emotional and cries. He hugs bulbul and asks her thousands of questions pragya somehow finds the house and goes in seeing bulbul with purab..purab tells her that this is our bulbul pragya also meets her.The three chat and get to know about her living .Bulbul says that i know that tanu isnt exposed yet ..she then tells that she used to pass by mehra house often to know if everyone is fine.she then asks pragya to get ready for her love life to return.Pragya is confused and says that all of my plans failed and even she isnt having any proof against tanu .bulbul then tells pragya that she is having an extremely solid proof against tanu which will make abhi jiju know the truth.pragya and purab become happy and ask bulbul to come home bulbul says aesa kaisey ho skta hay ke mein wapis aaaon aur koi blast na ho.bulbul says di i have a plan (she explains everything to purab and pragya )
They return home and act like they didnt found bulbul ..everyone feels a bit sad

Next day pragya calls all the members even nikhil is there excluding mr.mehra who is resting.she asks everyone to sit and watch what happens.just then bulbul comes and introduces herself everyone becomes happy then she asks all of them to see the video clips and pictures she is having .pragya plays it on their tv and everyone is shocked to see tanu and nikhil meetings and call recordings in which tanu clearly admits that alia and her killed bulbul and ronnie was also attacked by nikhil because he knew the truth and the baby is of nikhil..abhi and tanu are completely shocked tanu wonders how is bulbul alive and how did she even got these proofs..she thinks that today is her last day but still tries to argue and says theses are morphed and not real bulbul then calls her investigator who explains that all the proofs are real then ronnie also comes and tells all what happened with him abhi asks tanu about all the stuff she still denies it .Bulbul then says that she cleverly took a DNA report of her child proving the child is of nikhil.pragya then says that as tanu tried killing me and helped alia killing bulbul and nikhil killing ronnie so i m sure she will try again that is why i m going to call police..abhi agrees .Pragya then says before calling to the police i have a deal that if tanu or nikhil admits that the baby is theirs and simply get married then she wont call police and nikhil will get a good post in abhi’s company.Nikhil thinks that the deal is great and immediately says all the truths and asks pragya and abhi to forgive him.tanu says nikhil is abhi’s friend and u are like my brother then how can i have a baby of your name.Abhi ignore tanu and sends her with nikhil.atlast tanu also reveals her secrets and goes with nikhil.

Now as all the members of house have their minds blown as the dead people were alive and all the truths are out .pragya then tells her story of how dadi saved her and bulbul made her new look.Later all go to sleep.Abhi’s dad tells abhi that he has to leave as his job is not here and he has his house so he needs to clear up abhi understands and then mr .mehra leaves .Abhi is about to sleep on couch but then sleeps next to pragya they both enjoy a romantic night.

PRECAP:-tanu escapes from nikhil’s house and a car hits her.It is seen that someone rescues her and takes her immediately to the hospital.

Credit to: Riya

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