Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 7, Maha Episode)


The episode starts with police comes to take mitali raj defends and says to police she didn’t do anything but pragya comes and says that I know you are the one who helped aaliya but mitali is the one who made you to go to jail

All of them are shocked mitali thinks how did sh know about this raj tells pragya that don’t tell lie just then pragya gives paper which he had signed and tells mitali gave this corporator

Raj doesn’t believe and tells you are making all of them fool but I will not fool pragya calls mitali father and gives the phone to the corporator and tells about the signature raj gets shocked and gets teary eye he goes to pragya and apologize for his mistake pragya says that you are honest and why you changed like this I thought and did this..

Abhi tells tanu that you fooled me..tanu tells that pragya is saying lies tanu goes to slap abhi stop her and says my fuggi will never tell lie tanu tell to prove pragya bring DNA report that it is not abhi child and shows ( a flashback is shown pragya cuts abhi hand and tanu hand to get blood and gives to the hospital)

Aaliya and mitali was arrested my police they leave tanu also leaves from there abhi asks pragya now what is the next way to torture us??

Pragya comes and hugs abhi and kisses on his cheeks and tells I love you abhi..rk sees and get irked and leaves from there

Pragya comes to sarla and tells sorry for not saying to her and they both share an emotional talk dasi comes and tells that I will not believe you just dadi comes and tell that I know the truth first itself purab and bulbul too says all of them are shocked..

Precap;pragya comes to room and thinks to make abhi happy in phone one video comes pragya sees and cries and throws TV,speakers,and all the one abhi and family sees her and shocked rk sees and gets happy

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. if 1000 episodes complete also abhi want to realise pragya’s nature i suppose if he comes to realizze also our devi oragya will overact and break it pngappa…….

  2. Who is rk?

  3. Yes I agree Shanna sarjoo..

    Please stop making your own fiction

  4. Wow! I waite for this episode, wat tuwist in precap

  5. ya yahoo who is rk

  6. it’s very boring .

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