kumkum bhagya (fanfic) episode 1


guys you all will be seeing kkb know in that we got a news that pragya is going to reveal the truth to abhi whether it is going to happen in real or not i don’t know but if it is happened means i am so happy but i want to see that in real so with my imagination i wrote this track with that suspense news

the episode starts with pragya crying to dadi saying y dadi y this is happening to my sister for saving my life she gave her life dadi says it’s not your mistake it is just an accident what you will do for it doctor comes out purab asks what happened doctor says sorry after 24 hours only we can say anything but for formality sake any 1 person only can stay in the hospital her face is covered she will be sleeping but you should not disturb her except purab all the family members went home

abhi is angry on pragya pragya enters abhi holds her pragya says leave me abhi says what you all need is money know if she didn’t get hurt because of you means you will not pay know my fuggy will not be like this pragya hearing his taunting words cries abhi leaves with the fuggy doll pragya cries sitting in the bed and recalling bulbul accident felt asleep she got a dream abhi is exercising pragya in her old costume calls him suniye abhi turns and sees her pragya says i am your fuggy she says you want to know why i left from you she says everything about tanu and aliya abhi with tears in his eyes hugs pragya emtionally abhi says sorry fuggy how i hurted you with my taunting words pragya gets up from the bed hugging rockstar doll she says i can’t be without him i will say the truth to him pragya dressed in her old costume with kumkum and mangalsutra she called abhi suniye abhi didn’t turn at her and says i don’t want to speak to you and left pragya follows him

purab sees the bulbul’s covered face he says i can’t enter inside bulbul your face should not get affected i want my bulbul god please help her

abhi enters inside but seeing him pragya stopped outside the room she peeks inside but abhi sees her he holds pragya’s hand saying fuggy pragya cries abhi says where you went i missed you so much pragya says the truth of tanu and aliya and purab bulbul dadi helped as per happened in the dream abhi says sorry i will not leave both of them pragya stops him dadi enters this is the truth abhi sorry for hiding this from you abhi says no dadi it is my fault i did not keep the trust on my fuggy and i will not leave tanu and aliya and that vijay too pragya says but we have to wait for the third person helping them dadi calls purab and says everything abhi says don’t worry purab

pragya again changed her costume as mogambo and her drama went doctor comes out and says she is lucky her face didn’t get affected because when she went to rescue her sister she fall one inch before the chandelier and her face was covered by her duppatta so she didn’t get harm on her face only hurts are more on her body but her recover slowly only give her healthy foods and tell her encouraging and strengthening words purab says thanks doctor doctor says you all can go and see her without disturbing her pragya went inside with abhi bulbul says hi jiju again this mogambo di came pragya says i said the truth to him abhi says who did this bulbul says this is that aliya and vijay’s plan only abhi and pragya gets shocked

guys this will happen in real or not i don’t know but i know they will show bulbul face has got affected but i will miss bulbul so i wrote that bulbul face didn’t get affected hope you all liked it i think this will happen in real too i think so pls share your comments about this really waiting for your comment how will they expose taaliya and raj after thinking i will upload in next part thank you share your comments

Credit to: reji

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  1. Nice and hope so this happens in real

  2. soooooooo nice i hope dis will be turn 2 real story

  3. Good start..

  4. Good….hope so it happens in real…Please continue 🙂

  5. Yaa. It’s nice. Plzzzzzzzzzz continue.

  6. I don’t think this is true, but good try

  7. guys this is my imagination and idea it’s not the regular fan fiction telly updates reviewers included it so not to get confused but pls share your comments

  8. Dis is gud.but I don’t think dey will finish it in such a easy way….dey will drag Dis for 1 week!

  9. Yeah im too miss before bulbul
    mns mournal..
    Maybe the nw bulbul acts well
    but we miss the lovrs..oopss now they are hubywife na..
    But somehow we want the new year will bring hppinss in sbhigya..
    And also for pubul..
    Hpy for you..

  10. I hope tz shd hpn in real tooo…. Bt I’m damn sure that kkb writer vl not make tz to end the twist easily… There may b some other twist in that… Lets hope for the best

  11. I dnt no it will b same in kkb but happy to read in atleast this ff so please continue

  12. I hope this would happen.. But not sure bcox this is always getting dragged.. Hope so that abhi too will join pragya to fight secretly.. Then it would be interesting☺☺☺☺☺☺???????

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