Kumkum bhagya- my father is my super hero os

Today is fathers day I heard my friends enjoying with their father by going to malls,beach,hotel….etc it will be so fun being with dad because he will buy us whatever I want where my mother will scold me. If my mother scolds me means my father will save me like a hero . He is not hero like superman Batman iron man but will always a hero for me who sacrificed their comforts for us and who works hard daily just to make sure we are happy I wish he is with me today he is no more because of me I remember that incident when my dad got accident in front of my eyes its all because of me

There is a little girl nagging at her father abhi ‘daddy i need that teddy bear now itself’ abhi, the girls father said ‘my little princess ill buy you another biiiggg teddy bear this is not nice’ but the little girl is not in the mood to listen him ‘no daddy I need that only’ said the little girl ‘but see there are more cars and there is no traffic signal so it is so dangerous to cross the road ‘ said abhi ‘but I need it now itself’ said that little girl ‘okay ill buy but you be here’ said abhi by leaving the little girl in the car and started to cross the biigg road and went inside the shop after sometime the little girl was seeing her father coming out of the shop and again crossing the biigg road with a teddy bear in his hands but suddenly a car came with a full speed and hits him and he fell down with a pool of blood ‘dadddddyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!’ Shouted the little girl and cane out of the car and saw her dad with the pool of blood ‘daddy daddy pls wake up’ cried the little girl people surrounded them one of the people called the ambulance the little girl took abhi phone an called her mother Pragya hearing about the accident she immediately rushed to hospital then the doctor comes and declared that abhi is dead all of them started to cry mainly his wife Pragya and their daughter started to cry badly
~Flashback ends~
Its all because of me that I lost my father and my mother become widow but mom never shows her sadness to anyone I really miss dad so much that’s why I always keep that teddy bear with me dad always sacrifice things just to see our smile daughters are always daddy’s princess so even if I find my prince my dad always be my king and my father proved me that he is my super hero?

So how was the os? I hope you all liked it and yeah a very happy fathers day!!!

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  1. Vry nice

  2. hey pinky…dont blame yourself…. what happened with u & your dada is just your fate…dont blame yourself… your dad want to see u happy..if u blame yourself fr tht incident your dad will get upset so plz be happy for your dad’ happiness…. is it your ff story is your life…if it is im really sad fr u….u hav to move on…and dnt blame yourself fr tht incident

  3. Riyashri

    Awesome Os !!!Pinky u hav written soooo well….Short and Sad Os !!

    1. Sooooooooooo sad OS yaar

  4. It was awesome I loved it super os

  5. Nice dear☺

  6. Pls don’t blame yourself dr ur dad is always with you only he is always watching you I am damn sure he would feel sad when you blame ur self .remember always ur dad is near to u he will want u to smile and rock

  7. VarshaVenkat

    It’s really touchy…..I’m.not feeling sympathy but feeling empathy……really…..d way uve written was really d incident which has hppnd several ppls lyf n hats off to all d dads who sacrifices their self for their children n family……Even my papa is my super hero as he gets everything w/o me asking him n also he never shows his office tension towards me as wen he see me he’ll forget abt his tensions……it not only applicable to me but to all d princesses in this world

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