kumkum bhagya- FATE (Episode 1)


Hi guys…it’s again srisha…it’s a new fan fiction of 50 episodes….power packed episodes…give your support…please comment…

This story is about…pragya was blessed with twins..one boy and one girl…but as soon as it born. They got divorced.abhi chose the little girl and pragya ,the boy …abhi was so depressed that pragya had divorced him but he didn’t want to lose completely so he demanded for a child.he wants to remember his fuggie so he took girl than boy..abhi was happy while touching the baby girl…he stopped his concerts and he starts to do business…Patner with purab.aliya also changed and took care of baby…they named her as nishi….abhi will call her as his princess.first it was difficult to handle her as she was young. ..she often cries…abhi could not control her.but dadi accompained with him.he took more care for nishi…he will not leave her alone…since she may be with aliya…he will keep an eye on her.he records all the important moments…like crawling…standing…walking….and thinks may be one day his fuggie will return and she Will definitely ask him…

Pragya after divorced moved to America as her friend aditi ( it’s taken from my fav ff) took care of them.she named the baby boy as rishi …aditi and his brother aditya supported pragya…financially…as she knows modelling…her friend aryan ( from PS I LOVE YOU…… A new love story) …suggested her a job..for rishi she took that job …and was succeed..she became one of the most popular fashion designer..
pragya could not live without abhi…but she have too…now she hates him from the bottom of her heart.she doesn’t want to meet him..she lives only for rishi…aditi will company her. .aditya still cares for rishi…

After 5 years….

In america…
rishi shouts mamma….where are you…i am getting late.pragya says coming with his bag.he says mamma …you look beautiful in this pink dress.pragya says thank you and kisses him on her forehead. Aditi says oh…you are buttering your mamma…rishi says no aditi…I am saying truth..pragya says rishi don’t call her by name..rishi says sorry…aditi says arey you call by my name…it looks cool.I am growing young..it seems. Rishi says arey you are old …only my mumma looks young.aditi asked what did you say and rishi starts to run.aditi follows him..pragya shouts rishi..you told you are getting late but still playing….come let’s go…rishi dashed with aditya …aditya asked where are you running.rishi says help me…your sister is following me. ..aditya asked is it.and stops aditi and asked why she is following rishi.she says that he told her she is looking old..aditya laughs and rishi says see adi is also laughing. ..pragya shouts rishi….rishi says I am leaving ..else mumma will kill me and runs…aditya says again you knotted me with aditi…aditi i am sorry yaar…just for fun..see how rishi is smilling …and both waves bye to rishi. He left with pragya….

Pragya drops rishi in school.she tells him to behave properly in school and kissed on his cheeks.rishi says love you mumma…aryan comes there.rishi says Aryan uncle and hugs him.aryan says hi…my boy and says go…it’s late to school na…rishi leaves.
pragya asked whats the matter.aryan says I will say but you have to do it…I know it is difficult for you ..but you should…pragya says first tell.aryan says you must go to India…and don’t worry…we are also coming with you…just one year yaar…our company will develop by doing this project..now it’s in your hands.pragya says if it’s necessary let’s go..but one condition..after we reached you should not inform ma or anyone…aryan says ok…pragya and Aryan leaves…

In India…..
abhi wakes a small girl. ..it’s nishi…she gets up and says pappa and hugs him.he says ha …
my cute princess…today you wanna go to school na
Nishi says no pappa…I will not go..abhi asked why and makes her to sit on his lap.nishi says you know…my friends mamma are coming to school and picking them …but me…the driver will come..I don’t like this pappa and cries…abhi says arey it’s not looking good when you’re crying…ok…from today I will drop you and after school I will pick up..nishi asked pakka. .aliya comes in ,asking can bua also join with you both.nishi smiles saying ofcourse and hugs her.aliya kisses on her forehead and says bhai..purab had came to meet you..you go I will take care of nishi…

Nishi gets ready and comes down with aliya. .she greets dadi and dasi. ..dasi says she is looking like princess. Dadi says why not after all she Is pragya ‘s ..
. ..
nishi asked dadi who is pragya…abhi comes and says arey you are looking good..come let’s go.I have to drop na..aliya says ha..abhi asked aliya to take nishi as he left the keys in room.they both leaves.

Abhi goes to his room…while taking the keys. ..he takes pragya’s photo…he says where are you fuggie and my son…I miss you both…and cries…hamari adhuri song plays…

Hope you all liked…comment guys…if I should continue or not…

Credit to: srisha

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