kumkum bhagya fate (OS)


This is another a one shot hope you like it I know this is big please bear it and please give comments
in these abhi si a ruthless bussiseness man who has attitude and think money is everything due to some reasons and pragya is a simple girl love is everything for her and she is working in a magazine company so here we start the story
A big mansion is shown a boy wake up and a men comes and put sleepers and he wears it and then a man come with juice he see the juice and throw it
Boy: I told you to bring orange juice whats this
And turn his face is shown he is abhi mehra
Servent: soory sir

Abhi: get the hell out from my sight
And goes towards bathroom and comes ready and sit on dinning table and start eating breakfast suddenly his phone ring and he attent it
Abhi: mr. gupta I want that contract anyhow by hook or my crook is that clear
Mr. gupta: but sir
Abhi: I don’t want to hear anything give them money which they wanted but I cant loose this contract
Mr. gupta: ok sir
And abhi cuts the call and do breakfast and goes from house to office everyone het alert when he come in office all wishes him and he goes to his cabin
Employ1: don’t know this person has so much ego
Empoly2: yeah money he is only money minded no emotion at all
Empoly1: yeah telling right but come lets to work if he see he will fire us
Employ2: yeah
And both are busy in doing work

At evening abhi sit in his car
Abhi: robin we have to go in mr.khanna party take their
And start using his mobile as they are going towards party by mistake a old lady come in front of their car and get injurey at head and robin stop the car
Abhi: what happen robin
Robin: sir a old lady come in front of car
Abhi: ok give her money and lets go ok
Robin goes out and give that money to old lady that money
Robin: take this and go from here
Suddenly a girl hand come and hold robin hand and make that old lady stand and turn towards robin her face is reveled she is pragya
Pragya: hey take her to hospital don’t you see the injury
That time abhi call robin
Abhi: robin come fast we are getting late for party

Pragya hear this and go towards the car and knock the window abhi open the window and see pragya
Pragya : please will you come out
Abhi comes out of car
Pragya: see mr. your car hitted that lady and blood is coming out you have to take her hospital
Abhi: don’t give me lecture you only did this for money which I have give and don’t have time to wast on you
Pragya: hey mister first you did accident and now talking like this don’t you have humanity
Abhi laughs hearing word humanity
Abhi: hey you want money na robin give her money also all girls are same money minded
Pragya gets angry and slaps abhi
Pragya: mr. this for behaving bad with girls hope if your mom slap you you cant be like this
And goes and stand old lady make her sit on her scooty and take her from their and abhi see her going

Abhi angrly : he has slaped abhi mehra now I will surely make her life hell which she didn’t accecpt and angrly sit in car and goes from their
Next day pragya comes to her magazine company and her boss tell her to take the interview of abhi mehra for their magazine and pragya goes towards the office of abhi mehra and come to recepnalist
Pragya: I am xyz magazine I want to take mr. abhi mehra interview
Rec. : ok mam wait and she calls abhi

Rec. : sir there is a girl from xyz magazine want to take your interview
Abhi: tell her to wait
And cut the call
Rec: mam you wait here please
Pragya: ok
And pragya sits on chair and abhi is doing work in his cabin as from abhi cabin that view is cler so he see outside and see pragya sitting and remember her and gets angry he calls rec.
Abhi: send that girl in my cabin fast
Rec: ok sir
Rec: mam sir is calling you
Pragya smiles and goes towards cabin abhi seeing her coimg his chair so that she cant see her face
Pragya: sir may be come in

Abhi; yeah sure please
And pragya come inside and abhi bty remote put all the curtains and close the gate pragya fell something werid but ignore it

Pragya: sir I want to take your interview
Abhi: yeah sure why not and turn his chair pragya shocked to see him
Pragya: you are abhi mehra
Abhi: yes miss can I ask your name
Pragya: pragya arora anyways I am here to take your interview
Abhi stand up and come near her
Abhi: I will give you interview but u have to give me something and touch her pragya understand her intentionand jerks him
Pragya: hey you don’t think me all the gilrs who can do anything for money ok I am a respectfull girl
Abhi laughs: oh don’t do joke of this type
Pragya: I think well about you are such a beast
Abhi: beast ok then come a be my prey and try to come close but pragya again slap him
Pragya: this is for not respecting girls
And leave angrly from their and abhi thinks I will break your so cold respect now and calls some

Abhi: name pragya mehra I want complete details as much as possible ok
And abhi take her information that she is a orphan and live in orphanage and they are her family and she love them so much
As days passes abhi make pragya to leave her xyz magazine company and make her this much helpless that she has to work in his office only and pragya has also no way so she also go in his office for job interview
Pragya comes in his office and abhi call her in cabin
Abhi: I tell you now I will show you who I am from now u are my pa and do all my work is that clear
Pragya: ok sir
Abhi: then start from now take coffee from xyz resturent for me in 15 min otherwise ready for punishment
Pragya: I am here for professional work not for personal work
Abhi: firstly don’t talk in front me me ok and you have to obey my oders ok now go your time start now
And pragya helpless go from their to xyz restaurant and take coffee and come and see him drinking

Abhi: miss pragya you are late so ready for punishment go and give her two files
Abhi: complete this today only ok and smiles
Pragya take the file and go to her cabin
As days passes he is tourtirng her like that but doesn’t hurt her he started felling for her but always his evil mind overpowerd now pragya is also understanding him thinking that he is not bad from hurt and one day her this thought come more strong
As abhi has give her work and she get late and she complete her work and go out of office and see time its 9:30pm wating for taxi some mens come to her and start misbehaving with her
Man1 : oh madman come with us we will drop u
Pragya: stay away from me ok
Man2: oh we got scared and laughs

And he is about to touch her a hand stop him he is none other than abhi pragya see him and get relif and hide behind him abhi start fighting with them and overpower them and puching a man and telling
Abhi: I have only right to hurt her and give her happiness also ok then how dare u
They all go from their and abhi goes to pragya who is shocked seeing his beahvoiur abhi holds her and make her sit in car and drop her to orphanage
From that day her thinking about abhi change but abhi did something like that she again start thinking him beast as for two days pragya didn’t come to office so abhi become restless and think about her so he go orphanage and their he see pragya with suresh and misunderstand them and gowes angrly from their

Next day pragya comes to office and abhi misbeahve with pragya
Pragya: what are you doing sir
Abhi: why that suresh touch you than you fell good why not me
Pragya get shocked hearing this
Pragya: he is my

But abhi intrupted her and close her mouth and come near him
Pragya jerks him and tell I am thinking that I know you but you are beast with no heart and that suresh he is like my brother my I shame on your thinking I will not work here from today onwards and goes from their crying and abhi thinks how can she leave me like this I want her she is mine I want to give her pain

Pragya goes to orphanage and goes to room and cry think that whenever I think that you are good you always prove me wrong and here abhi also thinks about pragya
Time passes and he is missing pragya and pragya start doing new job and here abhi here that her engagement is fixe he gets angry and made situation like this that pragya helplessy married him and from that day their married life start pragya always think him as beast as he make him like this in front of her and days passes but they hate each other but abhi has soft corner for her by seeing her beahavoiur but pragya hates him now and trying to understand him but fails one dady
abhi has gone for office she gets his diary and she reads it in which it it writeen how much he loves tanu but he is not that much rich but always complete her all wish but one day tanu left him and married someone else and he become like this pragya has tear in her eyes
Pragya thinks I think him as beast but we married but he never touch me he always respect me but I always insult him and he protect me always and he has such pain in hurt but does nt show me from now I will give him this much love that he foget all pain

And from that day pragya start caring him firstly he get surprised but then he get happy that some one is their for caring him also and slowly they have soft corner for their they spend time with each other and become frnds and share everthing abhi also tells about his past life and she console him as a frnd now abhi start beliving in love now he is not money minded at all and start living his life and slowly they started loving each other but anaware of each other felling and abhi decided to tell her his felling
Abhi: pragya take this sari and be ready today I have a surprise for you

Pragya: really ok I will be ready first you take your breakfast
Abhi: okay mam as your oder
And both laughs and abhi do breakfast and pragya go to room and think about their first meeting their firght their hatness and now love and smiles in shyness
Here at 7:00 pm abhi come home and come in house

Abhi: pragya come
Pragya come getting ready it’s a light oink sari and she had make her hair open abhi lost in her

Pragya comes and tell lets go and abhi comes in senses and they go to a restaurant and there is so much darkness and suddenly light come and roses start showering on pragya and pragya see the decoration as their both pics and their and she smile seeing the whole restaurant is full of candels and light music is playing
And then she see abhi on knees and tell

Abhi: I don’t know pragya I deserve you or not but I know I have made many mistakes in my life and doing also I know I am a stone hearted person but pragya from the day you came in my life you have give me a hope of life you have made me a human from beast you made my life coloufull and full of light and give me the lesson of life that all love is everything money is nothing I am in bad but you kill my badness and make my life full of happiness pragya I want you to scold me for my mistakes I want you to become the father of your child will you accept this idiot as your husband
And forward a ring pragya has tear in her eyes and and she forwards her hand and abhi make her wear ring and both hug each other and dance on ishq wala love and at the end abhi and pragya are close and they come near and abhi kisses on her lips and screen stop on their kissing scene

Credit to: queen

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