kumkum bhagya- FATE (Episode 3)


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the episode starts with rishi shouts mumma…we are in India..I am am happy mumma.pragya kisses him on his forehead.Aryan says let’s go.Aryan holds rishi.pragya,aditi and aditya smiles …rishi asked where we are going.Aryan says to my home…rishi asked your home.Aryan says yes.all leaves.

Aryan’s home
Rishi wonders the home.he says beautiful.Aryan says thanks.pragya asked aditya about rishi’s education. Aditya says I got an admission for rishi from tomorrow he can go.pragya says thanks.rishi says mumma ..from tomorrow I am going to school…new…school.pragya nods yes.

Aditya and aditi was speaking.
aditi says our plan worked.
aditya : you know na..what to do next .I finished my part.I got admission for rishi in same school as her daughter is studying.
aditi says don’t worry bhai.I will do anything for pragya…for her happiness.

Abhi comes to home.aliya says that nishi slept.Abhi goes to his room.he sees nishi sleeping.he sits beside her.

Fb starts.
Abhi ,pragya comes home.dadi says I am happy..I am going to become a badi dadi.pragya says I have no mood to speak .when my work is finished I will leave .don’t even dare to come near me and leaves.Abhi says give her some time dadi and leaves to room.while he enters he sees pragya lifting a heavy suitcase.Abhi shouts pragya..and takes it from her.he asked if some thing happens to baby.pragya says I never bothered about it.Abhi says you have changed a lot.you are not my fuggie..who never wants to hurt anyone.but you dare to kill my baby.pragya comes close to him.she placed her hand on him.she says even you have changed.you was the one who cares for all but you killed my bulbul….and pushed him.Abhi stood silent.she says I am going to guestroom. Abhi says you should not go.I want my baby to be with me.pragya says what nonsense.you can keep your baby after it born.not now.Abhi says please…pragya says ok.
Abhi’s daily routine is to wake before pragya…give her tea.take her to dinning hall..keep an eye as she is having her food properly.take her to walk…pragya ignores him but enjoyed from inside.
Months passed and pragya, abhi gets to know it’s twins.pragya was happy and now she tells abhi that they can divide as she wants her child to bt with her.
pragya gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.pragya wants boy so she can remember abhi…like abhi too needs a girl.both part their ways .

Abhi gets up and sees the time its seven.he sees nishi sleeping peacefully.he missed her in forehead and leaves.aliya comes and wakes nishi.nishi wake up na…you have to go to school.

Abhi meets rishi…pragya meets nishi….

Hope you all loved it…

Credit to: srisha

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