kumkum bhagya- FATE (Episode 2)


Thanks guys for support and as I said I will complete 50 episodes…but I wished to say one thing…please don’t blame the writters
May be they think that they are not getting response…though there are many silent readers. .so I am saying a thing…please comment what you think…let this comment being happiness for them..that’s it…not to hurt anyone…or blame ..it’s just my thought.ha…I am also crazy reader of tisha’s,surbhi’s and aditi ‘s ff.again I am saying not to hurt anyone

Episode 2
In america…
pragya calls rishi….it’s late come on.rishi shouts coming mumma…and says yes now I am before you.rishi says mumma you look beautiful. PRAGYA says thank you.aditi asked are you buttering pragya.rishi says no…why should I…aditi says talkative…rishi says ha aunty.aditi says how many times I told you not to call me aunty…rishi laughs.aditi says I will not leave you and both runs….rishi dashes with aditya…aditya asked why you both are running and takes rishi in his arms.aditi says he called me aunty.aditya says ha…you are aunty..you are 23 years old na..aditi says bhai.rishi says thanks adi. Adutyta kissed rishi ‘s forehead and said my pleasure..
Rishi says I am leaving..other wide mumma will kill me and runs from there…both aditya and aditi laughs. .

In India..
Nishi waits for abhi.finally abhi comes to pick nishi ..aliya too comes with him.she says pappa…bua…and hugs them.abhi asked happy
Nishi says yes.abji says let’s leave.

In america
rishi comes in anger and throws his bag on sofa.pragya asked what happened.rishi went to his room crying.pragya was about TO go but Aryan and aditya goes …pragya asked aditi what happened.aditi says that rishi got into a fight with his friend.pragya asked why.aditi says woh. ..they asked about his father …they asked why your father left you and mom.pragya was shocked.she know that one day will come…like this..but not so soon.aditi says don’t worry let bhai will speak TO him.
rishi was on bed crying.Aryan asked why are you crying…who said you don’t have father…rishi says all…all are saying…Aryan asked what are the things that father should have. ..rishi says he should be with me..encourage me.to love me.Aryan asked if I have such qualities. Rishi looks on.Aryan says you can call me as pappa.rishi hugs him.aditya looks at them.pragya comes there. ..aditya and Aryan left.rishi hugs pragya…pragya says they are teasing you na..let’s change the school.and a good news ..we are going to India tomorrow.
Rishi asked is it …oh..thanks mumma.rishi sleeps on pragya’s lap.

In India
Abhi asked nishi to come as it’s time to bed.and switched off light.nishi says pappa how many times I say I can’t sleep without lights…abji asked how long will you scare for this dark fuggie.nishi asked fuggie..abji says nothing let’s sleep.and caresses her hair.he thinks I am sorry pragya….and cries…his rear drops on nishi ‘s face.she gets up asking what happened pappa…abji says nothing…and both sleeps

Next day
in America
aditi says I am ready. ..aditya says me too…pragya says yaaa…we too ready and Aryan comes ..rishi hugs Aryan and he takes rishi in his arms and asked are you excited…rishi says yes.pragya smiles at them…aditya says let’s leave its time…

All boarded the flight.the flight takes off…pragya smiles at rishi who was hugging her tight as it’s his first journey in flight. He may be little scared…pragya caresses his head…and thinks off

Fb starts…
After tanu’s pregnancy drama…abhi proposed to pragya and they consummate their marriage
one day pragya got a call from bulbul..pragya says ha..bulbul..bolo…bulbul says di. .in screaming voice. Pragya asked what happened.bulbul says di come to xyz place…juju
…pragya says ok wait I am coming.pragya thinks why she takes abhi’s name.
pragya comes to spot and sees abhi with knife.she asked what he is doing and sees knife with blood strains…she asked what happened..abhi didn’t speak…pragya shouts abhi…abhi says I killed bulbul.pragya asked what…abji says yes and she fell from this cliff..pragya screams bulbul…and fainted

When pragya opened her eyes..she was in her room.Dadi and ma…are crying.me hugs her saying bulbul….pragya asked where is abhi and goes to him.she holds his collar asking why you killed my sister.abhi says revenge …she snatched my sister’s happiness. See how aliya ha now..I want to destroy her.pragya says you can’t do…tell the truth.abhi says it’s the truth…pragya says please…tell the truth.abhi says I am saying na…and leaves.pragya gets scared of abhi’s voice.

Sarla asked pragya to come with her as she don’t want to lose her another daughter.pragya agrees with her .pragya thinks to divorce abhi..
though she can’t but she thinks he killed her beloved sister…how could he and she starts TO hate him.
in the court…
pragya cries to give divorce and says she could not live with abhi and if the court announces to live with him..she says I will die…and gets fainted. ..abhi runs towards her,but sarla stopped him.the doctor from the court checks pragya and says she is pregnant. .abhi was happy…pragya gets up and decided to abort the baby. ..she doesn’t want anything from abhi…she thinks if that baby borns she could not hate…but abhi demanded in court that he wants his child.he further says I won’t marry here after ..I want a person to name …the court orders pragya to stay in mm…till her pregnancy…

Pragya”s thought was disturbed by rishi…who says ..ma..how many times I am calling let’s go…we have landed.pragya smiles at him.

Abhi cares for pragya…but pragya ignores him..

Hope you all liked it…I am again begging you…as I said before is not to hurt you…

Credit to: srisha

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  3. I think aliya killed bulbul

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  7. Nice yaar..but abhi killed bulbul….i’m confused

  8. Plz unite abhigya. I don’t think Abhi killed bulbul. He is trying to save someone. Make nudge get close to pragya unknowingly that she is her mother and make rushi get close to Abhi unknowingly that he is his father.

  9. Divya chandru

    Lovely and cute yaar

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    Sorry if I hurted u?

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